Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

I see loads of hot chicks

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and it was definitely a night for all singles to enjoy if you know what I mean haha!!!!


I'm kidding! Thanks to Kel Li and Zouk KL itself, I was invited to be part of the media for the relaunching of Zouk KL and legendary it was. Now this is definitely not coming from a biased point of view where this is my first time at a club launch nor as part of a media mindset but I really feel that with the all-new reinvented design of the club, it will definitely continue to be a hit among many clubbers.


Though it rained quite a bit at during the registration as well as the launching, it did not deter one bit of the attendees eagerness as we were all greeted with of course a champagne opening of Zouk KL's owners, an opening dance performance and of course, the antics of Serena C.


Being new, many were of course clueless as to the redesigned club whereby the Zouk main room was split into half and divided into 2 sections where the original main room features dance and a bit of house musics and Phuture is provided R&B and hip hop for the homies out there. Velvet Underground remains the same with the classic Mambo Jambo favorites being played.


Heck they even showed old school music videos, now ain't that awesome or awesomer?


Zouk has gotten a bit more complicated as each of its rooms can be accessible to one another and therefore, making myself and the gang a bit confused as to which rooms we were in and I'm not entirely sure whether was I ever in Barsonic or not, one of the new additions which is supposedly to feature electro, mash-ups and indie music.


The Loft has been re-branded as Aristo and made bigger. On that night, it was open exclusively for VIPs and I could see why. Being all classy and chilling inside, Aristo was redefined and now, offers a better, more comfortable place for clubbers to chill and just enjoy the night out with house music being played in the back.


After going through and exploring almost each and every place of the all-new Zouk KL, the gang and I then settled ourselves to the finer, more happening musics of R&B and hip hop in Phuture, dancing the night away to the spinning's of DJ Goldfish, whom was always one of my favorite DJ ever since old days.

Did that make me sound old lol!

My awesome VIP tag with an even more awesome tag line for it!

But anyways, kudos to Zouk KL for an awesome relaunch and offering us a revamped, more awesome place to chill and party the night away. Oh and for more of the photos from that night, do visit my facebook album.
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The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96

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Seriously I thought of many ideas but none were too great to list.

How about getting pregnant just to get the Nokia N96?

But on a wacko note, I have already been uploading photos and photos god knows how many photos and it still does not get me anywhere with any best creative post and if I were to upload some more to make a statement on the wackiest thing that I would do to race for the Nokia N96, I guess it would seem boring isn't it?

And so....

I frigging came up with a video to express it ok and it ain't easy doing it hmph!! Oh and by the way, it is a silent video so read the captions haha!

Enjoy it ok?

Nokia, see see I wearing Nokia IAC shirt haha!!

Haha a really big thank you to Nigel the videographer, Kel Li for her inputs and Hsu Jen for being the farniest actress in the video and i owe you guys alot lol!

So, is this wacky enough?

If not, I might as well shoot myself ain't it? haha!
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TOKL: On the Up

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If it's one thing that I love doing, and that is to chill......


And also another is to listen to great music. A combination of both spells even better, close to orgasmic. Although feeling really tired after a 'hard days work', traveling up to town from Subang and the thought of traveling back home in Klang didn't exactly stop me from trying to experience one of the finest moments I have yet to get, until that day!


After many months of incorporating 'On the Up', TimeOut KL's monthly music showcase of local talents has since grown rapidly, or so I heard from the people whom have attended previous ones before. And so by popping my very first 'TOKL: On the Up' cherry, I guessed it kind of confirmed what others have said so before that it was awesome!


In comparison to TOKL's: Comedy Thursday, I think I much prefer this knowing that it's music filling up my ears and being located in No Black Tie, which is incidentally an awesome chilling place that I had NEVER been before damn it!


Like always, TimeOut offers pretty much the same whereby at a very low entrance fee, a bargain of varieties of local independent music acts performs for us to enjoy. An Honest Mistake literally shook me off with it's Greenday-ish songs which is so my type of music! Seriously Darren, if you are reading this, I am so supporting you hahahahaha....


