Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Short stress reliever...

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You know, it was Deepavali's yesterday and guess what I was doing....

I was freaking working at home and if you know me you know I hate working, what more on a public holiday and it really sucked. Oh well, at least I went out for a short while at night haha but its back to work today and I need short stress reliever sigh.....

Pete : new movies la dong
David : wait for Saw 5 hahaha
Pete : all those gore movies =.=
David : hahahaha fun ma, good stress relievers
David : makes u feel nice knowing that your life is not as screwed as that LOL

I think I really need a break haha!
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So old school........

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And that's just the way we love it!

Pengawas fail!

After many weeks, well more like months of planning and consideration, we finally hit it off with our first themed party by which we are very proud and excited of! Well, by now I'm sure you could have guessed that the theme of the party was 'Old School' and heck we brought back some really fond memories of our childhood.

Awesome shits!

Targeted towards the 80s babies, many we shot back in time through the memories of songs, activities, shows and even toys. From He-Man to Polly Pocket, to even Tamiya's and old school Lego, only one that has experienced these awesome shits could really tell how enjoyable these were.

Pamsong and her colorful batangs!!!

Talking about awesome shit, how about some choki-choki yo, even super rings, mamee and of course NiNi and as for drinks and desert, what else could be more awesome other than ice batang which was used to sell for only RM0.10.

Unhealthy, we know but at least we all had dinner before the party hehe....

The school kids

What kind of a themed party would it be if we didn't bring back some old school clothes that we wouldn't wear anymore like our school clothes, and also representation tees of some old school cartoons such as transformers and in some of the other bloggers definition of old school apparel as well, old school hip-hop wear and man did it bring back memories of my baggy pants with huge graphics on it.

Heck have you even tried playing basketball in baggy pants before? A really bad idea lol!!!

The Dancing Queens

Songs such as Aqua, Boyzone, 911, Moffatts, Spice Girls and the likes filled the house by which our resident wannabe DJ, Nigel really did 'PUSH' our mood sky high until some were even high enough to be dancing to the tunes of Stop by Spice Girls.

Heck and it was hilarious haha!

Jennihsurf and her batu!

Oh and not forgetting games! How could we not miss playing bottle caps, batu seremban, petroleum-smelled bubbles, old school playing cards like Happy Family and Snap, and my all-time personal favourite and forever will be, Uno cards which I pathethically lost competing with 9 others wtf!!!!!

Haha but at least I excelled in bottle caps and batu seremban lol!

Hsu Jen and her big ball bubble

It was a night full of yakking, reminiscing, playing, cam-whoring and listening to pure old school songs and these are memories that I would never trade with for anything in the world. Bringing these back up was so full of awesomeness and fun and it was truly memorable....

Hmmmm wonder what other themed parties we shall do next lol!

The attendees. Some missing cause left early, sorry...

PS: Thanks Kel Li for being the host, you're awesome!
PPS: Check out my facebook albums for more awesome old schools pictures:
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The Gathering @ KLPAC, Sentul Park

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Ask me about Indie and I'll flunk every single question you ask!


Truth is, I never did know what was Indie all about and when I was invited by Nigel to join Ifilmindie, it sort of intrigued me to learn more. To summarize what Indie is all about, being Indie means to be just you!

How's that for my research haha!!!


Anyways, check this out if you want to learn more hehe. Back to the topic at hand, now the event was The Gathering @ KLPAC which was notified before hand on facebook invites as well as the ifilmindie website. Oh yeah before that, if you still haven't do it yet, do check out the their website as they have loads of cool information and happenings if you're into independent music and videos.

This is Michael, lol!

Basically, The Gathering was mainly organized by Michael, and its purpose was just to have a gathering of independent music and film lovers and also to introduce upcoming projects in forms of short clips by which after watching it, some of it really did seem pretty interesting.


Oh well, if it wasn't for Nigel, I wouldn't have had became interested in the local independent music and video scene and of course I do hope that a lot more will support them as most of them are really talented in what they do, all they really need is support and encouragement to keep going! Oh and haha, I do love this tagline...


Are you Indie?

PS: For more pictures from the gathering, do check out my facebook album:
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Canon Pergi Hijau!

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Title does not make any sense but nah, since when has anything ever made any sense anyways lol!


Truth is, myself and the usual's recently attended an event so awesome, I literally enjoyed myself a lot! I can't actually call it an event but i can't seem to find the right word for it but what the heck. At first, I had RSVP'ed online at the official website but instead, I got bumped up to media invitation.

Thanks Melissa!

Thanks Nigel for the pic!

If you did not already know, I'm talking about the Canon Goes Green event that was held on Sunday in Padang Kota Damansara, PJ. Organized by Canon itself, together with Citrine One who managed the media, I would say that the entire course of the event was pretty smooth and well planned!


Actually, I don't think I could summarize really how awesome the event was and really, it's been a while since i really enjoyed myself a lot at an event where I had to wake up really early and I really mean early on a Sunday morning. Seeing people from all walks of life coming together to do something nice and giving back to mother nature, somehow makes you feel all cheery inside.

