Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Selamat Hari Raya

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To all my muslim friends as well as all others in Malaysia celebrating this awesome day, well this is my wishes for you!

Enjoy this awesome advertisement by P1.

May all of you enjoy a safe journey back, and may you enjoy your holidays as well! Eat lot lot ok lol. And bring back some stuffs for me to munch on as well haha.
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She was happy...

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Well more like overjoyed and hyper!!!


There she went running here and there, attending to guests and family, but well we're all considered a big happy family anyways, our group to herself and her own friends to herself. Call this thrice-removed, or more like 10 times-removed family members lol...

What does it matter anyway!


A bit vague I know, but it's just how I like it. Jen's 21st birthday party was a real blast with part of the DGMB gang being there for her, as well as her high school and college mates. An even better story was that our table had a Bacardi Apple but we didn't have the cheek to finish it. Half bottle only, just half!

Oh well, my birthday is coming anyways haha....


Venued at Brisik, Jaya One, PJ, it was a pretty awesome place. So full of Zen and atmosphere that would make even a monk go all romanticised. Ok maybe that was overexagurating it a bit but yeah, it was a pretty awesome place to hold a party, not to mention an abundant amount of parking.


Food on the other hand, was just so so only but the place made up for it. Besides, a party isn't really centralized on food, but the birthday girl herself. A speech was forced upon her, but sadly the microphone wasn't working and so she had to do it by herself but fun nonetheless. A birthday cake she specially chose was displayed, and a mini-game was created to make her blow the candles from atop the chair.

But sadly, Jen had no skills in blowing lol.....


Practice still makes perfect anyways hehe but after all the cake eating, the cam-whoring, the chit-chatting, some decided to make a move and some well moved on to another location to have an after-party of their own while Jen followed us to Palate Palatte to party the night away with Garbage Lap Sap!!


Dancing the night away till our feet began to break and with people so weird, you wouldn't even recognise them at all, that is definitely the awesome way to end a 21st birthday party. Heck that is even what you call, a party!

Going crazy is always the way to go hehe...


The ended at a pretty late but awesome time when everybody was tired, feet aching but smiles all over our faces. To quench our thirst we journeyed to a nearby mamak, stoned and started getting our energy back together again for our journey home!

And I'm sure everybody had a blast, did you??

On a last note, Happy 21st birthday Jen, I'm sure you really had a lot of fun and well I certainly did haha! And know that no matter where anything takes you, you always have people whom you can count on. And you know exactly who will haha! So, now that you're officially an adult, the first thing in mind is..... Euphoria eh?


PS: For more pictures, visit my facebook albums:
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And up we go

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all the way to Genting Highland...


If you remembered my graduation a few weeks back, I did mention in the post that I rushed up to Genting to meet the usuals who were already up there watching Dreamz which I missed and really from what I heard, it ain't nothing great.

So should I call myself lucky or not hmmm...


But anyways to put everything in detailed, myself and Jen travelled up to Genting to meet the others with rations and supplies in our hands. Seriously even though you have 'Tai Chow' in Genting, could you ever get some as cheap as RM4 per person in Genting? Haha call us smart, call us awesome but dinner from KL is definitely cheaper and tastier than food up in Genting!


The room was feeling cozy, with a bed outside and another inside. We hanged for a while before setting of on a journey to find Coffeebean. Yes we suck because we literally explored the entire Genting when someone actually knew where it was and we didn't listen. When finally it was discovered, it was actually just 5 minutes away from our hotel when we took 30 minutes to find it.

Huge egos we all have haha!!!!!


After sipping on pure orgasms, we decided to move back to the hotel to chat the night away where we slept only at 8 in the morning. We even met God who was in fact some dude who is close friend's with the nenek (inside joke lol)! Journey down was torturous but refreshing at the same time when all of us barely only have 4 hours of sleep.


Aaron then brought us to a restaurant in Gombak where we had mee and porridge, delicious oh yes it was. Seems that it is famous for it's porridge but hmmm I never knew about it. Maybe only Gombak people know haha!!

Next up, a 21st birthday party and awesome indeed it was!!!!

PS: For more photos, visit my facebook albums:
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Live, GOssip & Inspire - Part 2

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If you're here it means that you have just arrived from Joshua's blog...

GOSSIP Banner - Normal

And most probably he has already given the gist of what this is all about already. If you hadn't, read his post back properly again then come back here lol! Now basically, Joshua has already blogged about the first day itself and on my blog, well it's going to be about day 2.

I see your cursor going to the 'X' box on your top right screen but STOP!

Come on, it's for a good cause and besides free tickets to the Street Party on the last day. And where else but the most happening place in all of Subang, Taylors College and Asia Cafe. Located right at the heart and middle of Taylors, INTI and Metropoliton, how about some chicks and hunks for you.


And seriously, this event really does put you in the mindset that these few big no-no's are one of the ultimate no's or how about capital NO'S!!! Still blur?

Basically, these are the highlights of the entire event...

GO Away – highlights the issues of violence against women,
GO Safe – promotes safe sex among women and
GO Celebrate - expresses gratitude for the sacrifices of women in society.

