Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Still awake at 2.45am

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:45 AM 3 shengge's

I Iz Need Sleep sigh..........

PS: Can see blood spatter in the pic? Haha too bad no limbs hor, zombie ate everything XD
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As day goes by, I keep blogging about events and other stuffs!


But the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging party post is always being pushed further and further. I know, I suck! I'm a freaking procrastinator wtf! But whenever I always want to blog about the party, words can never come into my mind...

In the end, I might just post pictures instead, ok?


So anyways, I was given a pass to the special screening of Hancock courtesy of Nuffnang. And what can I say, it was a monday night movie, and I had to work the next day but do I frigging care? It's a free movie so screw work! Haha!!!!


Nothing much that I can say about the movie but I do know that Batman freaking rocks! Oh wait, it's a different movie. Did I tell you that Batman awesomely rocks the living shit out of everybody's ass? Yeah, it literally does!

I know, I'm a confused person but what does it matter anyways, just enjoy the freaking pictures haha..

Met Ruth quite some time back during a church camp!

PS: Did not bring my camera that day so pictures are taken by Hwei Ming
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Farewells ain't always easy

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:53 PM 10 shengge's
I have always enjoyed being a member of Nuffnang.


Getting invited to parties, movies, dinners and such but most of all, meeting new people at every single outings and meets. Hey I love making new friends, and although I might seem pretty quiet and shy at the beginning, I can be really friendly!!

And DGMBians, don't you even dare laugh at that sentence hmph!


And really, it's thanks to Nuffnang, that I have met such awesome people and that without it, DGMB would have never come to life! But when it comes to a parting of a dear friend whom you've just met and grown fond of, it is never easy, especially when they are a part of our very own personal group called the DGMB.


Started from just a spontaneous movie outing suggested by Thomas and Pamsong, the attendees bonded closely like we have known each other for a very long time and from time to time, have grown to be really great friends.

And I think we're more of a family now!


But as life moves on, we all have different paths we have to take. And as for Amy, she has left us to pursue her studies in UK. And as usual, being a part of us means having another reason to gather and of course bond and share some moments we have had and will have together, and for Amy to cherish as well.


And although she ain't going to be there forever, yet we know we will all always be great friends. For being a DGMB means being a family. Godspeed Amy, may you succeed in the path that you have taken and we all know that you will do awesomely over there!


And yes, we know you will party as hell over there too! And most of all, meeting new friends, exploring places and blogging about it lol! And don't you EVER forget about us here ok haha!!!


Take care, and remember that no matter what, you will always have us!

PS: We want nice souveniours from UK, hahaha!!!!
PPS: Airplane tickets to go there also can lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Photo credits: Myself and Hwei Ming*
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Hennessy Artistry

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:53 AM 4 shengge's
Instead of posting about the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging party first, I think I should start with this. Better to post something recent first then after that only go back in time hor, as they say, save the best for last lol wtf!!


Actually I'm am just a freaking damn procrastinator wtf!!!

Me and Kel Li

Me and Jennifer

So anyways, I was extended an invite to the Hennessy Artistry by Joshua whom got the invites from StephK whom got the invites from Nuffnang whom was given the invites by Hennessy and yeah that is a freaking whole lotta people to go through but it was all worth it.

What can I say, VIP passes baby waaaa, thanks a lot really to Joshua and StephK lol.

UncJosh says we look drunk, I don't think so loh. We look awesome instead haha!

I missed the previous 2 Hennessy Artistry though and from what I have been reading on other blogs, they all agree that this by far, is the best of all. What more can I say, with a lineup of freaking amazing artists doing freakshows like Pop Shuvit (pun intended lol), Machi, DJ Latin Prince, VJ Callen and best of all, Flo Rida, it was a definite total rock the party type of atmosphere.


And of course with amazing people to party with like the DGMBians, Nuffnangers, femes people hehe, and what's more friend's from Advertlets. Oh well, it's a party so I say to hell with it all and just freak out and enjoy the party!!!


I must say, it's been a while since I last enjoyed myself alot, and I really mean alot. Dancing the night away, free flow of Hennessy cocktails, and definitely great music bundled with amazing people everywhere, strangers and friends.


If I have to say, this might just be the party of the year, well for myself at least! It's not like I really have a happening life as it is haha. Oh well, I'm sure everybody hopes that Hennessy will keep up this kind of standard in the party's that they offer and honestly, I do too.

Siao party people wtf!

Hmmm wonder when will be the next party hehe...

*Didn't take any of my own photos cause I just wanted to party, so pictures courtesy of UncJosh, Jennifer, Joshua, Kel Li and Stanley*
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Let down or hero?

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:43 PM 2 shengge's
I never really started of as a believer of the internet world at first when it was first introduced.

You see I was the type where I just loved doing my own things, just being repetitive, doing the same old same old stuffs everyday. It was not until a year after it was introduced and my friends were already hooked into it for god knows how long, then I started having interest in it.

Yeah I admit, I was a total noob!

Interest in itself was not sparked due to fascination over the internet itself. And not even sparked by friend's influence. But just the simple force of infatuation over, well a girl at the time. How else do you communicate with a girl who at the time, was all over the internet like it was god and so, I hopped literally fell in to the bandwagon along with the rest, all for a simple girl.

