Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

KLUE Urbanscape, The introduction and indoor!

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:26 PM 4 shengge's
For those that guessed, hurray for you!

And for those that didn't, you suck! Haha not that the picture provided any clues anyway. So yeah, I attended the KLUE Urbanscape event, held at KLPAC whereby I had a freaking media pass baby, courtesy of Robb from Nuffnang.

Me and Ferron with our media passes...

It started off pretty well. I was there quite early and they were still setting everything up at about 10 something. One thing you have to admire is that although the little time they have of preparation, is their tenacity and quickness in preparing everything and as well as delivering really awesome stuffs.

For example, I had never been to KLPAC. Never! And so being the jakun I was, it was ooooo's and ahhhhh's everywhere I went. Heck I even ahhhhhhed at even this!

Yes, you don't you dare say anything! I love designs, especially ones that differs from the usual ones you see everyday. Anything cool, I would wow at it but ignore that! Upon entering the indoor complex or whatever you call it, this really did wow me dua kali ganda till can die die till three times also still can die another time!

Now that is what I call creativity!

I love towers, I love jenga's, I love things that looks like a spaceship but in actual fact it doesn't, and yeah I love weird and interesting stuffs. Other stuffs caught my eyes as well, and I still wonder why I did not take up multimedia, design or whatever. Maybe I should do a second degree hehe...

But anyways, here are pictures of some of the arts, photographys, and stuffs they had there.

People started filling up at around 1 something, and most of them opt for the arts first because those were the first things in sight and of course not to mention to escape the heat. But really, the only complain I had was the heat on that day. For some reason, it was so hot, hotter than normal days.

But that is better than raining lol, although it did rain in the later part of the evening and OAG even cancelled their gig if I'm not mistaken due to the rain. But no matter what, I still find this weird. For some reason, there was somebody video recording, but not the public or anything that goes on. Instead, it was the artworks.

Yup, this is the era where humans aren't as important compared to art lol!

Upstairs, there was a bazaar going on. Now don't be mistakened as there was a marketplace outside as well. Maybe the ones inside paid more to be located in an air-conditioned environment but who knows right, as long as they are smart! Outside was freaking hot damn it!

And I love stressing on that!

How many times have you seen a chinese guy doing Henna?

I had never before heard of KLickr group in which it is actually a Flickr group by KL-lites who loves photography. I should probably join them huh? But kudo's to them for most of the pictures taken by them, me likey! And the videos were exceptionally interesting as well as well awesome!

Performances were held upstairs as well, and I only entered one in which it was the aucustic room. Very nice performances by our local artistes, both known and not well-knowned. Exceptionally talented and I love most of they're stuffs! Now if only I knew where I could get their works lol.



Now that this series is done, next up let's go outside!

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Couple Potrait...

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:46 PM 6 shengge's
Crap, had such a tiring day yesterday!

Was out from 7 something in the morning all the way to 5 in the morning! Almost 24 hours leh wtf? Haha but it was serious great fun I had with the people I love the most! And for the lack of updates, not my fault ok for being so busy hmph!

And crap should I be happy that my camera's photo count has reached more than 10k? Haha but anyways, let's start with what I did first.

In the morning, it was a couple portrait photoshoot for ferron and his girlfriend, mostly done in an abandoned building. I had never conducted any shoots in an abandoned building before and now, I really do feel like looking for more because it is so awesome!

Well, let the pictures tell the story yeah!

Scouting the place

Creativity at hand! And the results?

Behind the scenes...

Now I really do feel like doing more portrait shots haha! But we're still not done yet! There were many other various places to go and explore but time was not on our side. So we had to cut short our photoshoot and postpone it to another time...

Damn kao potong steam right?

But anyways, we then adjourned to breakfast and then went straight to.....

Guess where? hehe....
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AMBP Incredible Hulk Screening

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It has been a while since I updated....

Well one week is long enough for me! Heck even got people complaining asking me to update and yeah nobody had ever said that to me before wtf. Oh well, comes with the job right?

So anyways I was going through some of my pictures and really, there are loads of stuffs for me to update and so, I think I'm gonna do random updates here and there. Now all of these events did not happen in sequence as I'm too lazy to put it up. Anyways, let's start with the first one, the AMBP Incredible Hulk Special Screening.

I was not invited for the Microsoft talk however, I was invited for the movie screening in which it still puzzles me as to why. But it doesn't really matter, free movie ma! I invited Von to teman me for the movie and it was also because she was screaming boredom haha!

Everybody, meet Von, the siao girl haha!

It was really good seeing loads of familiar faces, especially the DGMB gang which it added a lot more fun to the day! But really, since I did not attend the talk, there really isn't much to tell other than the fact that if you had not watched Incredible Hulk, jump down a bridge! Although not as good as Ironman but more or less as nice as Ironman.

Can't wait for the entire Avengers gang to come out!

David Lai showing us his magics!

All in all, there really isn't much to tell you guys. If I did get the Microfost talk invitation, then of course got loads more to crap but seriously, showing you all pictures are all that's in my mind now.

There are just too many!!!!!!

So enjoy...
Hulk grabbing my......

Next up, got lahhhhhh LOL!
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Getting wild ROAR!

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Almost dead......

But I ain't gonna die......

Before I go 'Live' with the 'Wild Live'!

LOL see you there tomorrow!
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Hong Leong Bank 'Made of Honour' Event

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I still can't believe I freaking did a food review...

But it'll be a long time till I do another one again haha! So anyways yeah, I was invited to the Hong Leong Bank's Made of Honour dinner and movie screening last Thursday in JW Marriott so it was expected that it'll be some kind of fancy dinner with the ladies looking hot and the guys looking awesome in their suit and still, it isn't everyday that you get to see a bunch of bloggers all dressed up at their best.

And might I tell you, each and every single one of them were looking mighty fine!

But not all were bloggers though.

Me with my date for the night, Sheng Mae. Oh yeah LOL!!!

In fact, if I'm not mistaken only 10 (more or less) tables were allocated to Nuffnang bloggers and I think there were tables for Advertlets as well and seriously although frankly I think it wouldn't happen but it would be happening to see Josh and Tim shaking hands with each other.

But nahhhhhh......

Awesome ain't it? haha! Kate, Kel Li, Me and Sheng Mae

But I bet most of you are opting for more pictures, and oh this post is heavily picture loaded so I bet most of you would enjoy going through them so, have fun!!!

Why bagpipes and Scottish attire? Guess... hehe!

Fashion Show! Taken by me using Hwei Ming's Sony SAL70-300G lens, nais?

Can you believe they're only less than 14 years old? Damn!!!

Me with my big ass camera lololol. *Flash is Hwei Ming's haha! Can't wait to get my own*

Photographer #1

Photographer #2

Photographer #3

Haagan Dazs, that's life!

DGMBians group photo

After the special preview of 'Made of Honour'

How can not pose after everything when you're all dressed up!

And although Pamsong was not with us that night, we definitely did not want her to miss it all! So a special dedication to you Pam!

A bit dark, I know.

But we felt you there Pam, really we did!

Nice right?

Oh by the way, Kel Li even updated Nigel live via mms pictures just so that he could feel like he's there with us! And all we received was an sms reply saying:

Nigel: I hate u! I really hate u! Bwargh!

He really does love us a lot actually haha!

*Photo's by myself, Aaron, Joshua and Hwei Ming*
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