Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve


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Ok, I am so completely SICK of people telling me that I'm childish. That is just the last straw! Why do you guys care anyway. It's my life, my own character & I love it! Before you even tell people that, go stare at yourself in the mirror first damn it. Nobody ASKED for your opinion. And hey, I don't need to change for the likes of people like you, I would never change. If you don't like it, you can go rot in Hell for all I care. Why should you be friends with me at all if you don't like it! Heck, for people like you who can't even see past what I am before judging me like this, just go to Hell!
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I'll be home for Christmas....

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Well well, there's definitely some truth in the title on this post here... I will be home for Christmas, will be celebrating it at home, alone sighhzzz..... I have no life *sob*sob* =p
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Seriously, what do people do when their unmotivated? I, myself am supposed to be studying but seems like there's just no 'drive' in me to pick up my books & read or even flip, or maybe to even touch it. Makes me wonder, how do people get motivated to study? Yes I know, the degrees, masters, your future bla bla bla but from what I have seen, it's not everything. A man can do wonders even if they do not have a degree, in which most of these people ( for example Bill Gates, Einstein) succeeded in making history. Yup, there I go again, what am I supposed to be doing -> studying & what am I doing now -> thinking about irrelevant stuffs =(... I'm just bored, can't blame me hehe =p
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What is the purpose?

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:31 PM 0 shengge's
Just the other day, a friend was relating to me on why we study so much, in the end we will die & what is the purpose of it & there's really n point to anything. Although i comforted her & told her that there is purpose & all (she was stressed from studying =p) but on the other hand, it hit me.. What is the purpose actually? All my life, the only thing i can remember is study, study, study. To tell you the truth, not one childhood memory is clear in my head now. It feels like a section of my life was wiped out as I entered school. I know it's bad to think like this cause it contradicts on what I told my friend but I couldn't help it. I'm sure most of us will think of these stuffs at one point of life. Well as I was saying, we study study study, then we come out & work until we're 50+ then we "might" retire but for some unlucky ones, they don't even have a chance to enjoy a retired life. To me, retiring is a point in life where we feel like we accomplished our goals & all there's left is to enjoy life & spend it with the people we love but for those unlucky one's who's life ends before that, it's kind of pitiful. All our life we've been working our asses of, & there's barely a single moment in the middle that we enjoy a thing called life. It's either in the beginning where we don't remember anything, or the end where some people don;t even get to reach. Somehow I feel, whether is there a purpose to the things that we do. Well guess it's too emo here already haha but for those who's reading, tell me, what do you think? How do you feel? I'm sure that most of you have your own point of views & I would love it if you could share it with me.
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Short post..

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Regarding the LRT incident that happened the past few days, I bet a lot of people may be traumatized or even scared now, hence the conversation below....

Son: Mum, I'm scared to go on the LRT now..
Mum: Why son?
Son: Because of the LRT incident that happened just a few days back.. Didn't you read about it?
Mum: Oh yeah.. So what do you propose you do?
Son: Well, I was kinda hoping that you would buy me a car to go to college. At least it will be much safer considering I will be driving myself, not leaving my life at the risk of another driver..
Mum: Sure, why not.. Your safety is the most important thing in the world now......

If only all mothers are like this, the world of sons will be a better place..........
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No regrets......

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It's funny how life is sometimes. When you think that you have everything is all worked out & things are going so well, suddenly you find yourself in deep shit & everything is not it is supposed to be. Yes I know, everything is unpredictable. So what is the point of planning? So far from what I have experienced, planning is not a very good thing. There's just no point to it as things doesn't always go just as you plan. Somehow over time, I have developed a "I'll take things as they come" type of attitude. I know it isn't healthy but I feel as though I have already given on plans. Yupz, no regrets & thats how I wanna live my life from now on. But given the thought, it just doesn't seem right, & I know both these ideas are contradicting with each other. The future is not certain for me but what I do know is what I want now. Funny huh just how much you can think when you have loads of time by yourself. Puts you in perspective.......
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Quick post...