So anyways, these are the schedule for day 2 which highlights the GO Safe of GOssip event,

25 Sept Thursday, Day 2
9.00am-7.00pm Youth Carnival (Asia Cafe)
Durexponsible exhibition (Asia Cafe)
NGOs exhibition (Taylors Business School, Mezzanine)
10.00am-12pm Grand Launch of Project GOssip by YB R. Sivarasa, MP of Subang
Flagging off for Safe Hunt with Durex by YB R.Sivarasa
Press conference
10.00am-1.00pm Safe Hunt with Durex
12.00pm-1.00pm Street theatre performance by Fallen Leaves
1.00pm-2.00pm Flyfm and GOssip Cruisers: "GOssip to a Friend",
GOssip Games with CLEO & Cosmopolitan
2.00pm-3.30pm "SEX is the GOssip" Youth Forum
5.00pm-8.00pm Strictly Street Dance Competition (Asia Cafe)

Oh before I forget, to get the free passes, do head on HERE...
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Backtrack a bit first ok?

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Should I be ashamed or should I be really ashamed of myself lol!


I really did forgot about this until I was browsing around my pictures and the 'hey, I haven't blogged about this' moment came on to me and yeah this is what I'm going to do now lol. So the Japan GT Race in Sepang happened 3 months ago and here I am now blogging about it.

Talk about procrastination hehe or more like memory loss...


But anyways yeah, I was dragged by Ferron along with Bugs to Japan GT 3 months back and heck I certainly did enjoy myself. Who wouldn't when all you really think of was of course the GT Queens and yeah the cars but mainly the queens. I'll even bet that almost 90% of the people there goes to these kind of things mainly because of the queens and that was definitely why most people go all the way to Sepang for, undeniable...


The weather wasn't too bad, it was sunny but it ain't too hot. Noisy even as the cars were in fact well, noisy. A lot of photographers was around, I had expected that much but I didn't realise that there were so many rich people in this country with most of them owning 'white lenses' in which the cheapest 'white lens' that if I am not mistaken costs somewhere around 3 to 4 thousand and that is just the cheapest.

Makes me feel so jealous wtf...


Overall, I would say that the entire day was well spent, with pictures taken until it filled up my memory card at the time and at the next round, hmph definitely will bring bigger gears to show off already haha!!

If only I was that rich lol..........

PS: Full compilation photos of the babes will be up soon at my facebook albums, just need to take some time to go through all 600 over pictures of it sigh...
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One heck of bargain with WiMAX

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Ok, this is going to be pretty short and sweet regarding WiMAX...

Now you know the hype and bype (whatever that means) about WiMAX recently has gotten everybody into the oh's and ah's over it, especially when P1 rolled it out with a humoungus station featuring it's WiMAX capabilities, allowing people to test and also sign up for it's testing services to the launching ceremony of P1s WiMAX services in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KL.

Oh wait, I haven't blogged about the launching yet but I'll save that for later....

During the launch, P1 announced the prices of its WiMAX services and considering the services they offer, it is quite a bargain. Comments received from the beta-testers for a certain amount of period was also a pretty good confirmation on the services P1 provides and there are also live testimonials by these users but I'll save that for later...

But for now, just check out the pricing that are offered by P1...



Believe it or not? Well you just have to find out yourselfs! As usual, for more information, click here to surf P1s website.
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And then she graduated

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so much later than me hahahahaha.......


I just had to you know lol! Your graduation was so much later than me haha but at least we did say 'finally!' lol and we're all happy for you. The day was great, dinner was awesome, even the after-movie session was better. Shikaka yo! LOL....


For those that did not get that, this is actually a continuation from the Fidani chocolate factory post. After the visitation and lunch, me and Jen then set off to Sunway Pyramid to attend Kel Li's graduation at the Sunway Resort Hotel, posh ain't it. Sigh life of the rich and fehmes haha....


Heck it was so posh, it made me feel so small in there. Even the freaking bears looked so expensive and this ain't no ordinary bears mind you. These are Monash bears which cost RM70 a pop! That is some gold-stuffed bear with diamonds for it eyes type of fluff which I could never afford.

Super love this shot!

But the girl of the day was happy, and it was a gift from her brother and of course that made her even happier and with us being happy for her, it made the occasion doubly happy wtf. But all in all, words do no justice. Just enjoy the pictures lah ok!

Love this shot but stupid guy kacau, idiot!

Girl, you've got a bright future ahead of you. Don't let small failures put you down and just keep on pressing as what is life without any hardships right? It only makes us stronger and tougher. Keep pushing on ,looking up ahead and if somebody stands in your way, do what you do best!

Give the face, finger and say 'f*ck off bit*h'!!! Just kidding haha....

Happy Graduation Kel Li, and god bless lol!

PS: For more pictures,surf my facebook albums:
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David and the Chocolate Factory

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Nah it could never make it as a catchy movie title haha!


Yesterday, I went for a golden ticket moment at the Fidani chocolate factory in which the invitation was extended by Jen and boy did i pig myself out at the chocolates. Considering that I have neutral tastes when it comes to chocolates, sort of like chocolates are not my favorite and I have nothing against them but anyways, these changed my mind...

