Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Nightmare of The No Chipsters Journey

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:02 AM 15 shengge's
After looking at all the other bloggers post on the "I Sleep Better With Chipster' contest, I feel so disheartened cause they were extremely good.


I'm gonna do it anyways cause I wanna go to the Nuffnang Birthday Party weeeeeeeee!!!

*Not = disheartened part*


Story begins with him sleeping on his bed.....

As the nightmare begin to haunt him, he discovers that there aren't any Chipsters left at home anymore!

And that's when he knew he had to stock up! And into Carrefour he goes. But little does he know, a little mischief is up to something to slow him of his deprive of Chipsters. In all efforts to slow him and tire him out, the escalator was moving extremely slow....

And he finally resorted to using the stairs platform thingy walkway to get there faster...

And he finally made it into the store where he started his search for the long awaited Chipsters.

And he finally found it! Without wasting any time, he rushes towards Chipsters and gave it an extra little Chipster hug.

And he...


asleep in Carrefour......

Chipsters makes me go crazy over them....

Chipsters, you rock cause I definitely sleep better with you...
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When he posted? David Cheong On 7:54 PM 6 shengge's Career Fair = overrated!

Well, I think that's not the right word for it but it's something like that! What can I say, I had high expectations as big companies from all over the country will be taking part in the career fair and that it will be awesome! But in the end, it shot me down like a bird in the sky, a fighter jet flying high, a man who can't cum and he shouts WHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!

I think by now you understand how I feel.

Well basically before I did this post, I have already posted my reason on the comments left on Boss Stewie's *ahem* post which has totally nothing to do with it! Well, not 100% but 10% got lah but I don't mind stating it here again.

Reasons why it's a wastage of time no. 1: There ain't no interviews!
Seriously when you mention a career fair, shouldn't there be at least some form of informal interview or something? What's with the registration if there is no point to it (We'll get to that later). It is no different from applying for jobs at the website because well, you're gonna be doing exactly that over there so why waste your time, energy, and money to go all the way there to register ONLINE when you can do it from the comfort of your home.

I know you're gonna say that you can at least ask the people at the booths regarding the job scopes, incentives, bonuses and bla bla bla but really the job scope that is provided in every job is quite detailed in the website and it is more than sufficient.

Reasons why it's a wastage of time no. 2: No point in having registrations
Really, a registration closing dateline when it is not even maintained? People can still register there and just enter just like that!

Initially, we thought that the registration was so that the companies can have a ready made resumes and that they are able to view and provide us with an initial interview as some sort of a kick-start but in the end, it's just for the purpose for the *tit*tit* thingy.

'*tit*tit* thingy = a bar code that is scan-able that contains all your info including resume and it goes *tit*.'

Reasons why it's a wastage of time no. 3: The only fun part are having to play with *tits*
Yup, other than that are to ask questions regarding the companies in which usually are available at the respective company's websites. It's no wonder when we got there, we saw many people leaving when it was actually very early.

Although I can't deny that since I was there, I did give some of the companies my resumes and stuff, most of the booths were recruiting people like drinking water. They just ask people to sign-up for the company like their in some-sort of MLM thing or even a competition to see which company gets the most recruits..

I sense a scandal is being committed here hmmmm.....

Posting this picture for fun. I've love my new toy haha!

*I'm just frustrated over this! Now I have to wait for a longer period of time for them to call me*
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Rocket man

When he posted? David Cheong On 12:53 AM 2 shengge's
When I saw this,

Taken from KennySia

It reminded me of this....

Now we know who should be the one to reply Barisan Nasional SUPP rap song...

And I totally do not support the rap song either, it's definitely making fun of us young people!
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When he posted? David Cheong On 5:24 PM 12 shengge's
*Disclaimer: At first this post was meant as a joke but things got out of hand. Erection Election ma*

I particularly extremely hate election times.

The entire city looks like a rubbish dump! Seriously, with all the election posters posted up here and there, flags all around, papers flying everywhere and all with ugly faces of people whom we have never met and never seen nor heard before but only until the election days will we ever see them.

