Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Is it really that hard?

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These days, I find it really hard to blog now...


With so many things happening, from work to play, to my photography sessions which boils down to photo editing and seriously it keeps on piling up higher and higher. I now know what it feels like maintaining two very different kinds of jobs where one is mostly an office desk job and the other, a more sociable one. Although tiring it may be, I find it satisfying and enjoyable knowing that I am really doing something I really love.

But sometimes I wonder when only will I be able to do it full-time....


It was never easy, learning it by yourself at first and one should know how fun it is, especially when friends came along. The journey just got more exciting and the burden was lesser. Goals we set out to accomplish became faster with each working hard to pull one another along the journey.


On one hand, I have one set and on the other, a whole different kind of set. Both will take time to maintain, energy to manage and will-power to make it happen. But one thing's for sure, I do know that I can accomplish my dreams that I set out to accomplish with both my right, and left.


And maybe, just maybe I could set out to make it happen.....

PS: Heck, just a post to show you guys shots from the studio hehe!
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I just miss the load of those whom I rarely see...

Picture by Thomas

That goes for you Pam, Thomas, Nadia, and especially to Dillon, Michelle, Linora and Sheon. Happy belated Chinese New Year guys!
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Mongkeh loves his cupcakes

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:08 AM 13 shengge's
especially when it's bundled along with chicks!


I meant chic, haha! So anyways, recently I was invited by the Joanne, the owner of Cupcake Chic, to sample some of their new recipes and these aren't out yet. So yummeh is my middle name, and free food is totally my game! If you did not know where is Cupcake Chic, it is located in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, just directly opposite of IKEA which I'm sure most of you would know.

The good people of Cupcake Chic

So myself and the usuals arrived there, being greeted by Joanne and of course the picture takings always starts right after arriving, ain't we efficient haha! We were offered drinks from the shop with a choice of anything but recommendations came from Joanne that the best drink that compliments cupcakes would have to be Ice Mocha.

So all of us ordered that, except for Aaron cause he can't take his caffeine haha!


And of we go, downing each cupcakes one by one, well in order of course and seriously, I didn't know cupcakes were really that filling but more on that later haha!


First up was my favourite of all the flavours we tried, the Blackforest cupcake. As delicious as the cake itself, it is a light cherry chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting right on top of it. So in other words, it's like a mini cake in a cup, hence cupcake! Haha ok that was lame but anyways. Not only is this particular one delicious on the outside, inside as well there is a surprise ingredient packed right in the center of the cupcake.

But of course, you'll have to try it to know hehe.


Jaffa cupcake was up next which looked kind of weird at first, but don't judge a book by its cover. It's packed with heavily induced orange flavour and just two of this will make your baby purr, I mean stomach. Being heavily packed and really sweet, it's like smarties but in a bigger and cake form!

If you love smarties, you gotta have a try at these!


The Tiramisu was my second favourite. Two of my favourite things in a small cup, cheese and coffee yum! A classic cake being sized down and packed in a cup was a dream come true. Not to mention at a much cheaper price to compared to the usual Tiramisu cakes that I have somewhere not too cheap. How should I describe this cupcake, legendary and heavenly lol!

Oh and somehow, I tasted a bit of vanilla as well or was it just me hehe...


Blueberry Crumble was the fourth cupcake and if you are a health freak, then indulge yourself in this. Trust me, it ain't a sin because this cupcake is so healthy, it tastes just like healthbars and I like because healthbars used to be my favourite snack back in college. Made from oats crumble infused with blueberries in it, it's sinfull to not try it even once.


As a snack in-between even more snacks, we were surprised and served with biscotti's and guess what, these aren't your everyday normal biscotti's. These baby's were made from cupcakes and boy I was surprised as well. Being made from cupcakes, these biscotti's were rather nice to crunch on as it wasn't that hard compared to your normal one.

And I really wanted more of it!


And finally, we have the Lemon Meringue by which I initially thought that the top of the cupcake was actually made with marshmellows but instead, it is actually egg whites or meringue which makes it lighter and at the same time as chewy as marshmellows. In fact, there wasn't really any sour taste of lemon lingerring which makes it an all-time favourite for all lemon lovers out there.


The next time you're in the area, why not give everything a miss and just head on straight down to Cupcake Chic just to chill, relax and hang-out. With some nice ambience coupled with friendly workers, what can go wrong. Also available are some other wide varieties of other cupcake flavours to choose from, where everyday they'll have different flavours whiped out just to suit your taste.


Also check out their facebook fanpage to get the latest news on the happenings of Cupcake Chic and a little bird also told me that in March, there will be new promotions just for the fans. Head on down to their official site too just to check out how chic their site is! And of course to get more information lah haha!


So, any chick up for cupcakes hehe...
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TOKL On the Up, January Edition

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and it's definitely making me high haha!


No I mean seriously, the acts that they keep bringing in amazes me every single time I attend it. I love music, and I mean all types of music. I have tons of songs from all different types of genres from all over. From English, to Japanese, and to even Indonesian songs ranging from pop, rock, hip-hop, rap rock, trance and definitely house music is a must have, oh and some classicals as well.

Heck, you're talking to a guy who even listens to Mozart and Tsaikovsky while doing his assignment wtf!


But enough of that.TOKL On the Up has again wow-ed me with interesting lineups in January with the first act, 2StoreyHeart. Heads up first, his songs are a bit emo so for those who can't take it, it ain't for you. He's a bit on the light side with a rough voice coupled with just an acoustic guitar. At times he did encounter some off-pitch moments but overall, me being a quite a bit of an emo fan find it ok although his vocals could have been better.

But still, loving the emo guitar playing hehe!


Secondly, a bit of some hyped-up moment yo cause Brokenscar is back with some old and new tunes to hit us up! Kevin has just came back from Aussie and he gave us a bang of our lives, entertaining us with some antics as well as some old-school rock, kind of like Fallout Boy-ish and I like! It's a love and hate relationship, really. You either love it, or you hate it and these are the type of songs that I truly love.

Glad to have Brokenscar back rocking KL one more time!


Izzy Mohamed was the third one up and man, her songs were totally my type of songs. Call me anything you want, but I am a fan of soft soothing songs, and Izzy totally hit my note that night. It's a bit Colby Caillat-ish with a mixture of Emiliana Torrini in it, well I'm sure most of you wouldn't know who that is but I like!


Halfway through her set, she brought up her entire team and with that, it gave us the best of both worlds where it was a great set with a mixture of everything in it and if you are interested, check her out at her myspace.

Hmmm I think somehow, I have the hots for chicks that plays acoustic guitars haha!


Last but not least, Secret Love Affair was up and they ended the night awesomely. Although I'm really not a big fan of their vocals, gotta love their music though. Seriously if they would just focus on their music and make their band an instrumental one, it would hit off just right. Vocal's are a bit rough and soft and somehow it doesn't really go along with the music that they play.

But still, am loving the music that they play lol!!!

Loving it alot yo!

Anyways, I just can't wait for the next On the Up in February, be sure to check back on when it's on. Incidently, this week is TOKLs Comedy Thursday night at Little Havana, do come and check it out to chill and relax and just have some laughs.

Click here for 50% discount on entrance fee hehe!

PS: For more photos, visit my album:
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