A really weird way to describe it, I know lol!


People from all over were gathered and many among them were young ones, especially teenagers. If you think that young people these days would rather hang in a shopping mall and do nothing the whole day, well there are still many who would do so much just to help and it feels great knowing that they will be the ones leading the future.


And although many of the participants RSVPed over the internet, there were many walk-ins as well and it sort of reassures people that there are many that still care.


A lineup of activities were presented for participants ranging from of course the main activity, tree planting, a thumb printing on a painting, face painting, kids related activities such as coloring, as well as your very own environmental friendly self-made paper-bag which was pretty interesting.

Emcees Elaine Daly and Hansen Lee

The VIPs

Not to mention The Environmentals were of course there as well since they are the mascots and they are one of the main reasons why this event was brought up upon. VIPs attended the event, namely our Exco Tourism, Consumer Affairs & Environment, Selangor State Government, YB Elizabeth Wong and also President and CEO, Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Liew Sip Chon.

The Environmentals and us

Performances was also provided by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who made music out of recycled stuffs and of course Zainal Abidin who was there to entertain us with a couple of songs and true enough, he is still known as the 'Nature Guy', well for me as far as I'm concern haha! Oh and not forgetting a Q&A session where participants will be able to win awesome prizes such as cameras, printers


If only you were there, you could have seen the enthusiasm of the participants where each and every one of them were smiling as they proceed to planting all the trees. Each of them helped one another, strangers chatting with each other, and its amazing how just one simple thing can bring a community from everywhere together.

The ever enthusiastic hyper Fly FM crew

Food was also provided for participants to munch, including lunch while they enjoy themselves to a variety of performances by Zainal Abidin and the quiz session. Don't you think that tree planting has never been this exciting and rewarding as before and in years to come, the rewards will slowly be churned out of the efforts made on that very day!


If you were to ask me, you have to be there to really experience it and I hope Canon will organize another one soon. Or even, from any other company and incidentally, the Eco Film Fest will be coming up on November 1st.

The Usuals

When I get the details about that, I will post it up ok!

PS: Check out my other photos in my facebook albums:
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The weekend just breezed past by,

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not to mention it breezed by fairly quickly even.


This weekend marks my second weekend in a row of 'No Rest But Fun-Filled' events all day and it is really tiring. Barely any rest, I'm just slowly managing myself to survive the week to come at work whereby I really hope to survive.

But no complains are in order haha!


So, lets just start off with a brisk of what has been happening during the weekend. First off on Saturday morning, it was an early morning MTV video shoot for an Indie film competition which was really fun to be part of and most of all, its so fun acting haha!


Hey, I'm no actor and heck I had never acted before but if doing an MTV shoot was that fun, I could do it all day lol! Interesting enough, my video is not done yet. Still a couple of parts to go, and hopefully it'll be completed by the end of the week as submission date is near omgwtf!!!


After that, it was The Gathering @ KLPAC for Indie film lovers. Before that, do check out the Indie film website, they have loads of cool information and happenings if you're into Indie. Basically, The Gathering was mainly organized by Michael who owns the website, just to have a gathering of Indie music and film lovers and to introduce upcoming Indie films in forms of short clips which some of them I think was pretty interesting.


Not to mention, live bands were playing there as well such as The Deserters and Rollin' Sixers to name some and if there's one thing I love other than photography, its music!


The next day, which was today was an early morning of fun filled environmentalism where we witnessed 2500 mini trees planted at Padang Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya at the Canon Goes Green event. Now although the field was wet and muddy, I really did enjoyed myself taking pictures of people who really cares and I do have a knack for these sort of things.


Whats even more amazing is that even though there were hundreds who RSVP'ed through the website, there were loads of people more who were walk-ins just to help plant some trees and you hardly ever see people like them ever these days.

I'm proud of all of you who attended, you all rock totally!!!!


Finally, it was the KLPF or Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival event at Timesquare, KL and seriously I had never before seen a photography exhibition this big before and it was awesome indeed. With loads of participating photography outlets such as Shashinki and YL Camera Shop to name a few along with the big Giants like Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus and Tamron, it certainly is amazing to see soooooooo many geeks like myself everywhere!

Phase One Medium Format Camera. Damn kao expensive omg!!!

It really did make me feel right at home haha! But like I said this is just a brief update, a more concise update will follow through once I finish editing all pictures ok?


Going to go sleep now, gotta work tomorrow sigh.

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Iz sad wuwu.....

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Cause I didn't win the camera and lens sigh...

Sony Convention 2008

If you didn't know and if you have been reading my blog for the past few days let me put it in a summary for you guys. In conjunction with the Sony Alpha Convention that happened these past 3 days, Sony was organising a blog and win contest where you could win a Sony Alpha A-700 DSLR and a SAL18-250 lens but unfortunately, my post was such a rush that I forgot all about creativity.