I think I only have taste for expensive chocolates lol!

Everyone pigging out

Among those that were there were ST, KY, Suanie, Ringo, Yiling, Kim Cun, FA, Nick, Eiling and of course myself and Jen and a couple of others whom I have trouble remembering their names, so sorry!

Seriously, don't ask why. I also don't know lol

We were first taught about the history of chocolates, the types of it, how it was made, the differences between cheap ones and the high quality ones whereby you could really taste the difference in them and the ingredients that are used to make each different types of chocolates.


Not to mention, a really huge box of chocolates were provided for us to sample, ranging from well of types of chocolates that Fidani produces. After a sort-of-like tutorial, we were then brought into the production factory whereby we were given a tutorial on how to make chocolates from the small tiny chocolates to a chocolate bar. Oh by the way, the chocolates in the factory was all handmade and I still do wonder how much do they produce in a single month.

Me being a natural!

We were then given an opportunity to make and design our own chocolate bar and well, everybody aced it except for me haha! And hey, I can never make chocolates ok hmph, ever! I just know how to enjoy them, not make them haha.

And yes, you can say I suck that way lol....

Jen pigging out lol

Oh and did I mention we get to keep the chocolates that we made? No only that we each received a paper bag filled with chocolates that could cost a few hundred dollars wtf. Really tempting me to sell them off right now.

But of course I wouldn't do that, but really tempting hmmm....


Even after all the overdose of chocolate consumptions, we were still hungry for lunch and someone suggested that we head on to bak kut teh in Sunway, yup the infamous KY discount bak kut teh haha! And yes, I had a lot of fun lol and really, thank you Jen, Yiling and Eiling again for the invitation lol!

A friend's graduation up next!

PS: Jen insists I mention about the durian chocolates and there, I mentioned it. Happy? Satisfied? Had your orgasm yet? And yes, I hate durian hmph!!!!

PPS: For more photos:
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Nuffnang Sharing Session @ Italianniese

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I was supposed to blog about this quite some time ago...


But being the super procrastinator, I am definitely the champion in prolonging stuffs wtf and I'm sorry ok! It's not like I have all the time in the world to blog but I do try my best! So anyways, a not so distant past back a couple of Sunday's ago, I was selected as one of the 20 bloggers that is to attend Nuffnang's first sharing session.


I was actually puzzled and clueless at first as to what it was all about. In fact, the only eye-catching section of the announcement was that there was free food, in fact it was Itallianesse. Well other than the sharing of MDG experiences by Ringo and Cindy of course but food was of more importance.

Heck I'm weird but hey a guy has gotta love his food anyway!


And so myself, Kel Li, Joshua and Nigel were among the DGMB-ians selected for the sharing session. Ever since I really started to meet people through blogging, I love meeting more and more people. Such as ElectronicFly, Cassie my group member from Project Trafford, of course Cindy from MDG, Sara, Sherry, Zoe, Nuffnang's newest staff Pinky and many more.


It was not a bad start for the first among many other sessions I might say as we bloggers warmed up to each other pretty fast and of course hearing the experiences Cindy and Ringo had during their 'horrible torture' in MDG. And till now, I am still stucked to my opinion that reality shows are just pure b.s. and to tell you the truth, I never actually watched MDG after the release of the third episode.

Unless something awesome happens or the earth might break apart lol.....


Truth is, sharing experiences with each other and introducing ourselves to new people are always encouraging the a point where it has made me believe that chances are, these people just might be the ones that I could have really cool things to share with. For example, my awesome DGMB members whom was incorporated just by a random movie gathering and are still as close as ever.


But nevertheless there are limitations to how a person percieves it but lets leave it at that! But anyways, the sharing session was awesome! Many photos were taken to a point where other restauranters thought that it was a birthday party. In fact, it was partly a so-called surprise birthday party because we celebrated Kate's birthday on the day also!


Armed with a whatchamacallit cake, Kate was dragged into being drowned with birthday wishes, a song and of course pictures with every single people there together with her cake. An overnight famous cake eh....


Oh by the way, this month's sharing session announcement is already up, and if you are up for it do check it out on Nuffnang's blog or for a shortcut, click here to check it out. Have fun and haha go whacko ok!!!
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Super random updates

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Random Update #1

Entered a Canon photography contest that is centralized around TimeSquare and although it was just for fun, I did not expect to have my pictures displayed for the public to see...


Moreover, these 2 of my pictures were in the running for finals in the photography competition. But sadly, I did not win but it was great fun and encouraging. Will try harder next time! Oh mind you that below's picture also belongs to me although it is under my friend's name. Loaned him my picture as he did not have a camera hehe...


Random Update #2

Received an invitation, more like a Golden Ticket just like in the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to go visit a chocolate factory. Moreover it ain't just any chocolate factory, cause these are Fidani chocolates and it ain't cheap!


Thanks Jen for the extended invite!

Been a while since I did any random updates and I thought why not do it since I really did have random stuffs to update about! And it takes a much lesser time to do anyways lol! Been getting real lazy lately haven't I sigh....
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