Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Brain exploded already...

When he posted? David Cheong On 5:36 PM 3 shengge's
Real GDP?


Global Semiconductor Up-cycle???




Sigh, don't ask me what my job is, my eyes too burned up from sitting in front of them computers to even send any signals to my brain. Actually, I think my brain is all melted already. Thank god for saved post and drafts that does not require any usage of brain matter to post.

Anyways, I actually have a draft post regarding today's April Fool joke ready but damn it! I left the screenshots in my office laptop and it's in the office! Darn, oh well at least my victims got to extend their life before I start pimping them out hehe!

Random picture of the week, have you ever seen a parking ticket in this amount before?

Parking ticket courtesy of Bugs

Don't ask how, it's a secret hehe! For the Extra Joss Max, don't ask as well. It's a sneak peek of the upcoming post after my April Fool's one. Try and guess can? It'll shock you till can die twice also not enough...

Exciting right? LOL...
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Earning through blogging

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:17 PM 17 shengge's
Being bored at work is the worst thing that can happen to you...

You see, when you're bored at home, at least you are free to do whatever you like, when you're bored outside, you're still free to go wherever you want. But when you're bored at work, you're confined to your small cubicle specially just for you like some kind of prison.

Although very much you would like to go down to Starbucks and have a drink while working there, other issues comes about for example *ahem* laziness. Haha ok fine!

Just another useless nonsensical thought provoking post brought to you by the lamest guy in the world! And just to commemorate this useless post for fun, I have an announcement!

I finally hit the big RM100 mark since I've joined Nuffnang woottt. Although to most of you it does not seem alot but for myself who is considered a small time blogger, me veli happy boleh mati leh! Shall I cash it out? Or wait till it grows even bigger? Very tempting can!

And oh by the way, this draft was done when I was imprisoned in office during office hours.

Working sucks when you can't actually do anything fun *sob*sob*

*I have decided that 'Photo Showcase' shall only be once a week, every Sunday only*
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Photo Showcase #1

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:15 PM 7 shengge's
I have not been blogging for the past 2 days now.

It has been a pretty tiring week for me, my first week of work has come and gone and slowly by slowly I'm getting used to it. Waking up early, driving down to work, enduring a teeny weeny bit of jam, and of course meeting loads of new people!

Well at least as a surprise, there'll be a new additional feature onto my blog!

From now on once in a while, there'll be a post called 'Photo Showcase' where I'll display some of the finest photos that I have captured before! And of course since it's amateurish, don't expect top notched ones ok..

Then we go see some awesome buildings. I wonder why we never promote them, so damn freaking nice ok!

Now we go have a look at some flowers. Mother nature is definitely the prettiest chick in the world!

And finally, a sneak of my house...

Sorry if my post seems a bit boring to some of you! I won't be able to update a lot for now as I am still not used to my schedule and when I do, you'll definitely see the quirky, humorous posts up again.

Oh by the way for the next 'Photo Showcase', who wants to see hot chicks? LOL
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Motobikes, hate them or kill them...

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:59 AM 8 shengge's
Day 2 of blogging in office....

If you're wondering, yes I'm the first in the office every morning and I can't help it. Traffic is so smooth the entire week, I just can't resort to going a bit later because 1 or 2 minutes difference can result in disastrous jams linking with constant cursing and release of stress by trying to bang a motorbike.

No offense to motorbike owners

Yes, I extremely hate motorbikes and I'm never denying it! It wasn't as bad as the first time I started driving, actually there wasn't any hate in there before I started driving but after the horrors of the age pass 17 and obtaining a license, it made me hate them on day one after I got my license itself.

You see although it isn't the fault of those who are innocent it is still a nuisance on the road, no matter who it is every single one of them will try and squeeze through whatever possible lane they possibly can, even if they can't fit in. And if they are involved in an accident, it's always our fault but usually never theirs.

Bloody hell, all motorbikes should be burned in hell, drenched in holy water and smashed into tiny particles for the owners to consume!

Just so you know, I just needed to rant this out!
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The meaning of Kiasu just ain't enough for us

When he posted? David Cheong On 8:30 PM 12 shengge's
Yeah! The word 'Kiasu' is too small a definition for us, and if only there was something bigger.

