Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Some random updates to keep you occupied!

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:20 PM 10 shengge's
Our project is moving one step ahead and closer to our goal!

DSC07303 (border)

R.P. Studios, coming up soon! Oh by the way, that is going to be our official group shot, or if we feel like it, we might take a couple more haha!


I still have many pending posts to blog about, mainly the Kakiis Nite out at Euphoria and Comic Fiesta 08 at Sunway Convention Centre but how can we not enjoy first of all, the chicks of year 2008 final PC Fair! So hehe I think I'll blog about that first then Kakiis and then only Comic Fiesta 08 cause I love chicks that way haha!


But hold your horses up, because the Comic Fiesta 08 post is one post you will certainly enjoy. From chicks to costumes, to even better chicks IN costumes, kind of makes men's thoughts run a bit wild here and there lol!


And finally, I still have loads more photos to edit, especially the Sunway Memories competition by which competition is appearing to be really tight and I think I most certaintly can't win but what the heck. Let's just join for fun eh hehe!

But I want moolah sigh....
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Christmas is the best time of the year

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:32 PM 3 shengge's
and seriously, finally I can do a proper update!

My awesome christmas present from Jen, OMG!

Christmas season has always been one of the most important days of my life, whether it has been a good year or even a bad one and I seriously mean it when I say that it really is not because of the presents. I'm serious! I have even gone through some years when I never get anything at all and it never really dampens my spirit of Christmas because somehow, it still gets to you with all the carols and cheerfulness which I know some are too emo to enjoy haha!

Well, you know who you are and thanks for this! My first bear brick haha!

You know what I mean, hehe kidding!

My gift exchange from Aaron! Christmas resolution: Get fat haha

I have also gone through some Christmas season where I just want to spend it alone or am sometimes forced to go through it alone but again, I still manage to pull through it somehow. But still, one can never beat celebrating it with friends, especially when you've known them like forever and even less than a year also can seem forever.

Gift exchange from Ramona, my college mate.

Christmas this year, was a fortunate one. More like a very memorable one where I spent it with some of my really close friends, as well as some whom I have not seen for quite some time. But the main point of this post is that, well Christmas with the DGMBians are totally super awesome and one can't deny it if you had never spent time with us, ever!

Not a present but it will be revealed next week hehe. Ignore the pink black gay thingy swt!

I mean I have said it before and I would say it again...

There really isn't anybody else like these people and I would never ever trade them for anything in the world. You guys are the best and the Christmas dinner with all of you, really brought back memories of how we all first met.

This video is super awesome!

Thanks for just being you people, and Merry Christmas to all of you!


PS: This seems off but I'm selling 2 bluetooth headsets, both new and never used before. Leave me a comment and I'll get back to you on pricing.

Thank you
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Fast and quick update

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:34 AM 2 shengge's
and it's definitely going to be on Comic Fiesta!

Aren't you excited? Comic Fiesta is tomorrow, wait, today!!!! Seeing as I have to be there at 10am and I'm still awake doing this blog post somehow makes me seem darn excited about it and why wouldn't I. Oh and the good people of Comic Fiesta also included a mini commercial for you to check out as well, just as a teaser!

and if you are unsure about the schedule, I have included the schedule of the event also!

Click to enlarge

Ok kthxbai! I is going to sleep now, naits!

PS: I need proper time management and definitely blogging skills hahahaha
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Am I gone?

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:18 AM 1 shengge's
Apparently not...

Something to keep you occupied I hope?

Sorry for the lack of updates. Am extremely busy the entire week, all the way up till next week with events and such filling my life every night, and even of weekends as well with the Comic Fiesta running on both Saturday and Sunday.

Updates will be posted soon after I have long died from exhaustion and am back from the dead kthxbai!

PS: And a happy birthday to Joshua!
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KY and his expensive Chef

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:18 PM 3 shengge's

Worth every single penny to him, haha!
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The chicks in costumes are back!