If you want creativity, check out this guy's blog and yeah he won the prize, congratulations...

Me and the Sony A900
Me and the new Sony Alpha A900 attached with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T 24-70mm f2.8 lens

So anyways lets start with a full coverage of the happenings during the convention during the past 3 days. All I can say was that we attended seminars which covered so many topics, from creativity in shoots to different types of shootings, photo editing to printings, photography policies and most important of all, how to charge if you're a photographer!

Damn tempted to set a price for my photos already hahahaha!!!


But heck who am I to start charging eh lol! Apart from what I have already mentioned above, not much other updates except that I tested the new Sony Alpha A-900 full frame DSLR, got quite a number of freebies which includes (I'm still doubting yes!) a RM900 strap bag with damn lot of compartments and I think it looks a lot like a bullet-proof vest anyways, overload of information on photography and 2 buffet lunches in Le Meridien Hotel, KL which was awesome especially the second one.

I'm loving teppanyaki ice cream now haha!


This convention has really proven a point already. At first who could have imagined that there would be so many Sony Alpha users in the country and in fact, it is still growing and very quickly as well. With so much support from Sony, it certainly has made me proud and happy to be an Alphanatic.

Enjoy these sexy feets for those who has feet fetish haha!

Jealous much? Hehehe then get a Sony Alpha lahh....

PS: Check out my facebook albums for more photos and do add me if you know me haha:
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I'm lazy

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so I'm just gonna skip the description and take a short cut!!!

Cause I'm just awesome that way haha. So anyways, during this month alone the usuals and I have been celebrating birthdays, well only 2. Who else but myself and Kel Li's birthday which is actually today. Oh and not to mention its my mum's birthday today as well so happy birthday mum!

Gonna on 'lazy mode' now, so enjoy the videos...


Funny much? hahahahaa...
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It was awesome!!!


Even after the first two days, the awesomeness still resides in me. Heck I think its gonna last there for a few weeks. Come on, where else can you find a place that teaches you photography of all sorts, from automobile photography to portrait tips and to creative photography as well as wedding in a single place without having to pay a single cent and receive freebies as well!

RM900 dollar freebies to be exact!


Not to mention Ducati bikes as well as models for participants to shoot freely for all three days of the seminar, now that is what i call geek heaven! Or more like guy haven where technology meets women at a single place haha!


Definitely am learning a lot of stuffs here and it ain't over yet as there is still a final day to go. Oh well, a more complete update will surface as soon as the convention is over but hows this for a sneak peek at what has been happening.


Well this is more than a peek anyways lol!

PS: Sony really does know how to make a man happy haha!
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My α Journey: My alpha future

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Truthfully, I do not know...


With what I have seen so far, I do not foresee myself switching brands or as they say 'jumping ship' because Sony so far has been doing really really well. Support from all over as well has been cementing my decision to remain even more such as Tamron, Sigma, the old school Minolta's, Carl Zeiss and other lenses that can be fitted with a M42 converter and of course many others which I don't really know.

Heck I'm still learning here lol!


But slowly and surely I have begun to learn that although many have given Sony the benefit of doubt especially when Sony first launched its Alpha DSLRs, one does not judge a book by its cover. As commercialized as it may be, I believe that with the large funds that Sony has, they could take photography to a whole new level and I am glad I'm part of a family that is growing tremendously.


Well, I think I have already proven my point. This bird ain't leaving its nest, not anytime soon anyways and its extremely comfortable especially when it could see the world from above in just a small little screen!

Yeah, I'm happy hehe!
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My α Journey: What I have learned?

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Frankly, I do not know where to begin....

Old and yet, awesome
Old and yet still interesting

Well let's just start from the beginning. I had never thought that photography would have been very interesting, well at first really and now especially when Sony Alpha's made it easy with their seminars, their talks, their workshops and outings it has really made my learning even well, happier.

Think of it as a school only you get to play all the time haha!


Obviously I have learned to take pictures, and instead of a decent compositional shot, I have learned to observe and compose and recompose again on a single shot to create a very deep impact that would well 'wow' even myself and others (statement stolen from Sony Convention haha!). On the other hand, photography has even thought me to be even bolder when walking along the streets.

I guess sometimes its good to stop and look at the big picture once in a while

It may sound odd but as for myself, I was previously one of those walk-quick-never-stop-for-anything kinda person but after taking photography up, I have learned to take things slow and appreciate the surroundings around me, not to mention getting amazing shots from my Alpha A-200. And that is definitely the most important thing that anyone could ever learn from photography and not just simply taking pictures for memories.


To tell you the truth, the Sony Alpha has brought so much good to me that I can't begin to imagine what it would have been without it. Heck my blog would be as boring as hell and I can't survive going like that! Nor even now itself, I don't think I can survive without my Alpha. Frankly after many testings, call me thick-headed but Alpha has a bright future!

And I'm gonna stick with it no matter what...
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