Do you know any other BIGGER word?

You see, wherever there is a freebie that interests us like it's the final chance on earth that we will ever ever EVER see before Doomsday comes like tomorrow, we would not stop and hesitate to go all the way.

Not even distance.....

I'll need this to keep on traveling..

Here's why, during the F1 weekend, Ferron chanced upon another F1 contest that will win you a double RM700 dollar F1 ticket in 1 Utama. And so, we decided to check it out on Saturday.

With our eyes on the chicks prize we quickly took our chance to register our name and again I got number 2 in the qualifying round in which it amounts to nothing as the qualifying round only requires one winner.

And Ferron qualified for the finals...

With Ferron being held up together with the other finalists like kena jailed like that, me and bugs were going around taking pictures of basically anything we can see and mainly the chicks with my Sony Alpha 200 and Ferron's Nikon D80.

First, we took each other

Then comes the leng lui. Which you like? Got 4...

I super tamak want all 4 can? LOL

Anyways just to summarize the entire thing. Of course the winner of the finals was none other than:

Ferron lah! Who else...

But I'm still glad it's one of us who won, rather than somebody else hehe! Congratulations Ferron and oh just to let you know, he really did enjoyed himself during the entire course of the F1 race in Sepang last Sunday while me and Bugs earned ourselves RM30 each plus free coffee and drinks somewhere else hehe.

But that story is for another day...

Anyways Ferron, I want Honda lanyard!!!!!!!!!!

*Robin Williams divorced his wife of 19 years. Dumbass cow!!*
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Blogging from the office for the very first time

When he posted? David Cheong On 8:17 AM 2 shengge's
And so today's the first time I'm blogging from the office...


Of course some of you will perceive that there ain't any difference whether or not it's blogging from home or the office. But have you ever consider the fact that, there ain't any pictures here! Damn it. I really wanted very much to do the post on the hot chicks from the F1 event at 1 Utama here and I totally forgot to transfer the pictures to this laptop.

You see, now there are 2 laptops in my room. On my right will be my Dell Inspiron, and the left would be the company's Sony Viao. So hard to manage lah, although I'm loving every minute of it. I'm even thinking of getting my own personal desktop as well even though I already have a general desktop for the family hehe....

And of course with friends waking up as early as you to go to work, it's never a dull morning...

Pete: Oit! Go have a quickie with your boss lah!!
Me: -____________-

Just because I said my boss isn't too bad looking......

Anyways, I've begun to start getting used to waking up early again. Even blogging takes a toll on me at night due to the unbalanced waking up part. For the pass few months, my usual wake-up time would have been in the afternoon and the sudden change in timing makes my body-clock go haywire...

Mishalisha: You're up early..
Me: I'm in the office already lah..
Mishalisha: I know, I mean you're in the office early..
Mishalisha: Sleepy lah.....
Me: .......

Well at least I know I ain't alone lol....

*Feeling sleepy as well*
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Leng lui ah leng lui....

When he posted? David Cheong On 11:23 PM 12 shengge's
Just one day of bare blog posting makes me feel so.......

I don't know. Somehow the worse fears have arrived at my doorstep. I think I really am addicted to blogging. And I seriously can't help it. There's so many things to tell, so many cool awesome photo's to post, but so little time.

Back to same old routined live again and I really hate it but what can I say.

That's life....

Oh well, I shall rajin-rajin do a better post on the next one! I'll give you a sneak peak ok!

Pretty hor....
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I'm like a caged bird....

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:26 PM 8 shengge's
On the first day of work itself I was bored.....

Well, I can't help it! Oh I think I forgot to mention this but I got a job and although it isn't as cool as some of you people, I like it because it bores me to death on the first day itself. Ok fine, I'm being too critical since it is my first day and I went, unwilling to accept the fact that my days of freedom are officially over.