The Bassment Syndicate went up second and although wasn't that good, their freestyle music was not bad, it was a tad messy. No introductions needed for Alaling + The Kaya Koks cause most bloggers have already seen them perform before in various scenes and is still one of my favorites.


Sadly I couldn't sit until the last performance because myself and Jen were already really tired and we have a long way back home and so, we left after Alaling + The Kaya Koks performed. But still, I really did enjoy myself and it has been a while since I've just sat and chilled in the middle of a week instead of being in a club attending events.

I guess a change really is good sometimes.

What's a place to chill without good alchohol. Although I didn't touch any that night (surprisingly lol)

PS: For more pictures, visit my Facebook album:
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A Moment With Your Kakiis

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Nice much? And somehow, it will never end and that's just the way I love it!

Definitely miss these guys!

Friends have and always has been one of my most important treasures ever since I could remember. As years has gone by, one by one people that I got to meet became good friends with myself from all walks of life. From my student years in school, to college. In churches and its activities that I have attended. In the world of blogging, and as well as my work.

A day with them means total geeking funning out! Awesome!!!

Many have come and gone but the ones that remained has all became great friends with myself and the ones that I really treasure are my two best buds, Ferron and Bugs, the DGMB gang and of course my CG whom I really miss seeing them.

I miss seeing the entire gang gathering up again..

Each and everyone of them has all provided an impact in my life one way or another and these memories with them are ones that I truly treasure. Now the title 'A moment with your kakiis', it doesn't really seem appropriate for myself for if it were me, its definitely 'The MANY moments with your kakiis'.

College friends totally rock!

I don't really need to tell each and every single one of them how much I appreciate their friendship because I'm sure they know it as well! If not leh, you all suck lah haha! I'm kidding, anyways here goes,

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

An example of fun? LOL!

And I'm sure all of you will forever do for as long as I know you hehe.....

PS: Incidently, check out Kakiis cause they're offering some cool stuffs! Haha...
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TOKL presents: On the Up

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Being held at one of the finest places in KL, Time Out KL again brings us an awesome filled night of music by local acts.

This coming Wednesday, November 19th, TOKL is again organising its monthly routine of its support of local artists in its usual 'On the Up' event at No Black Tie. With a lineup such as singer-songwriter Rendra Zawawi, an emo acoustic group An Honest Mistake, my personal favorite Alaling + The Kaya Koks and newly formed trio, The Bassment Syndicate, it is expected to be a blast while chilling in the middle of a tiresome week.

An entry will only cost you RM20 and RM10 for if you present a coupon which can be printed out from here. A bargain? I like to think of it that way but its more of a steal actually lol!

For more information, check out TOKL's very own article on its upcoming event.
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KL Hip-Hop Festival 2008

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It was a pretty eventful yet tiring weekend....


So in no particular order, here goes first! I attended the KL Hip Hop festival which was held at Modestos, Desa Sri Hartamas under media thanks to the organizers and Joshua. It was an event held from 12pm in the afternoon and was scheduled to end past 2am but I was only there for a brief moment between 9pm and 12am reasons being that I was caught up with something in the morning and afternoon.

Paint it like you see it

Myself, Hsu Jen and Bugs met up with Joshua at the event when that when he arrived, myself and bugs were already in full-blown geek-out mode taking pictures of the event. A graffiti centre was provided for people to display their talents in scribbling on the wall with spray paints, many other mini shops were also there but at the time when we arrived most were closed already.

I sing with my heart out

A bazaar was held in the afternoon selling hip-hop apparels and what-nots, a Ribena stall was still open when we were there, allowing people to showcase their skills in dancing in an old school game called 'Dance Dance Revolution'. A DJ workshop stall was there as well but most of the people were mainly at the stage where performers were throwing around concerts till the wee hours of the night.

Heck even when we left, they were still going at it!

Big dude flipping!

Now I do not usually say this, but there was quite a poor turnout of people at the event. I know for myself that there are many who loves the hip-hop culture in this country but there could only be a few reasons why there were so little people and one, is that the ticket pricing was insane. I do not really see the reason behind pricing the entry tickets at RM55 for pre-sales and RM65 at the door which I definitely know that it was a bit too expensive.