When he posted? David Cheong On 10:30 PM 1 shengge's
Well, my birthday just came & went. To those who wish to see the pics, please be patient as I need time to collect pics from my friends too hehe =)... Well, college has started & it's just for 7 weeks & this semester's exam only has 1 which is only for 30 minutes, 30 objective questions. A bit dumb right?? Well, the surprise party was great or should I say superb hehe oh by the way, thanks a lot to those who came. You really made this birthday the best ever. Sighh do you know what birthday present is the best present in the world, if not only for me but everyone else? To be able to celebrate it with the person we love. True enough I celebrated with everyone else & especially with my parents but most of all, I wanted to celebrate it with "you". Well, even if I did not get it but on the bright side, there's loads of birthdays to come so there's definitely a chance so I'm kinda lookin forward to it =)...
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It's wednesday & I'm starting class on monday..

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Why does it feel like holidays just zoom by pretty fast? I mean whenever your having fun, time seems to fly by very fast. I bet everyone thinks so too. Hmmm, & when your bored or doing something your not willing to do, time seems to pass by very slowly, & i mean Slowly with the capital 'S'.. Well, I certaintly don't regret anything I did during the holidays, I mean it was fun. Going basketball everyday till my entire body breaks down, getting cuts & falling down while playing (it's fun to injure yourself once in a while =p), playing my PS2 in the wee hours of the nite (or should I say morning), watching loads of shows, going out, hangin out, yada yada yada... All in all, it was quite a relaxing holiday & I guess i seriously needed it. Well, hope you guys enjoyed yours too if you were having one =)
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1st week of holidays over, another week left..

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Sighh, what a day to spend on my last week of holidays. First words I heard 2day was "david, get up, clean your room & paint it"..... Well, most likely the entire course of it, I was barely awake. My mum woke me up so early, it was pratically at 1.. AT 1 you know, & at holidays 1 o'clock is freaking early... God, i'm so tired now.. But, since i didnt enjoy a single speck of entertainment the whole day, tiredness is not gonna stop me muahahahaha =). K back to entertainment =p
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Outing today...

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ROFL, haha I went to Timesquare with my friends today & we planned to watch IMAX theater today. Seeing its my first time there, I was so "jakunness" & I didn't know a single shit haha. It's a pity that there were other people inside watching with us cause I was hoping that it would be my first experience watching a show without anybody in the cinema besides us haha (Yes yes I know, it was a hopeless thought =p). All in all, it was a tiring day as we walked to sungai wang, in timesquare, spent some time looking for prezzie for a friend's birthday this saturday & spent some time in the arcade. Not only that, we planned to play basketball after we came back but too bad it rained hehe =p. All in all, it was kind of a productive day as I learned & experienced new stuffs & relearned old stuffs hehe =). So the next item on the holidays is..... movie anyone =)???
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1st day of holiday...

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Well well, its the first day of holiday & guess what, I did something very productive. I cleaned my room haha =p. And by the way, that is a very rare thing to happen, Sort of like a rat ever chasing a cat kinda situation hehehe. Other than that, its just a normal day in a holiday. Sighh, I was kind of holing it to be more exciting though. My life is nothing more than a boring dull life where almost nothing happens. Well, other than getting a scratch above my lips which I inflicted myself during basketball hehe. Sighh, I hate my life cause it sucks...
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Just a short post...

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Well well, I just came back from Low Yatt & guess what, they had sort of like an auction & the organisers were selling 8GB Sony thumbdrives for RM200. Thats like RM25 for just 1GB. DAMN I wished I had enough money that time hehe =p. Sigh, but I guess an external harddisk is still much more worth it I guess. Gives me a lot more space at a reasonable price too but the thumbdrive comes in handy & light. Well, I guess theres pro's & con's in everything yeah hehe...
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Last day of exam...

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Finally, it is the last day. Thank god accounts wasn't too tough. Actually, it was quite easy (minus the theory =p). After exams, I followed my friends to their after semester ritual, a makan at Gilly's (I think thats how its spelled) Cafe. Hmmm, I know, I might sound like a "katak dibawah tempurung" but the food there isn't really too bad. No seriously, it is quite good, except for the waiting part haha. Phew, I managed to survive my exams (except for CNI) & I hopefully pass all of them, wish me luck =). Now, for my holidays, my main job is to rot at home & eat ice cream everyday till I feel sickly sick hehe =). There is seriously nothing much to do, unless there's something on together with my college mates. Guess holidays when your in college are like that huh (for some people hehe=p) Anyways, wanna go have my dinner first. Ciaoz..
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3rd day of exams...

