Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

It's here it's here!!!

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The final day of the year wooootttt!!!!!!!

And what am I doing now? Watching Jackass 2.5 hahaha!

Yes I have no life *sob*sob*


Will only be leaving for steamboat party later. Hmmm I really wonder, who the heck eats steamboat in new years when it is so freaking hot?? We must seriously be crazy dudes but still that's awesome!

Heck I'm just bored.......
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Reflecting the past year, 2007

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Here I am awake at 3.40am on new years eve trying to reflect my year in which it does seem a bit clich├ęd. When you can't sleep, you do tend to reflect on things, life and whatever.

The year was good although it was not the best. Having just recovered from a relationship that lasted two years seems kind of awkward for me as I have not been single for a pretty long time but I did somehow managed. For your info, no I'm not in the state of denial nor a phase of hating all women haha but nah just didn't feel like it cause this year was my final year in college!

Yeah, the final year. Dooms year! With multiple projects going on and especially the final year project, it was hell especially the month of October, my last month! And to add salt to the injured soldier I was, I was first that was drafted for presentation on the first day the schedule was out! And man, that was full of hell!

Somehow, looking back.... With all that has happen in my life, I can never be able to truly be thankful for the wonderful friends I have, the family that I have. I'm not actually the most expressive person of my actual feelings but hey, why not take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of these important people in my life (all of you are important!) for having been there for me, encouraging me and it all mattered alot to me.

New friends were made too during the year, and they really are good people! People whom I wish to be close with till as long as I can have them and that includes you oldies too


I guess one can never truly be alone, with all the wonderful friends and companions that we have. No matter what, man can never stand alone in a battlefield because only support can bring victory.

Reflecting the mistakes that I have made, happiness that I have experienced, regrets that I wish had not happened, it's what makes all of us stronger and proud. Therefore, tell the world how much each of you appreciate them today because you'll never know when you can never do it again.

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It's weird how I want to blog about something, but I just can't seem to pluck the words out of my brains! Sometimes, I wish that there was some kind of futuristic machine where you just think and whatever you're thinking gets typed out.

Of course if you're thinking about porn then maybe a naked girl appears on your screen in front of your mom/gf/wife then you are so screwed people!

Anyways since I can't really bring it out so it doesn't really matter! What a way to start the new years...

Happy New Year People!!!!!

*Just needed a reason to put that up =p*
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Legendary Orchard Road pt.1

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So many photo's, not really the type to post so much all in a single posting cause it will look so clustered!


In the end, this topic might be divided into maybe 2 or 3 parts. (It's tough making everything look nice)

Anyways, Orchard Road!

Legendary Orchard Road

Whomever that has been to Singapore definitely knows this place! All the hustle and bustle, shopping complexes, the street where parades are held in, the people, just about everything!

It's more like a mini Kuala Lumpur with shopping complexes sprouting up all along the street leading to Marina Bay.

These pictures are actually taken the day before Christmas Eve and on the 24th, there's suppose to be a party and parades being held there and imagine the crampness and horde of people there.

The island could probably even sink at any time!

The MRT??? You don't even wanna know how it's like =.=!!! Let's just say it's twice as worse compared to the hustle and bustle time of New Year's countdown in KLCC!

All in all, it was actually a whole lot of fun despite being in the midst of so many people. It's all part of the season and enjoyment of it.

Awesome weather

Throughout the entire 'exploration' you definitely can see some frustrated faces as well as complaints heard such as -

Lady: When are we gonna go back?
Guy: My legs are tired!
People: Bla Bla Bla!!


Somehow it takes the fun out of the entire thing........

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New Add....

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:14 AM 1 shengge's

Just got my second add from Nuffnang which is from Tune Money or shall I say part of the AirAsia company and not only that, on Wednesday another add will be coming in which will be the JobsDb add!

You know, i never really expected to receive two at once but still, thank you Nuffnang for really supporting me in what I write, my opinions and thinking that I really deserve this!

Haha, yeah I know. I'm just freaking happy I've got new adds to add (lousy pun but intended =p) to this dull looking blog here...

Maybe I should change the theme a bit for the coming Chinese New Year. Any suggestions? =p

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Dull holidays.....

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Don't you guys notice that this year's holidays are on a bit of the dull side? Maybe it's just me but it's not all that hyped out as the previous years. Maybe I'm getting old (OH NO!!!!)

*slaps self*

Tell me I didn't just say that! Ok fine, maybe it's not me that's getting old but the hype is! (Not gonna admit that fact ok!!!!!!)


The year end holidays this year are pretty boring! Nothing much is happening, the only event I hear that is hip is the party over at Midvalley's, KL for the new years eve which of course I won't be joining as I'll be with friends indulging ourselves over a steamboat party (gonna get fat again sigh)

Nice isn't it? Taken with my k800i yeah baby!