This kid can really dance yo

Secondly, the Fly FM party was happening at the same time in 1 Utama and well, the entrance for that event was free and maybe most others were more willing to go there rather than to spend a bomb at the hip-hop festival.

And third, well poor marketing.


There was barely any marketing done whatsoever other than an event invite in facebook from which I got to know about this event from but other than that, zilch. Well there should be event posters at local hip-hop stores such as Echo Park but they should have done more.


In the future, I hope that the event organizers would put a lil bit more effort in the promotion of events if they were to make it in the scene, other than that I think that the singers were awesome, especially with acts from all over Asia!

Concert Relived

PS: For more pictures, surf over to my facebook album:
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Do you feel hot in that gown?

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"Well, definitely!!"

Yup, that's definitely what she would say!

And you definitely know what it meant!

A very big hearty congratulations to Hsu Jen for officially graduating last week!! A happy occasion it was, but also an eye opener. Held at Inti Nilai and being my first time there, it was quite a jakun moment for me and especially a very jealous one too seeing the campus having so many basketball courts with even, a couple of indoor badminton courst to boot...

Damn you rich colleges hmph!

Find her name!

But anyways, seeing lil old Jen in a pretty perky mood, enjoying herself in that cute gown, actually made the whole event quite funnily ermm fun, haha! And also being the only OP for her was pretty stressfull, seeing that I hold the entire event's pictures and if anything were to happen to it, well you know the rest...


Like all graduations, graduates were required to be fully robed and to listen to boring old instructions, speeches and also feel pressured to not fall while on stage. But seeing as the ceremony was close to perfect, it was kind of boring actually when one is hoping for some little action.

Can you see her hehehe...

But all in all, a congratulations again to Jen. To what seemed forever ended up coming quickly and beautifully and I am proud of what she has gotten in her results as well. If you want to know, ask her yourself in her blog lah k haha!!


PS: For more of the pictures, visit my facebook albums:
PPS: It's only right to have the person graduating to tell the full story, go check it out!
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Literally LOLed!!!!!!!!

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Well at least i didn't embarrassed myself and did the ROFL thingy haha!


The other day, I was invited by Kel Li to witness one of the rarer moments of KL smacked right in the middle of the week. And it did really help, really in de-stressing cause I had a really lousy and tiring week. As far as I know, the local stand-up comedy acts wasn't all that great but really this did actually put me down at my seat and had a good laugh till the end..

*bite* size! hahahahaha

Kudos to Timeout KL for organizing its ritual Comedy Thursday ever since it was incorporated just a few months back and more than that, it is growing even more. With almost over 150 people packed right in the mini Little Havana, it just goes on proving that more and more people are recognizing our local acts even better than before.

Our host!

Hosted by the hyper MC Matt Sally, it started off with a bang and what's more there were 4 acts in store for us and it was a steal! Among were Faisal, Yugi, Alfred and Zac where all 4 were brilliant to some extend. Hilarious jokes were presented but mainly targeted to the locals where only us will be able to understand (Finally something to be proud of haha!).

The stage

Although many were there, it wasn't as stuffy as I predicted to be. It was properly ventilated, with air-cons running at full blast and the mood of the place, being an old heritage building sorts of builds to the mood to just chill, relax and unwind. Well, being with friends whom you can chill with makes it even more awesome anyways haha!

The attendees while I'm photographing

Break were given in-between acts to let us rest our stomachs, beers were served at a lower than usual price, finger food was just so-so but overall, it was just awesome as many enjoyed themselves.

And he says 'Screw you!' ROFLLOLBBQ

If you are thinking of checking it out, come join us. I'll definitely be there for most of the shows and do remember that comedy night is on the first Thursday of every month and it costs only RM20 at the door.

Bond, Beer, errrr Book?

PS: Click HERE if you want *hint* a *hint* bargain on the entrance fee hehe!!
PPS: Check out Timeout's very own article regarding the comedy night!
PPPS: For more photos, check out my facebook album:
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Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks

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Cause we rock, we rock, we rock, we rocked on!!!!

The usuals!

Well at the Nuffnang and Nokia's Silent Halloween party lah haha!