So starting today (started already liao) I'm like a caged bird. No more a free majestic butterfly, just bursting out of it's cocoon. Gotta love my philosophy cause it is lame and awesome at the same time. I thoroughly encourage you to use it! LOL

So as I was saying, the first day ain't all that great. Was feeling sleepy cause I ain't used to waking up early anymore! The only thing that had me going was that they were freaking giving me a Sony Vaio laptop to use!

Ok fine, I love my job haha....

*Sleepy bye-bye, veli veli tired already can die until can die 10 times can!*
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Mission Possible AIDS/HIV Conference: 2nd Week

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:23 PM 9 shengge's
I am seriously way past overdue on this.

Damn my time management and inability to produce more than a post a day. Well actually, one post a day is more than enough I guess, I still can't do it like the legendary Pamsong and her multiple posts a day!

All hail the Queen of Multiple Posts!!

Anyhow, the second week since the Mission Possible Conference has been announced has arrived and the organizers came up with a cool looking image in order to create an awareness for people, something like a tag button. So please do support us as we support them by placing this tag anywhere. On your blog, your homepage, your friendster/myspace/hi5/facebook.

Just about anywhere will do.

For more information, do check out my first post here.

Coincidently, do watch South Park Season 12 first episode and you'll definitely see the importance of this disease. Remember this is not just a single persons fight, this is a fight for everyone else and to those that matters.

*The episode just came out one week back and it freaked my out due to the coincidental-ness of it*
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Nuffnang Birthday Bash....

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:38 PM 14 shengge's
*This post is dedicated to Vonzies cause she complained there's no picture of me EVER! So Von, this is for you haha!!!*

Ever walked into a toilet cubicle and you see pubic hair all over the place?

I did.......

And it was freaking disgusting. It's like somebody was shaving in the shopping complex itself! Dude, that is sick. Puts the meaning of disgusting into a whole new element for me. Well although it might seem normal but still it is freaking disgusting ok!

No pictures because I would not want my camera to be polluted by viruses.

It's actually surprising that I started off with such a disgusting topic and it somehow led itself to the Nuffnang Birthday Bash without any relation whatsoever and because it is just so random, check this out because this is so totally randomly random.

Shaolin Kungfu Monk in Style

I had no idea what I was doing so what the heck. Score one on randomness, un-random remains zero. Well I am the King of Randomness and they don't call me royal for nothing.....

Anyhow, the birthday bash actually started off pretty quiet. Me being on time makes me feel so 'pai-seh' because being Malaysians, we have to arrive late! It's in our blood, our nature. Our forefathers fought to preserve it and here I am ruining it! And so being early, almost bored to death and not knowing anybody there, my photography instinct kicked in and I started snapping pictures away.

Actually I think most of you already had a rough idea on how the party went by as it was after all blogged by every single Nuffnanger that attended, and so I have decided to spare the details and post pictures instead! Feel free to steal them if you like, and I've stolen some from others as well hahaha!!!! Enjoy.....

Aronil, Me and Esther

Hwei Ming, Me, and Jan-E

Curryegg and me

Me and Amy

Me, Nicholas from Nuffnang and Sammy

My sincerest to the sincerest I can ever be appologies to some people whom I could not take pictures with. We'll have many more gatherings ok!

So, *ahem* Nuffnang.. We want more parties hahahaha!!!!

*I am so tired again!!!!!!! Sigh...*
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Sony Carnival Final Part: PSP Challenge

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:27 PM 6 shengge's
This is a weeee itty bitty late but what the heck, the day's not even over yet so *coughs*

Happy Birthday to Jason Goh aka SmashpOp!

May your TWENTY FIFTH, I mean 25th, I mean DUA PULUH LIMA birthday be as awesome as it has always been for the past 25 YEARS. By the way I just had to rub the number's in you know, and since you wanted a picture of yourself smacked right at my blog, what the heck. Hope it makes you gay happy enough hahahaha!!!!!

Happy yet? LOL

Anyways, let's continue on to the final part of the Sony Carnival series.

The PSP challenge, a contest whereby anybody can enter but is limited to a first come first serve basis whereby only 20-30 number of contestants are allowed in the single game series, and the grouped series is limited to a maximum of 60 contestants.