And I tell you, most of their faces aren't trustworthy and a bit 'hamsap' looking.

This does not only apply to a certain political party but to all of them as well. I ain't bias and no I'm not voting cause I have not even registered yet.

Seriously though, no matter who or what we vote for it's never a happy ending. For example:

Green wins - A ruling for all humans in the country to cover up and no 'paktohings allowed anywhere ever'

Dark blue wins - The roads will still be filled with potholes, jams, unnecessary rude remarks made, and thousands of dollars spent on unnecessary things.

Unidentified flying object (U.F.O.) - Pork a must on all cookings

Others - Rakyat neglected, personal income increases

Light blue wins - Gay marriage will be acceptable and enforced as an allowed custom


As if the country isn't already in deep shit, we're digging it even deeper......

*Disclaimer: I hate politics but this is getting ridiculous*
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Happy birthday Nuffnang

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:13 PM 3 shengge's
It's Nuffnang's 1st birthday today so......

Happy Birthday Nuffnang

You're already a big boy. 1 years old and you have come a long way since you've been established. It's been a great year and there are gonna be more awesome things happening in the years to come. As they say, the best is yet to come and I'm sure you people at nuffnang will do us proud!

And of course more moolah's for us!

So, happy birthday to the big babies at nuffnang...

Anyways, I've got my new toy just now and I'm very very VERY eager to play with it! It's so cool, it's black, it's big, it's awesome, and it ain't dirty unlike what you dirty buggers are thinking about!

And it ain't cheap ok! Cost me RM2000 *sob*sob*

Pictures of it tonight, play now blog later hahaha!!!!!
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David's guide to being sick!

When he posted? David Cheong On 5:09 PM 10 shengge's
Interview was not bad! In fact, it was great.

The interviewers were f*cking madhorses for shooting 100000000000000001 questions and seriously they ask till I had no brain matter left to answer. It was as if my brain melted, it oozed out of my ears, nose, mouth and even during my shitting process!

And really, I didn't shit during the entire course I was there weeeee I'm so proud of myself!

Let's hope that they don't read this blog else I'll be freaking screwed!

Anyways, guess what.

The world is filled with so many mysteries yet to be discovered. Some nice, and some freaky. Check this out:

Either my blog is perverted, or these people are freaking sickos! How the f*ck do you arrive at my blog asking the question, 'How to molest yourself?'. Even though it's just one person but you are a serious sicko dude.

Fine, you want a guide to molesting yourself? Here goes:

Step 1: Start by removing all your clothing
Step 2: Proceed to walk out of your house, to the nearest shopping complex or the busiest place you can find near your housing area
Step 3: Take your hands up and start touching yourself from top to bottom intimately.
Step 4: Start jerking yourself right in front of an old lady. If there is no old lady available, find an old man.
Step 5: Keep fingering your ass till you're darn satisfied that you no longer have to shit for the next 5 days.



Now go my young padawan, go and release your inner sickoness!

*Yes, I do not want sickos in my blog but this is ridiculous*
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Oh the irony.....

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:57 AM 8 shengge's
Guess what?

I've been having diarrhea for the past 3 days.

All my shit is watery damn it! Oh sorry if it was disgusting for you but I couldn't really care less because can you even begin to imagine how it feels like to go to toilet every 2 hours with watery shit coming out of your ass, making it look like Milo mixed with Milo nuggets?

You are lucky I did not have the mood to take any pictures of it although I really wanted to! Kind of cool actually when you see pure water mixed in with the


My banana slapped me for being crude and disgusting.........

Fine, you really do not wanna know anything beyond that!

And another thing is that I'm freaking having a job interview later in the afternoon.

Right in the middle of my weakest moment! It makes even the great power rangers look like hello kitty! Hopefully right in the middle of the interview, I don't let out a stink bomb cause if I do, that would be so freaking cool IF I'm not the one being interviewed hehe.

Oh well, just wish me luck k...
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Youtube down

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:25 AM 9 shengge's
F*ck, my laptop just electrocuted me....