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I tell you, today was the worst exam day I have ever had ever since I discovered the word "exams". Basically, to cut it short, my CNI (Computer Networking Infrastructure) is screwed up. at first yeah, ok, I was kind of ready. So I walk in to the exam, sat down, fliped the piece of paper, lo & behold, my mind went blank...... It's like somebody practically sucked out every single thing I studied & i basically relied on sheer luck on the objectives, a lot of hard thinking, & .... a cracked brain to do it. This has gotta be my worst day ever & I hope I would never have to go through this again. =(
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Just a short post...

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List of stuffs to do today...
  1. Study
  2. Study
  3. Study
  4. Study
  5. And more studying...........
I have so gotta get a life...... =(
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2nd day of exam...

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:01 PM 2 shengge's
Well well, it's the second day of exam & man am I tired. Well, mainly because of not sleeping the whole night hehehe =p. Not my fault ok, I slept till 5pm yesterday so at night I couldn't sleep haha so in the end what did I do? Study like the good boy I am lol & boy am I glad I did cause it made the exam today seemed much easier. Had marketing exam today & boy my hand is tired. Wrote so much on just 4 essays & it was killing me. Well, 2 exams down, 2 more to go. Sigh, I hate studying. Well who doesn't. It bores me to death hehe =). Well anyways, I better catch some shut eyes first if not I would not be able to survive tonight hehe. =)
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In the middle of studying...

When he posted? David Cheong On 9:24 PM 0 shengge's
Well i'm just here to complain, I hate studying. Studying sucks. I think most people would agree with me. Whats the point in studying where in the future you can refer to books. Basically, test & exams are just a process people use to test a persons memory capacity, on how much they can store in their mind. And from there, they judge you like they know you so well on how "smart" are you based on you results. Basically, I find that this system sucks. Instead of judging people on how well thier memory serves them, they should judge people on how well they perform based on the work they do, like in real life. In businesses, do they use test & exams to conduct busines meetings? No they don't!! Therefore, I find that test & exams sucks... Well, after arguing this much I feel so much better. Gonna go back & continue my much forced studying unwillingly. =(
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On the first day of exam...

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:06 PM 0 shengge's
Well, first day of exam & guess what, i didn't study for it & just went into the exam hall with my formula paper (It's maths so we're allowed a piece of paper with our own formulas) & just did it.. Lol, it wasn't too bad considering I liked maths & it didn't give me any problems before. Well, if ever life was just that easy. All you need is a piece of paper to tell you how to run your life & how you will turn out but, guess not =p... Somehow, i don't know why I feel so lonesome today. It's like even if people are there but you just feel so alone. Well, I get that feeling a lot these few days hehehe. If only I had someone to pour everything out right now, but life itself thought me that it's pretty hard & i mean extremely tough just to find a person whom you can trust like how you trust yourself. Heck, sometimes I even doubt myself lol. Nywayz it's just me yackity yacking round cause there isn't much to do anyways.
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Words from the heart

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If only there was something to be done, there was something I could do to change the way things are, I would give anything to gain it. I know, time heals but the future is the future & the present is now. I don't know what is in store for my future but i'm certain that I want you in my present. Even though nothing could change the way things are in the present & I know, wishes are wishes but sometimes they do come true & what I wish for is you. These are the words from my heart....
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"Crikey" a tribute to Steve Irwin

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Today, Steve Irwin, the most renowned Australian Naturalist & animal handler was killed by a Stingray during a filming at the Great Barrier Reef at the age of 44. He was a passionate environmentalist & was love by everyone. His survivors includes wife, son & a daugther.

Well almost everybody in my messenger contact has a turtle in their nicks. So as a tribute to him, we will honour him with these turtles. Cheers Steve & may you rest in peace & for those who knew him, my condolences to you.

Photos obtained from
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Nothing to do

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Well basically, I have nothing to say today. Nothing to blog about cause its the usual sundays for me = going to church in the morning, afternoon is wookie's bath time & then *ack* study the entire day till now *in which i did not do =)*. To sum it all up, it was totally a boring, unproductive day where i ended watchin Eyeshield 21 the entire day & yes i know its pathetic but who cares, i needed it. Well, just to fill up some spaces, I thought i'll show some funny pictures i took during my 1st sem few months back =) Enjoy.....