I don't regret doing it actually, in fact I'm now hooked over the internet. It's like a drug that inhibits in you for the rest of your life and no mere rehabilitation centre is able to cure you. Even a simple holiday away from the internet is enough to make myself go crazy, what's more if I'm ever stuck on an island with no technology whatsoever.

Yeah, I'm crazy but so what!

As time passes by, technology in itself has advanced thrice fold from how it was 10 years ago and it is good, in fact too good. In a just a mere few years, the internet has rapidly evolved into a monstrous ermm well thing (in which some might call a diabolical thing, depending on how one uses it) whereby not only it is limited to the usage of homes, but from homes, to shops, to limited connectivity (wifi) and very soon, unlimited aka WiMAX.

But although 3G already does exist, most people although skeptical, but still would agree that WiMAX would be the next evolution to wireless internet. And whats more, it just could be the baby step to a wireless T1 connection but I highly doubt so considering the main usage of internet these days are well, mainly for download purposes (which I definitely do agree!)

Don't you think so?

Bandwidths are sucked up by leechers who uses P2P softwares (I'm a leecher as well hehe!), so it boils down to a point where, will WiMAX really provide the service it promises! Will it really perform as good as a wired broadband or will it be just a total waste of time, money and energy just like a certain car manufaturer in the country who in the past, has produced really total crap!

As for myself, although I really am eager to give it a try, expectations aren't too high.

It might be as what I might expect but after giving it a thought, it could prove me wrong but past experiences with TM's Hotspot has let me down to a total below zero sanity. Much more, my own college's wireless experience.

Will it really perform as it states here?

So WiMAX, it all boils down to 2 conclusions, suffer the same results as the others or prove me wrong. Hopefully it'll be the latter.

PS: Sorry if it's not the usual stuffs I write about, but I am seriously bored at work lol!

*By the way, if you are more interested in the chick story, too bad!*
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Winning RM5k can definitely make you happy!

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:37 AM 6 shengge's
Ok, I apologize that this is seriously freaking late!

2 months late to be exact haha. I can't believe I forgot to blog about this. As I was going through my pictures, it gave me a wtf moment when I realised that this was not blogged about and I almost nearly wanted to skip it but nah how could I. I mean, this was one of the Happy-est moment that happened this year!

It was so happy, everybody was gleaming with happy-ness!

Lol bad English I know, totally nonsensical also! But I am of course talking about the Happy Moments finale held over at some restaurant new Midvalley. Well, can't blame myself for forgetting the name of the place as it happened quite some time back.

So yeah, I attended the Happy Moments event, and thanks to Davidlian for extending the invite. Oh by the way, 2 of the DGMBians were in the running for the finals of the contest, Nigel and Thomas.

The siao happy people

However, I don't exactly have the video entry that was submitted for the contest but what I can say is that Thomas' video was hilarious! Filled with *ahem* loads and loads of cam-whore pictures of himself, throughout his life and really, this is one of the moments where it cracks you up looking at pictures haha! Nigel's video had a patriotic feel to it, and for the first time in my life, watching the video really made me feel like I loved where I am now lol!

Dinner was prepared for all of us, activities and mid-event contests was provided and it was really entertaining. Heck there was even a Nintendo Wii for everyone to have a go at it! I know KY did enjoy himself playing tennis lol!

Happy pillows!

Winners was gradually announced throughout the period of the event, and surprisingly enough, instead of just one winner for the video category, the organizers thought that the videos submitted were extremely good, they decided to have 2 first prize winners.

And guess who won one of them...

Our very own Nigel! A freaking whopping RM5000 dollars baby but I'm sure now no more already loh, all used up already tsk tsk haha!

Congratulations Nigel, it has been a great first half year for you eh, and I'm sure it'll be even more awesome during the second half hehe! Oh well, I think Nuffnang's Wild 'Live' Blogging party would be coming up next, hopefully soon lol! Oh by the way, something entertaining to present lastly.

Fancy a piggyback ride? lol!!!

*Pictures credit to myself, Nigel, Joshua and Aaron*
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What's coming up!

When he posted? David Cheong On 5:20 AM 3 shengge's
Been a while since I really updated!

Been really caught up with work actually! Loads of stuffs to do, other than the job that I currently have, now I'm also doing freelance web design! So, who wants to hire me? Haha!!!! Anyways how about some updates on what's to come in this blog soon and I promise that I'll try to make the post come quick and I mean serious quick!

By the way, none of these are in any order of time-frame lol!

Yes I admit, an extremely backdated post but it's still a must to post it! What to do, blogger's conscience ma haha! And also as a friend lol.

Phew so many right?

I'm so dead lol! Oh by the way, Hennessy Artistry was super awesome! Great environment, great drinks, love the mixers by the way, great music especially from DJ Callen, Pop Shuvit, Machi and of course Flo Rida, and the best of all, great company!

It's always great party-ing with every single one of you, and you know who you are lol!
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Hennessy Artistry

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:05 PM 0 shengge's
Hennessy Artistry!