New year's coming people! What are you doing to celebrate it?

New year's ain't complete without a couple of these babies

Probably we should just rent a limo and listen to Bon Jovi's 'You give love a bad name' to psyche ourselves up and go party hopping just to usher in the new years the awesome way!

Who's in for it?
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A colorful Christmas in Singapore

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Christmas in Singapore was a well celebrated holiday for each and every people in the country!

People from all sorts of races come together and celebrate although some may be oblivious to the true meaning of Christmas, the fact that I was experiencing a celebration of many different races together in which it was really hard to come by back in Malaysia.

Cool shit! They even have a mini skating ring..

Not to say that there wasn't any but still small problems will arise, a sense of dissatisfaction from some people will be experienced but over there, it was nice experiencing something different where people put aside their differences and celebrate it as a whole nation!

And that is a commendable act which I give to that nation!

Did you know that this chair can turn?

Christmas during this time too is very colorful in fact! Shopping malls will be decorated, even the streets and such! People would dress up in costumers such as Santarina's and Elves (guess no guys wants to be the fat Santa haha)

Even parades are held in Orchard road! Sad to say I can't blog about it yet cause I have to rush haha! Will upload it the next round k =)

*Hungry sob sob*

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Ultimate screwness!

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Upon coming back from Singapore and guess what.....

I've put on 0.7KG and that's like oh my frigging *tuuuuut*

Sigh, so screwed! Just when I felt good that I was losing some weight.. Ultimate lesson learned here.

'Never go on holidays unless you plan to put on weight'


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Taxi's in Singapore even have credit card payments!

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:05 PM 2 shengge's
Which is extremely cool!!!


Check out the panel!

But it's not the type of credit card that you're thinking about such as American Express nor any banks for that matter. It's also called credit cards but are used specially for taxi's, something like this:

Yeah baby, it's my very own corporate card

Taxi's aren't cheap either in Singapore, in which compared to Malaysia, they have additional charges which depends on locations and etc. etc... But basically, since I had a corporate card, so why not abuse it right? Since it's not like I'm paying anything haha =p

MRT is considered the main mode of transportation in Singapore whereby they have really cheap fares (for them of course) in which they have a system where I totally support!

Breakfast at Tiffany's =p

I like their idea of using a touch card system, very much like our touch and go, only we get that instead of our normal LRT type of card! Each card purchased will have a deposit included in the fare which the amount is $1 and can anytime be redeemed at the ticket counters.

In one drawer, we were given this.

Can't help it but when we first got there, we were a bit clueless as to how the system worked but after an educational chat with one of the MRT operatives, I finally got it and actually, it's a very fun thing you know (except for the redemption of the deposit which becomes annoying).

And next to that, another drawer contains this..

They do have their own type of 'Touch & Go' where they will be able to top up themselves via any automated ticket counters which I find convenient, unlike ours where it can only be done via the main one!

But considering the options, I think that MRT serves the purpose of transportation a whole lot better than a taxi because it's a whole lot cheaper and it brings you to just about anywhere in Singapore! Informative isn't it this post? Haha

So now you know!

*Always wanted to say that =p*
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Baby Ally Whatever.....

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I just can't help it you know. The baby is sooo cute! Just had to post it up haha! Imagine her in 15 years time, parents will not be laughing like they are now

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I'm tripping over Singapore!

When he posted? David Cheong On 12:46 PM 8 shengge's
The feeling of not updating my blog for the past few days have really left me numbed. Felt really really weird, don't you people feel that too?

Most of you all know that I left for Singapore on the 23rd and I just arrived back in KL yesterday and heck it was one hell of a holiday!

Sights were awesome, people were friendly, loads of awesome chicks! It's quite surprising actually how a neighbouring country which is so near can be so entirely different. Compared to Malaysia, I find Singapore quite pleasant actually throughout my entire stay there.

But still, can't help but notice funny things =p You know how our LRT warns us when they starts closing the doors? Well, Singapore is a bit different. The MRT closes with a funny out-of-tune machine gun kind of sound. Instead of a rat-tat-tat-tat, it uses rit-tit-tit-tit. Guess they really do love their tits (If you get what i mean =p)

Yes, I'm a lazy-ass which loves riding these things in airports!

We spent most of our time in Clark Gay Key Quay Station, our hotel was quite 'near' to it! Gallery Hotel, really one unique hotel where they centralize on design rather than comfort of their patrons but it's not that bad. It's actually good haha, apart from the almost see through door of the bathroom =p

The room was actually fitted with a 29 inch flat screen hdtv which I think I would definitely love to spend most of the time in my room (but I didn't =p) and guess what? They have no astro!