It was my first Halloween celebration ever and since it was the first, I felt that I had to go all out and make the best of it. And besides, how many times do you get to dress up all weird and funny without having people looking at you in a weird way?

Well there still was actually lol!


Held at the Borneo Baruk Club on the 1st of November, Nokia and Nuffnang together organized a bloggers only Halloween party and the theme of it was, well silent! It wasn't all silent, just a part of it because there were live bands from Nokia IAC such as Alaling & the Kaya Koks (yes it does sound obscene but they were awesome haha!), Dose 2 and another one more whose name slipped my mind, sorry!

Nigel the videographer

Let's head to before the event where Kel Li and Hsu Jen were getting all ready for the party. Kel Li was lucky enough to get a free makeup session by Diva's Productions and she was awesome enough to help get it for Jen too.

Final result: Kel Li was freakishly scary, and Jen had super hot red lips. Biased ain't I haha!

Many were there already when we arrived, being Malaysians I thought that we ourselves were pretty early even though its past 6 but looks like some others were pretty un-malaysians as well. Witnessed many were already in their cam-whoring moods already, and seeing as there is a pretty huge backdrop of the event, why not we ourselves join in eh!

Nice or not? hehe...

Well there are many pictures of us in my album haha! You know, one thing's for sure that when you are a Nuffnanger, you can be guaranteed awesome parties. And being in a blogger's party means getting to meet other celebrities as well from all over such as:

The JabbaWockeeZ

DJ Nicky C

Gene Simmons and the Orang Utan

Michael Jackson goes back to black

and the freaky guy girl from Ju-on, dead Captain Hook and 1/7th of The JabbaWockeeZ

Awesome food was served as dinner with the usual filling rice and other assortments for those who were hungry but do the dead eat hmmmm? Games were played, on and off the stage to get the crowd going wild such as a wrapping people up in toilet tissues to look like a mummy which I really failed at doing so, a behloon bursting game and there was one point in the game where my behloon was burst from behind unknowingly!

Damn you whoever burst it hmph!!!!!!!

How's this for being enthusiastic?

A silent dance competition was hacked off after Nicky C's introduction and our very own DGMBian, Kel Li got the best female dancer award and walked away with a brand new phone, congratulations to her! Nigel later was announced the winner of the most creative pre-party blog post which he really deserved and too walked away with a brand new Nokia phone. heck somebody should stop him from wacking every single prizes already, I want some too! Hahahaha...

Oh and myself??


Well, I won the male best dressed award and ran away with the phone. Not before attempting to kill Liang for bringing back Elvis by which I loved the awesome hair though ROFL!!! Ruion Koh walked away with the *ahem* (SERIOUSLY WTF?) "female" best dressed award by which I still do not wanna go anywhere near this Paris, ever haha!

Congratulations to all winners!

Photo by Mike

But my costume ain't all that, my favorite was still Kurt Cobain which was donned by klubbkidd and man, his eyes were freaky I tell you! Freaked the shit out of me literally!!!! For those of you who are anxious to try wearing a mask, a piece of advice, unless you are as stupid as me, do not in under any circumstances wear the mask the entire night or you will be steamed!

Literally steamed LOL!


Who said that a party will be over once it is officially over. A party ain't really over yet, not without creating havoc on the street, as well as Pavillion with some of us still being dressed in costumes, wanting to scare and freak people out on the street. We entertained some drivers passing by Borneo Baruk Club with our antics. The people at Coffeebean in Pavillion was really entertained though. Buying coffee with our costumes on, really does make the entire party even more worthwhile...

Imagine having to see this while you are drinking coffee wtf!

Haha Yat and Jolene even paraded in their costume in style through the entire walkway of pavillion. Again, thank you Nuffnang for the party and Nokia, thank you for the phone. You guys rock! And also with the company of all my awesome friends, there ain't no reason not to enjoy myself like hell, literally!

Christmas is coming so errrrrr, peace to all living and dead?

PS: I met so many people that night that I did not manage to get their names and blog addresses, please do leave your blog addresses in my comment box. It was really awesome meeting all of you, all dressed up awesomely!
PSS: For those wanting photos, go over to my facebook albums to collect them:
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