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:50 PM 3 shengge's
and well, so are the guys but lets concentrate on the chicks now shall we?

Click on the image above to head on to the website

To put it simply, Comic Fiesta is back and this time, it promises to be better than ever. Heck even the location of the event is pretty awesome. Located at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, it has certainly come far from the last one that I have attended which was exactly 2 years ago in an international school, also in Sunway.

Unknown characters to me

My friends whom have known me for a while know that I am an anime and manga enthusiast, even though I don't quite show it nor even talk about it much. These days, I am more of a manga person, due to the fact that manga's are generally faster compared to anime's. Incidentally, for people whom have been in this field for a pretty long time, Imaginary Friends Studio (IFS) will also be attending the Comic Fiesta 2008.

Basically, these people are geniuses whom have worked with many reputable international companies such as Square Enix, Sony Online Entertainment, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Animax, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Top Cow, Radical Comics, Games Workshop, Upper Deck, WizKids and many others. They will be there to present to us some live demos, meet-the-fans session and also even their very own artbooks.

Heck even aspiring artists can get their portfolios reviewed by them, awesome or what?

Phail Optimus but awesome costume!

Oh and just so you know that all artists who wishes to expose themselves, or even just to have an experience on what it is like to be a live-drawing artist are able to do so at the Comic Fiesta as well. A special section named, Portfolio Pavilion will be set up just for those aspiring young artists and everybody loves this word.

It's free!

And L killed everyone?

That's right, you don't have to pay a single cent to join this. Just attend Comic Fiesta 2008 @ Sunway Convention Centre on December 20 and December 21, 2008! Remember to get your tickets for Comic Fiesta 2008 if you haven't already!

PS: For more info, you can also check out our other affiliated bloggers specially selected to cover the entire event as part of the media, and of course myself included:
PPS: Or you can even head on down to the official website here!
PPS: All pictures taken above were from 2 years ago, taken by Bugs with his Pentax DSLR
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Radioactive Tits!

When he posted? David Cheong On 4:28 AM 10 shengge's

Cause he loves it that way!
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If you need a crack, they'll be there...

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a crack of laughter lah!


Truth is, I think I've been neglecting my blog for a while now. Heck a week seems like a while if its me and it doesn't do me any good either. Procrastination has always been my middle name, but this time, tiredness and busy schedule pushed it all the way back and replaced it. You can call me, David Busy Tired Cheong for that matter!


But still, it really does not stop me from piling up the amount of pictures to edit, and of course chilling to the wonderful sounds of laughter. It has been a month now since the last TOKL: Comedy Thursday night and might I say it has improved by a lot. And although some of the acts are new but experienced, and some old from the previous comedy night, and some a total newbie, it is by far more entertaining than the previous.

And I have so far, only attended 2 wtf?


Zac was up first with a mixture of new stuffs and some from his old jokes. Now although some of the crowds might be new and have never seen him performed, it did get a little old when some jokes were a little used from the previous comedy act. Time to kick off some entirely new material I hope?

And I say CUM before I PEE on you!

Second was Chi Ho and this is one person you would really enjoy watching if you were a Malaysian. First of all, he does a real good impersonation of a typical Chinese ah beng and secondly, well he was a natural! Not entirely sure whether he has done this before or not, but I truly did enjoy myself throughout his act and so did many of the crowd.

Heck he could even dance like Micheal!


Third up was a weee bit irritating. Davina Goh was up and about on stage, being her hyper self and all jumpy. Now it's not that that was irritating but the shouting into the mic was in itself. My opinion is that a portrayal of a really angry women does not really require screaming, just a good facial expression will do, especially if you are screaming into the mic.

But at least something nice did happen after her performance...


We all celebrated Davina's birthday as it was her birthday on Tuesday, the 2nd of December and man did she get even more hyper and well, at least now happier haha! A happy belated birthday wish to you Davina, and we all hope you improve better at the next round hehe.