They get their international channels from Starhub (If I'm not mistaken) The hotel staffs too are very friendly with greetings flying all over whenever you meet with them.

Prices well, can't say that it's cheap with our small room at less than $300 Sing, which if we did pay for the room we'll be totally bankrupt =( (Thank god for a free paid room hehe)

So, who wants to go on the next holiday with me =p

*Still not done, will blog more about trip!*
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Back and tired....

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Freaking tired...

Trip was fun and cool, amazing things I saw..

This post makes it the 100th post of this blog *sprinkles confetti's*

And, i just had to have no mood to blog, having blog-block-head otherwise also known as 'bloggers block'

It's amazing that some people can really think and crap when their tired and unfortunately, I'm not one of those.

Will only start posting my trips pictures tomorrow and tell you guys all about and for now, SLEEP!

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6 more hours

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:38 AM 7 shengge's
A season of joy, a season of pleasure...

A season of giving, a season of receiving....


A season of happiness, a season of Christmas...

Christmas means many different things to each and everyone but most of all, I wanna wish everyone all of the above and that you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cause I'll be leaving haha!

Merry Christmas again to everyone!
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I'm leavin in 12 hours more.....

When he posted? David Cheong On 11:27 PM 2 shengge's
Just 12 hour's more and i'll be on a plane to Singapore =D

It's been a while since I've been there, don't really remember much about it.

But of course, Christmas will be spent there so I am 100% positive that it'll be alot better than Malaysia.

Oh yeah, candy canes yum yum

Everybody's been telling me to definitely visit the Singapore Zoo. Whether it's the night safari or the daytime zoo, they say it's one of the best in the world!

I heard that Orchard road is extremely cool too in Singapore during this time. So Singaporeans tell me, what other places I should visit? Would be darn cool if you do lemme know.....


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It's so hot and humid

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And I feel like dying already!

Seriously, just put me out there and I'll melt like butter in a frying pan. Or rather, just ice anywhere....

I am so desperate, might even resort to this.....

Coffeebean or Starbucks has never ever looked so good and erotic until now.. I need them =(

Help please? Who wants to buy for me

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Christmas means

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:08 PM 2 shengge's
I'm getting fatter again


It really isn't fair alright, just when I'm starting to lose weight, I'm gonna start gaining everything back all over again. Just came back from family's Christmas dinner in Chilli's and we pigged out like it was our last supper..

Definitely not like that =p

And that is just the beginning. Am having another Christmas party tomorrow with my church mates and it's so gonna hurt my pride, dignity and well weight

No wonder every year I always get fatter by new years. OMG, chinese new year is in February. Will definitely put on a lot more weight.

Imagine this as your Christmas dinner.....

Some one is definitely out to get me I tell you................

Might as well just tie me up on a road and leave me to die quicker =(

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UMNO members caught sleeping...

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:39 PM 2 shengge's

Oh My God!!

I wonder if the sleeping bug always flies around them. First was Pak Lah, now the members....

But it's still funny haha


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It's Christmas time again....

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:32 PM 0 shengge's
And i won't be around to celebrate it...

Last year's theme in 1 Utama

Goodbye KL, cause your's truly will be in Singapore buahahahaha!! Never exactly been to S'pore during Christmas, I wonder how different would it be.

Heard that a new shopping mall there has even snow effects for a couple of it's decorations and that sounds freaking awesome! Sounds like, Christmas there would definitely be a lot more awesome than boring old KL.

Ooooo, I love big balls

Christmas, definitely one of the most celebrated holiday in the world compared to others. Give exchanges, eggnogs, turkeys (not referring to people of course), and not forgetting christmas trees which brightens your mood even when you don't feel like it.

Last year's theme in Curve

But seriously, if you ask me Christmas these days have definitely lost it's meaning. It has become too commercialized, with presents galore, sales and such and even Santa Claus, the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten (not by everyone but mostly =p)

Seriously, Christmas is about the birth of Christ! How he sacrifices himself, coming into this forsaken world just for us and how do we repay him? By making all of these insignificant and meaningless things. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I disagree with the way we celebrate Christmas now, it's just that sometimes we need to take time to remember why there's even Christmas and just be thankful that God sent his only beloved child to save us from our sins.

Then maybe, just maybe......

If this could enlighten people, hurts can be left forgotten and forgiveness would take over......

Shiny Pavilion

By the way,

Merry Christmas People!!!

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I'm having a crazy stomache ache!!!!

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:29 AM 2 shengge's
Yes it's crazy! Been going to the toilet for god knows how many times and its excruciating!

You know the feeling that your energy is forcefully sucked out of you when you shit!


Yeah, that!

Seriously, what's the deal with stomach aches anyways? I'm no doctor but why do our stomachs have to suffer when our shit is already in the intestines!