Really do feel like saying DIE YOU HORRIBLE BEAST DIE but I love my sweet honey baby darling boo to death to even have the heart to say that.

Wait till I get a new one then that statement will definitely be applicable


Yes people, is down.

The news on BBC here....

Never would have imagined this day would come huh you youtube lifeless stalkers. Oh well at least enjoy a minute or two away from youtube and go spend some quality time doing something else rather than sitting in front of your pc watching lame ass videos of most people making a fool out of themselves.

I wish you people all the best in surviving and hey I'm sure it'll be up and running soon so just survive till then ok!

*Update: And the website was up and running 20 minutes after I posted this. Damn you guys are fast...*
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Marriage is overrated

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:41 AM 11 shengge's
Was chatting with my friend the other day regarding marriage. You see many people are getting married this year, making the baby booming years look like men/women getting a sex change operation; meaning rare but definitely coming up in trend.

Geeeez, whats wrong with you people. Not the marriage part but the sex change, I really can't imagine anyone with man boobies and don't start with putting images in my head you bloody bastards.

Anyways, then we somehow came across this subject:

'Men usually have no say in marriage cause most women controls how the wedding is like'

In a way it is true but not for everyone. For most women (totally biased opinion on my side), they like to be in control of their weddings cause they will always have their own picture of their perfect wedding and therefore of course no other opinions will be acceptable to them except maybe one or two differences. And some would want their wedding so spectacularly grand, it'll kill the guy even at the mere thought of mentioning it.

For us men however, we are ok with anything because we just want the marriage to be over with quick. Not because of the after enjoyment a.k.a sex (not most of the time) but also we just can't bear to see so much money going down the drain in a matter of 2-3 days.

And so, we are usually the relaxed ones and women will be all stressed up. My point here is that, although most men would really want to help with the preparation of the marriage, women here do not trust us enough to even lay a hand into it because they think we'll screw it up.

And they say marriage is where 2 becomes 1....

Me: Marriage is overrated!
She: I find marriage a good thing. Where you'll be able to spend the rest of your life with someone you love. Getting to have kids.
Me: Getting your money drained like its nothing.
She: ........

Looks like I'll be single for life.....

*I like the 2 become 1 part, and not the money drained part*
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Oscars award tomorrow

When he posted? David Cheong On 11:23 AM 6 shengge's
Hmmm is there something wrong with blogger?

Sometimes the pictures that I upload will automatically disappear for no reason and it sucks! It totally sucks! Now don't you bug me into getting my own domain cause I'm working on it! My main concern now is a different topic all by itself and not on getting my own domain so for some of you haters out there on free blog hosters, get a life!

Remember my Happy Moments Contest?

When almost all the pictures disappeared, it was so frustrating to upload them again cause Slowmyx is so F*CKING SLOW! And people wonder why there are so many main concerns on high blood pressure these days...

Anyways rant over!

Oscars Award is tomorrow! Not really a big fan of it but hey I take what I can get on tv these days.

For those of you who wants to vote, click here..

These are my only 2 favorite parts of the Oscars:

Best Male Actor: Definitely would be voting for Johnny Depp in his role in Sweedney Todd
Best Female Actor: I like Cate Blanchett in her role in Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Best Picture: I would indefinitely go for Atonement. Cause I haven't seen the other nominations yet haha!

If you want to check out the nominations, do click here.

But if you ask me, I still prefer the *ahem* AVN Awards though. It is definitely more interesting and well, the chicks are *ahem* hotter and more experienced..


Don't know what it is? Click here..

And have fun finding out about it!
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Finally it's my time

When he posted? David Cheong On 11:19 PM 9 shengge's
With everybody showing off their double ads that they are receiving from Nuffnang, I was wondering when am I ever gonna receive mine.


But lucky, Big Boss being the kind boss he is showered me with much abundant care and gave me 2 ads and what did I say: "FINALLY!!!".

Ad 1Ad 2

Nah just kidding. I love Nuffnang. Time for me to earn big bucks hahaha!!!
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Playing with SEO and keywords is fun

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:29 PM 8 shengge's
I was bored and I decided to do a little experiment.