Another one that I has entertained me before, Kavin. Is it just me or are Indians really funny naturally? I mean most of the Indians I know could all crack a joke with just a wiff of their finger and seriously, I like his act a lot too. Entirely new, and awesome expressions. And last but not least, a non-Malaysian, Jimmy.

Random fact: He has that Robbie Williams look from the side wtf

He just goes on to prove that you don't need sex or masturbation jokes to entertain a crowd, all you need is a gay-ish seated airplan captain sitting right in front of you, a guitar and of course a song saying that we f*cking hate Singapore!

Entertainment certainly at its best!

Check out the crowd yo

PS: If you can't take a joke with my post, then screw off!
PPS: Heck I was just kidding haha!
PPPS? Is there such a thing?: For more photos, check out my facebook album
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Oh my, the second one already?

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:04 PM 0 shengge's
and it has been a pretty quick month hasn't it...

Just one month after my first experience at a amateur stand-up comedy night, it's time for a second laugh again this week, where seriously it's only Monday and I'm looking forward to it already since I had a really really sucky day, especially just a few hours ago grrrrrr...

and also I need a good laugh anyways!


If you have missed my previous post, check this out now. TimeOut KL once again brings you its monthly ritual of laughter in lethal dosages with a new lineup, clearly trying to entertain us with some of their wit, expression and of course words. Comedy Thursday has been a hit ever since it was incorporated, almost guaranteeing a full house every first Thursday of the month by which I could really suggest a bigger place soon!


Again if you feel like joining us, do feel free to drop by. Venue is at the usual place, at Little Havana, and it justs costs you RM10 at the door and if you enter with this discount voucher, you get a 50% off of the entrance fee.
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I see loads of hot chicks

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:37 AM 2 shengge's
and it was definitely a night for all singles to enjoy if you know what I mean haha!!!!


I'm kidding! Thanks to Kel Li and Zouk KL itself, I was invited to be part of the media for the relaunching of Zouk KL and legendary it was. Now this is definitely not coming from a biased point of view where this is my first time at a club launch nor as part of a media mindset but I really feel that with the all-new reinvented design of the club, it will definitely continue to be a hit among many clubbers.


Though it rained quite a bit at during the registration as well as the launching, it did not deter one bit of the attendees eagerness as we were all greeted with of course a champagne opening of Zouk KL's owners, an opening dance performance and of course, the antics of Serena C.


Being new, many were of course clueless as to the redesigned club whereby the Zouk main room was split into half and divided into 2 sections where the original main room features dance and a bit of house musics and Phuture is provided R&B and hip hop for the homies out there. Velvet Underground remains the same with the classic Mambo Jambo favorites being played.


Heck they even showed old school music videos, now ain't that awesome or awesomer?


Zouk has gotten a bit more complicated as each of its rooms can be accessible to one another and therefore, making myself and the gang a bit confused as to which rooms we were in and I'm not entirely sure whether was I ever in Barsonic or not, one of the new additions which is supposedly to feature electro, mash-ups and indie music.


The Loft has been re-branded as Aristo and made bigger. On that night, it was open exclusively for VIPs and I could see why. Being all classy and chilling inside, Aristo was redefined and now, offers a better, more comfortable place for clubbers to chill and just enjoy the night out with house music being played in the back.


After going through and exploring almost each and every place of the all-new Zouk KL, the gang and I then settled ourselves to the finer, more happening musics of R&B and hip hop in Phuture, dancing the night away to the spinning's of DJ Goldfish, whom was always one of my favorite DJ ever since old days.

Did that make me sound old lol!

My awesome VIP tag with an even more awesome tag line for it!

But anyways, kudos to Zouk KL for an awesome relaunch and offering us a revamped, more awesome place to chill and party the night away. Oh and for more of the photos from that night, do visit my facebook album.
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The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96

When he posted? David Cheong On 11:31 PM 6 shengge's
Seriously I thought of many ideas but none were too great to list.