A party where the coolest artistes around the world are brought here to bring the house down! A party where you party like a rockstar! A party where, well it's a party geddit!!!

This will be the third Hennessy Artistry party held and it is bigger then the previous two! Rocking this Saturday, 19th July 2008 at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, featuring Flo Rida, Taiwanese hip hop group Machi, DJ Latin Prince, local band Pop Shuvit, and local veteran VJ Callen..

Yeah that's right, Flo Rida will be flown in and I'll be seeing him performing live!

Awesome ain't it lol! And of course a very muchi (get it? lol) big thanks to Steph K, Joshua and of course Nuffnang and Hennessy for the VIP passes.

So will I be seeing you there? hehe..
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The Price is Right

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*Wow, it's been a while since I wrote in purely text, lol*

I did not mention this but for the pass few days, my office was in a shifting process.

Which means that I had to last 2 days without internet. Yeah you might say that I'm addicted to it but truthfully without any internet in the office, there pretty much isn't anything to do at all as my job requires the internet to do my work. And although there was Coffeebean downstairs at the new office location, truthfully the wifi there ain't much of a help either...

Getting disconnected almost every 2 minutes, slow connection speed, plus RM30++ said bye bye to me just so that I could stay connected to do my work for 3 hours. You might say that it is ok but RM10 an hour for a freaking lousy internet service ain't really worth it!

The word WiMAX is seriously hooked into my mind now...

With it, I don't have to pay extra to stay connected. It could even solve my problems of always (last minute) wanting to book movie tickets in the car hehe! But really if compared to the current provider for my home broadband service, how much will I have to fork-out for it.

You see, I'm currently paying RM77 (or at least that's what I think I am, hey I'm not paying the bills lol) for the current service just to stay connected at home but with this new service that allows you to stay connected anywhere, will it be more expensive?

Or cheaper considering it is still new and there is a pretty heavy competitor such as Streamyx...

But in all things considering, I can order myself a nice plate of roti canai and still blog! Hmmm now that I think about it, I never try before leh. Dang I'm starting to have cravings for roti canai already and I still can't believe the price of it has gone up by about 20 cent.

Ok, that was off topic..

So, what do you think? Expensive? Or cheaper compared to Streamyx?

Or just about the same?
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When he posted? David Cheong On 11:43 PM 4 shengge's
You know what, I think I'll delay the 'Happy' post first!

I've been blogging alot about events I attend, and pictures of it and it kind of sucked the variety-sort-of-energy out of me! So instead of the usual boring awesome pictures you get for me, how about something informative instead! Informative and definitely useful for bloggers like us!!!!

Do you know what's WiMAX?

If you didn't, heck you don't know what have you been missing cause this is going to revolutionize blogging! But for those who don't know what it is, let me put it in a layman term cause I think not everybody understands technical jargons right?

To put it simply, WiMAX is like Wifi but in a much larger scale!

A simple diagram on how WiMAX works...

This means that you'll be able to stay connected, anywhere anytime. Easily understandable right? Lol and did you know that there are 4 companies in our country already selected to manage this project, namely Packet One Networks, Asiaspace Dotcom, Redtone-CNX Broadband and Bizsurf and to top that with a freaking huge cherry, it might just be a much better alternative compared TMNet's Streamyx.

Click to enlarge. Taken from this article in TheStar Online.

And it seems that the operations will be launched somewhere in the third quarter of this year, or worse comes to worse, end of the year. But really in my personal opinion, anything is better than the giant good-for-nothing monopolizing slow-myx!

Like they say, better a bit late then never right?

PS: I wonder if they do pre-registrations or not, like NOW? LOL....
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DGMB bbq party

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:02 PM 11 shengge's
After the KLUE Urbanscape, me and bugs rushed over to Nigel's grandparents place.

Check out my big huge ass marshmallow!

And we thought we were the late ones lol!

Seems everybody else was also late haha. But anyways, the DGMB bbq party was held there, and oh thanks Nigel for loaning us the place and sorry for creating so much of havoc haha. Not all that were there were DGMB though, because each of us were allowed to bring a single guest and it helps to keep havocs to a minimum.

But heck I think we still created a lot of it....

All in all, food was great (thanks Stanley, Yatz, and Randy for the cooking of food) and of course the bee hoon was excellent (this is for you Kel Li lol), company was awesome and meeting new people such as Hsu Jen aka Jen Jen lololol, Sin Yee and Jentz, met an old friend June, double-teaming with Adeline from MDG to disturb Aaron and the main thing, getting fat!

Well I guess that summarizes the entire bbq party in one go and oh before I let you guys have a look at some random pictures from the bbq, let's introduce the guests that was invited ok?

Josephine, Yatz girlfriend


Michelle's bf, sorry forgot your name

Now you can enjoy the pictures haha!

Me being disgusting haha!

Joshua caught!

Uncle Yatz, the bbq expert

Bbq marshmallow in style!

The Godfather (without his awesome coat, lol)

Seriously, don't ask!!!!!!!

Haha it's always fun being around you people lah! Hope our group grows even bigger lah lol! Hurray finally finish this series and next?

Are you Happy? LOL!!!!
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