Notice the sudden increase on the visits to my blog? I was checking out the trends in what people are searching for on Google and I decided to try it out. So I did a post of the recent Lindsay Lohan hype and my traffic increased like shit!

Show's how people are perverted enough to go searching for all this. But who cares right, playing with keywords and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) are extremely fun.

By the way, I'm invited to the launching of The Belvedere Ice Bar at Heritage Row. Anyone going?
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Lindsay Lohan nude

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:08 PM 5 shengge's
Initially I wanted to blog about this when i found out but Ferron beat me to it. Dang you, some more you're having fun in Penang! I so hate you.

Heck I'm just gonna blog about it anyways. Get this, Lindsay Lohan poses nude for a magazine and she seemingly tries to recreate the poses of the famous late Marilyn Monroe. And it was just yesterday that she was this sweet young girl that turned into this well, entirely different person altogether. Even her mum, Dina Lohan agrees to what she does. Sick people are turning up everywhere.

Want the original article? Go here..

I actually find most young stars who started out early in their age screwed up as they grow older. Think Britney Spears, or even the Olsen twins with their distasteful fashion and looks. Well not all of the young stars turned out bad like Hilary Duff but hey no surprises if they ever do isn't it.

But for the people like me and X, we'll say bring-em-on cause we just love screwed up people! It just makes our lives a lot more entertaining with more and more celebrities going nude....

And so we say thank you to Hollywood and their screwed up entertainment industry for being ever so kind in providing never ending entertainment for our personal pleasure!

*Was Lindsay Lohan's boobs ever this big?*
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It's so addictive...

When he posted? David Cheong On 5:32 AM 4 shengge's
I really do need help...

I've been tempted and because of it, it has become so very addictive like a drug..

Basically the story is like this:

Knowing someone who works in an ice cream shop especially when your friend is able to give you a 50% discount on anything you order is extremely bad for you. It really gets to you knowing the fact that you are able to get a real good deal in ice creams which are super duper nice, not the Walls nor Kings type of ice cream but good quality hard to melt ones.

Moreover the ice creams that they sell ain't cheap and that makes it even badly doubly addictive.

Let's say for example, you buy RM50 worth of ice cream, with the 50% discount you only pay RM25. They even have milkshakes, buckets and buckets of ice cream and smoothies omg.

WTF, how not to get addicted to it like that!

Fatty God ar Fatty God, please have mercy on me...
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It's tough being a blogger....

When he posted? David Cheong On 12:47 AM 16 shengge's
For the past few days, blogging has been hard for me.

I'm not really as good as what Curryegg claims I am. Seriously Curryegg holds me in such high regard, it puts me in a very stressful position lah haha! In fact, I DO run out of ideas to blog. I ain't some type of super blogging computer that has information packed into me 24/7 a day non-stop till my head blows or even resort to growing my brain to a huge melon size.

Yes people, as far as I hate to admit. I have the crapping writers block!

I just can't seem to find myself to write stuffs in the style that I always do and it just bugs me till no end. I know it's always just a phase but really I think I'm losing my touch & go. You see! Lame jokes don't work anymore. It's that bad that Curryegg's tips don't work.

Time to come up with a second post of tips again my dear Curryegg...

Not only that, the process of job searching have been tough too. No company want me *sob*sob*

I think I really need to go back to Humor & Blogging 101 classes again. Might even resort to Laugh-Till-You-Drop-Dead classes if desperate.

Or Smack-My-Ass-Hard-&-Kinky classes might be good too....

On the side, be jealous people! Be extremely jealous! Cause a new addition to spice up this blog is coming.


Just wait and see hehe...

*Guess the make and model and win yourself a belanja of teh tarik. Offer for chicks only*

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RIP Lydia Shum

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:20 PM 3 shengge's
RIP Lydia Shum..

You have brought the Chinese entertainment industry to great heights with your talent and we will forever be grateful.

You will always be missed and remembered...


I have officially lost 1kg since last week

That's awesome!!!