How about getting pregnant just to get the Nokia N96?

But on a wacko note, I have already been uploading photos and photos god knows how many photos and it still does not get me anywhere with any best creative post and if I were to upload some more to make a statement on the wackiest thing that I would do to race for the Nokia N96, I guess it would seem boring isn't it?

And so....

I frigging came up with a video to express it ok and it ain't easy doing it hmph!! Oh and by the way, it is a silent video so read the captions haha!

Enjoy it ok?

Nokia, see see I wearing Nokia IAC shirt haha!!

Haha a really big thank you to Nigel the videographer, Kel Li for her inputs and Hsu Jen for being the farniest actress in the video and i owe you guys alot lol!

So, is this wacky enough?

If not, I might as well shoot myself ain't it? haha!
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TOKL: On the Up

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If it's one thing that I love doing, and that is to chill......


And also another is to listen to great music. A combination of both spells even better, close to orgasmic. Although feeling really tired after a 'hard days work', traveling up to town from Subang and the thought of traveling back home in Klang didn't exactly stop me from trying to experience one of the finest moments I have yet to get, until that day!


After many months of incorporating 'On the Up', TimeOut KL's monthly music showcase of local talents has since grown rapidly, or so I heard from the people whom have attended previous ones before. And so by popping my very first 'TOKL: On the Up' cherry, I guessed it kind of confirmed what others have said so before that it was awesome!


In comparison to TOKL's: Comedy Thursday, I think I much prefer this knowing that it's music filling up my ears and being located in No Black Tie, which is incidentally an awesome chilling place that I had NEVER been before damn it!


Like always, TimeOut offers pretty much the same whereby at a very low entrance fee, a bargain of varieties of local independent music acts performs for us to enjoy. An Honest Mistake literally shook me off with it's Greenday-ish songs which is so my type of music! Seriously Darren, if you are reading this, I am so supporting you hahahahaha....


The Bassment Syndicate went up second and although wasn't that good, their freestyle music was not bad, it was a tad messy. No introductions needed for Alaling + The Kaya Koks cause most bloggers have already seen them perform before in various scenes and is still one of my favorites.


Sadly I couldn't sit until the last performance because myself and Jen were already really tired and we have a long way back home and so, we left after Alaling + The Kaya Koks performed. But still, I really did enjoy myself and it has been a while since I've just sat and chilled in the middle of a week instead of being in a club attending events.

I guess a change really is good sometimes.

What's a place to chill without good alchohol. Although I didn't touch any that night (surprisingly lol)

PS: For more pictures, visit my Facebook album:
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A Moment With Your Kakiis

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:58 AM 3 shengge's
Nice much? And somehow, it will never end and that's just the way I love it!

Definitely miss these guys!

Friends have and always has been one of my most important treasures ever since I could remember. As years has gone by, one by one people that I got to meet became good friends with myself from all walks of life. From my student years in school, to college. In churches and its activities that I have attended. In the world of blogging, and as well as my work.

A day with them means total geeking funning out! Awesome!!!

Many have come and gone but the ones that remained has all became great friends with myself and the ones that I really treasure are my two best buds, Ferron and Bugs, the DGMB gang and of course my CG whom I really miss seeing them.

I miss seeing the entire gang gathering up again..

Each and everyone of them has all provided an impact in my life one way or another and these memories with them are ones that I truly treasure. Now the title 'A moment with your kakiis', it doesn't really seem appropriate for myself for if it were me, its definitely 'The MANY moments with your kakiis'.

College friends totally rock!

I don't really need to tell each and every single one of them how much I appreciate their friendship because I'm sure they know it as well! If not leh, you all suck lah haha! I'm kidding, anyways here goes,

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

An example of fun? LOL!

And I'm sure all of you will forever do for as long as I know you hehe.....

PS: Incidently, check out Kakiis cause they're offering some cool stuffs! Haha...
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