I however although signed up for the group challenge, did not participate because the lanyard was tempting enough just to sign up and I had to rush back in order to prepare for the Nuffnang Birthday Bash. However, I did participate in the singles series whereby I signed up for a game called Juiced.

Bugs having a take at the PSP Challenge

To break it down for you, the group series was held on Saturday and participants have to play a total of 4 different games, accumulate points from each game and in total whomever gets the highest amount of points wins the challenge. The single series is whereby participants can only signed up for a single game and have to compete with others on that certain game until there is a winner.

And so, I've got 2 lanyards weeeeeee!!!

Back to the game, the game started off pretty good. Just to mention that I had never played a PSP before in my life and the only time I played was a few hours before the challenge and guess what, I passed the first round!

Of course it was an awesome feeling. And with me being a natural in this, I






goodie bag.....

Heck, I was eliminated in the second round ok! But hey for a first timer like me, getting through the first round was awesome enough! It's something to be proud of! Because in the second round, I was already fighting with super duper veterans whom they belong to a group called 'Islamic PSP something something'.

Yeah, I know. Really really weird.....

Anyways, this picture was awesome enough to last me for the entire day. I mean, how many times do you see a French maid playing PSP in public?

Definitely not always hehe....
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I'm in The Star Newspaper!

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:25 PM 13 shengge's
OMG, I appeared in the star newspaper following the Nuffnang Birthday Bash!

Picture taken from Yinhao (Thanks dude..)

Can you see me?

But damn they only got my side view. How can like that, potong steam only lah!

Darn it, they should have announced that they were taking our pictures. Should have said something like "Attention Nuffnangers, go crazy cause we're taking your pics now! Freak out baby!!! Yeah, do it! Do it more.. Harder! HARDER!!!!!", oh well something like that...

But seriously if I had known, I could have shown a more macho-fied pose...

Like this can?

Maybe not....
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Sony Carnival Part 2: Cosplay

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:17 PM 6 shengge's
The main event of the day, well for me it is!

Picture taken by Bugs

Chicks in costumes!

The pride of the Japanese culture, the joy of looking at chicks in various costumes, the worlds horniest kinkiest mens idea of fooling around with other men's mind that is enough to send most guys up to heaven with multiple orgasms all the way.

Well, I did say most men if you get my drift hehe.....

One thing about Cosplays is that everytime a Cosplay event is held, it just keeps getting better and better. Veteran cosplayers are definitely there, so they are bound to have the most experience and most creative ideas of the other way around whereby their act are always the same. However, one single Cosplayer that I was really impressed with was this guy:

Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters

He freaking burned his hand just for the show! Ain't that awesome or what.

And the chicks, well although I have seen much better looking chicks in Cosplay before but the ones that attended this particular one isn't too bad. Especially the ones working for Sony and they can be on my payroll any time of the day.

It was a pretty interesting event especially the ability of the participants to act just like the character that they are trying to portray. Especially this guy here who dresses up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

You wouldn't even realize he was a fake unless you look up close. His acting skills was top notch as he really did act and talk like Jack Sparrow and you gotta admire his ability to do it. He must have spent many hours practicing, cutting down on his tfk time and that my friend is awesome!

In order to win the cosplay competition, one has to of course dress as a character of an anime or a game and portray the character for the rest of the event. Not only that, one has to have originality as well in order to impress the judge and not imitate entirely of the character being portrayed and so, it ain't an easy job as you guys might think. Even if you try to portray a character in a hentai also ain't easy ok hehe...

These people go through many ordeals just to get the costumes, spent alot of time just to perfect their act and especially money on their costume and one thing that you really have to admire is their tenacity and admirable interest in a thing that they really love and enjoy the most.

Believe it or not for an amateur photographer like me, I finished filling up my 2GB MSPD card under 45 minutes and that is crazy. I've always thought that it was enough to last the entire day but I guess I was proven wrong. So in the end, I came up with this conclusion:

I freaking need a minimum amount of 4 8GB MSPD cards or 8 4GB MSPD cards!

Anyone care to donate? If you do, I'll give a close up picture of this chick ok? Specially just for you...

Steam right, lol!
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