Gain back 0.1kg last night.

That really sucks....

It's all thanks to the dinner with 4 friends of mine where we ate like shall I say a couple of pigs that have never eaten before. Normal people go steamboat order 3-4 sets for 4 people but for pigs like us, 5 sets was just right and Mishalisha even had the energy to say she can still eat after all that.

*Ps. Mishalisha: Oi, I'm losing weight ok, while you're getting fatter! Sooner or later, you'll definitely be so much fatter than me*

Anyways, a friend of mine will be leaving for UK this weekend to work.

May you have a safe trip ok and remember to kirim balik duit for us, what are friends for right...
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Hard disk KABOOM!!

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:52 PM 11 shengge's
OMG This is my 200th post!

Finally I've reached the mark that I've never thought possible before

I'm so overjoyed *sniff*sniff*


To mark my 200th post on this blog *throws confetti*, I am proud sad to announce that the topic just had to be this. Nuffnang server is down! Hard disk crashed, kaput, blew, gone case, KABOOM!!!

The main page of Nuffnang shows this...

I was out and when I came back to check my mail, this was what that entertained me for at least a minute.

Click on the picture for a more clearer view of the e-mail

Although it really does remind a person of the case of Josh Lim and Advertlets, but I am proud to say that Boss Stewie and his crew are extremely efficient and that they rectified the problem, maintenance is commencing, and blogs are not affected in which that is the main concern for most people I'm sure.

From a businessman's perspective, I really like how they handled this. They were extremely quick in handling the problem, notified all Nuffnangers via e-mail and even put a notice on the front page of the Nuffnang website.

To Tim and the people at Nuffnang: You're still the best....

*Ps: I want free entry to Nuffnang Birthday Bash without doing the Chipster post can? Haha*
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Apple Macbook Air

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:58 AM 0 shengge's
The new Macbook Air costs RM6k plus! lah..

And that is just the basic specifications for the Macbook Air. Tested it together with the Ipod Touch (finally) in the Mac shop in Lot 10 a few days back. It really is very thin and light and somehow, it feels different from the usual Macs. Actually it feels very delicate and when I handled it, it felt like it could break into half at anytime.

If you're into light and easily carry-able notebooks, then this is the one for you. Not recommended for people who are careless or shall I say people who needs anger-management.

The Mac shop in Lot 10 only have 5 or 6 units of the Macbook Air in which I think it is a pre-sale special. So if you are thinking of buying it, do check it out and test it yourself.

In my opinion, I still think that it's more of a girl laptop.

Don't you think so?
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We are boring people!

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:14 AM 6 shengge's
Damn it, why does Singapore get all the cool shits!

We Malaysians do love being testers too you know! Although the you-know-who will definitely pull some shits over this matter but hey thats where entertainment comes from in our country!

They even asks whether which items would you love to try.

Time to move to Singapore and spice up your life people for we Malaysians are boring! Or maybe we just love using the *ahem* original banana rather than a, how should I put this delicately, 'battery powered adult recreational fake penises'.

Erotic materials do sound good too, as well as the role playing uniforms.

Ahhhh life is just so satisfactional...
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Lift goes KABOOM!!!

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:49 PM 4 shengge's
Never in my entire life have I accomplished this before but guess what, I went into 6 shopping complexes today and my legs are killing me.

Literally, just like Sew Jin.

Together with lame jokes and good laughter it always helps takes the pain away. I have a friend, let's call him bugs. The both of us always create the lamest jokes in the world that would even make Mr. and Mrs. LAMO cry. For example:

Scene 1

Me: *Goes into lift, notice a button that have never been seen before* What button is this?
Bugs: I don't know, try pressing it.
Angel Me: Yeah, try it! It'll be so fun.
Devil Me: DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
Me: *Hand reaches for the button*
Me: ............. WTF?