It's a 5m long intestines and wow, our human body must be amazing to transform any rubbish eaten into shit in a matter of seconds, in which most of you I'm sure rarely think about this!

I'm just feeling sucky, wanting to rant out my pain =(

In need of help here, S.O.S or rather Save My Friggin Ass From Shitting Too Much...........


Anyways, back to toilet again


*I'm so gonna die*

Edit: Feeling a lot better after having been to Hell and back for more than 7 times =(

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Muslim Rave Party...

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:01 PM 2 shengge's

Saw this at youtube yesterday while browsing around for cool dance moves.

Extremely funny haha! But still, if you do wanna learn how to dance at a rave, here

We could definitely learn a thing or two here hehe ;)

*To all Muslims, no offense yeah*

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You know you're screwed when...

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:23 PM 0 shengge's
Friend: *pokes at tummy*
Me: What???????
Friend: You're getting to look more and more like your dad huh!
Me: WTF? Hey, I lost weight k... And still losing it!!!
Friend: Haha....
Me: .....................


That is so not funny k! Compared to during college times, I have lost quite a bit of weight and i am darn proud of it.

But I still look like I'm 6 months pregnant *sob*sob*

Oh well, can't blame myself for loving alcohol food. I'm sure many of you live to eat right? And don't you lie about it, you would go to the ends of the earth just to enjoy exquisite food that will tickle your taste buds till it drops dead.

This lobster is definitely to die for

But then hey, food is of course meant to be enjoyed. It's one of the finer things in life that isn't screwed up like this world right?

Anyways back what I wanna say! I'm trying to compile a list of great places to eat in Malaysia, it can be anywhere! Just leave me a comment and I'll compile a list for you guys and it'll definitely be back here on this blog aite ;)

*Still losing weight and getting good at it haha*

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Bloody bastard idiot thief!!!!!!!

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Yes! YOU!!!!!

May you die a horrible death that nobody has ever died before! Wait, before that let me torture you first.. Come on, be my first victim k?

I guarantee that it'll be extremely fun


FOR ME!!!!!

Anyways, let's start from the beginning. Was in Midvalley with a couple of friends to watch Golden Compass. Movie was just so so, a rating of 6.5/10 from me cause it's not really good but not too bad either!

Anyways, before leaving the complex we had a quick bite at KFC and when we left, my friend forgot to take her cellphone which we only realize when we reach the KTM station.

Rushed back there to find cellphone gone, end of story!

Yes, i do know it was our mistake in the first place but it does help to just rant it out!

No funny funny business k! And to all you thieves out there, may you burn and freeze in Hell for all I rotting care cause you are a mutha freaking fucking bastard that does not deserve anything in this world, nor the next or even after life cause you are a bloody rotting stinkhead bitch that your no good god forsaken parents brought into this world!!!!!!!!!

*Feels a bit better after writing this*
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I have no title for this. Blanked out...

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:03 PM 2 shengge's



Check out the man levitating! Serious shit!

Man Levitates In Front Of White House

Add to My Profile | More Videos

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Being bored has a limit to it.....

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I'm bored....

I wanted to blog about something but boredom seriously sucks out the juice from my brains... Now I've got nothing to write


Heck, I'm serious! Maybe I should go watch some porn hehe


Nah just kidding! This is still a PG13 blog mind you hehe


WTF should I do???????

I should just lie down and die like my dog here

Seriously sucks when you have nothing to do.........

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Over the past year.....

When he posted? David Cheong On 12:39 PM 2 shengge's
Hard to believe 2007 is soon gonna be over and it felt like a breeze. Don't you ever wonder that the time really passes by so fast and that there really isn't enough time to accomplish so many things that we set out to do?

Like looking at white guy's butt? Just put this as your b/g and enjoy =p

Maybe it's just me but hey it's been a pathetic great year and yeah many bad great happenings hehe. So why not I share with you some great pictures that have been taken over the past year by me and my friends which of course makes awesome backgrounds for your desktop as well!



Another one, aren't they awesome!

My favorite among all, guess where this was taken..

Phew, halfway there. Gosh, sometimes uploading pictures onto blogger gets me irritated! Why can't they have a feature where it allows us to upload multiple pictures altogether? Although I do have an external web hosting site for pictures (e.g. Photobucket and etc.) I do hate having to go there, then paste the html codes here......



Yes, I'm just lazy. I can't help it haha =p

Now this is just plain awesome!

Finally, we're done! Please do provide a feedback and for those professional photographers, I really do need your support as me and my friends are still on the verge of beginner level hehe.


Anyways, how are these pictures anyway? I just had to ask haha.

*Decide to watermark all my pictures from now on, since everyone's doing it =p*

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