Scene 2

Me: You know, there are many movies now involving kungfu's and stuffs.
Bugs: Yeah, like Shaolin Soccer, Kungfu Dunk
Me: Balls of Fury. I wonder what they'll come up with next. Karate Bowling? Silat Horse Race?
Bugs: How about Silat Takraw?
Me: >.<

*It might help!*

Scene 3

Me: *Plays with Wii sports and keeps losing in tennis to com* My first time playing, so got excuse hahaha
Bugs: *Wins first match* Hahahahaha!!!
Me: Idiot!

Walking in KLCC, passing by a game shop and sees a kid playing Wii Sports Tennis and wins the match.

Me: I'm never playing Wii Sports Tennis ever again.
Bugs: =D

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Most irritating toy in the world

When he posted? David Cheong On 11:07 PM 10 shengge's
The world became a lot more irritating than it ever was...

Kill Elmo? Yes kill Elmo...

*Stupid toymakers!*
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Modelling? Me??

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:45 PM 8 shengge's
I and a few other bloggers been invited as a guest blogger for X's blog.

He's away at the moment in Taiwan with his family.

Please do visit and support us as we have fun terrorizing as well creating loads of havoc in X's blog.

*Sorry X, we had to. Cause it's so much fun*


Dang it Curryegg, why lah must tag me. I don't feel like doing tags lah, actually I never liked doing tags.

You owe me a couple of Milo Ice's for this!

Anyways, if you don't read Curryegg's blog, she has tagged me into doing this MagMyPic thingy whereby we submit our pictures to have it pasted onto magazines front cover. Imagine, modeling, except we are our own photographers cum makeup artists cum editor cum and so on and so forth.

So, have fun watching me cam-whore!

On the cover of Maxim

I'm bringing sexy back

LOl don't we just love cam-whoring...

Now it's my turn to tag! Buahahaha!! Let's see,

Timothy Tiah

I just had to include Tim, picture him in the cover of Seventeen Mag.

*That would be extremely fun now, wouldn't it*
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Are you a ghost?

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:29 AM 2 shengge's
Guys are naturally born geniuses.

From birth, we've been implanted with sexual thoughts that does not kick in till we hit puberty, and thats when unimaginable knowledge flows into us, making us masters of bedding.

For some people who are a bit slow, they have to rely on porn but for geniuses like me, we're a natural.

We're just awesome

*I love being a guy*


Not that I'm very much into politics nor do I really care about it, but it seems that there is a ploy out there in which non-registered voters are mysteriously registered and are considered 'pengundi hantus' or 'ghost voters'. Political blogger, Rocky Bru is also one of the said 'pengundi hantus' whereby he was registered without his knowledge and there are many others who are said to have suffered the same thing.

Read on here (It's in BM btw)

But I guess no matter how much you report to the police or such, it really doesn't matter because they really aren't gonna do anything. It really does keeps me amazed as to how people would go to such great lengths just to win something, not like I'm accusing or anything but really though, amazing.

I wonder what kind of ploy is next, registering ghost as voters?

Oh, you can check whether you are registered or not by going here.

*Don't we just love it when amazing news comes along to entertain our lives*
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I've lost to it hahaha!!!

When he posted? David Cheong On 5:58 PM 4 shengge's
I have finally succumbed to the dark forces of evil and spent valentines the day after valentines with a girl. True enough she's just a friend but to me, she's one of the closest friend that I have and since she has never celebrated before, the thought of being romantic and sweet just hit me with a big ass banana.

Yeah I realized that I too can be romantic, when I thought I lost it after a certain past.

If you are reading this, I had fun and would love to go out with you again soon...

*Being mushy sometimes is cool*


After coming back from my outing, I see got new feature on Nuffnang. Waa, can see which NN member see my blog wor! So cool..

I see you, and you see me...

Well not like it really does anything much but to be able to see other Nuffnanger's blogs are pretty much what I like because hey, you guys are awesome! I love reading y'all blogs.

Too darn lazy to blog now. Hey if you are a music lover, you definitely have to check this out. I call it, the 'East meets West Most Awesome Remix'. Check it out,

Legendary ain't it...

Btw, I would like to wish Calv a Merry Happy Birthday because today, he's a year older! Hahaha
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