Well, here's some explanation, the 1st one is called Mr Pee, yes i know it sounds depressing & I have it =p... Had nothing to do in class so I just took a picture of it cause it looked cool, the way it shows "men" how to pee properly haha. Geezzz some "men" should take some lessons here & not pee all over the place lol... Second picture is a picture of a drink where no one, & i mean no one should ever buy it cause it sucks like shit. Third is a sign near Masjid Jamek where a salon post a sign in which one can easily identify its mistake in its grammer. And lastly, where i got off the net, the smartest answer ever which was thought up by some kid.. lol yes i know my life is lame but what to do. A lame life = a lame person =p

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Guess who's back...

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Well well guess who's back. Been a while since i last blog. Well first things first, updates... Well, got a new laptop, Dell 6400 which cost me RM 4085 even though its a Dell & it's original price without the upgrades & all is only RM 3199. Then, desktop went a little haywired, cost me a lot of time to fix it (yeah, "a lot of time") Next, I would personally like to make an announcement in which I know most of you know, Stramyx SUCKS to the core.. Basically it was not worth spending every dime, penny, cent whatsoever for its service since in a month, I could only go online for like a few days only. It's exam in a weeks time & what the hell am I doing blogging haha. Anyways, just a little something for you manga reading people out there. this site is just for you = Provides lots of mangas in zip file format & allows free downloads. Wide selections available.. And hey, will try & find time to blog more about my interesting, or not so interesting life.
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Jeremiah who????

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:13 AM 5 shengge's
It's been a while since i've updated.. And to all you loyal readers out there, sorry for not updatin (especially Alicia & Pete who has been bugging me for the past 10 years!!!) To apologize, today I will show you all about my exciting escapades on meetin Jericho Rosales.. Wanna know who is that?? Don't ask me.. I also don't know *chuckles* =p... Nah seriously, if you guys wanna know, tune in to TV2 on whatever day, whatever time to watch his "hit & popular" drama (I think mostly among malay women, you'll know why) Enjoy folks.....

This here is Jericho Rosales... the all so "Popular & well known" guy (i don't even know who the heck is he)

This guy here, is not Jericho Rosales... (Just wanna put him here for show, since he's the mc haha) This guy here is pretty irritating actually... Kept on blabbing bout Jeremiah's tickets for concerts & such.. From 20% discount suddenly give 40% discount.. Might as well give it out free!!!

Now it comes to the pricing... WTF!!! RM60 - RM300 for friggin tickets.. If he was Mariah Carey or Hillary Duff also not so bad lar (For your info, I dislike both of them too) but wtf is this cow... So damn expensive.. Got betta use for money leh!!! Like, buy cetak rompak DVD's ke, buy cetak rompak games ke.......

Just look at the crowd... All because got one guy, all of them goes AHHHH!!!! OHHHH!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!!! (Doesnt it sound bad... haha)

Awwww look at that... Jericho even have 2 guards guarding him just in case the crowd runs "amuk" (In this case, I was really hoping that would happeng *grinning*)

Oh & look, he even brought his brother, Jeremiah... How sweet =p...

Oh well, guess my day wasn't so bad after all.. Got to meet some guy (i'm not gay ok) who is an actor, & now a singer... Who cares anyway, I still friggin don't know who is he... lol
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Strip you down push up's

When he posted? David Cheong On 12:14 PM 2 shengge's
Following the recent "strip you down & do push up's" incident, some Malaysians were a bit concerned that there will be more & more cases like this is going to happen. To prevent more & more humiliation happenening to our country, these "concerned goodwilled citizens" set up a warning for people

Now, shouldn't we be more & more thankfull that there are still some Malaysians out there that are always "concerned" about our well-being.
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5 things that causes accidents while driving on the road,

1. Cellphone (sms-ing & talking on the phone)

2. Drunk Driving (Hate these buggers)

3. Motorcyles (Well, don't hate me bikers, but i'm against motorcycles)

4. Carelessness (SWT!!!)

5. Passenger : "LOOK!!!! MyFM radio crusiers are there giving out freebies."
Driver : And the driver looks.........

Irronically these things do happen in our everyday life... So guys, be carefull while driving & pay attention.......
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Check it out if yea want to....

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:21 PM 0 shengge's
Oh just a reminder guys, I won't be using my friendster blog anymore... Well, if u guys wanna have a look at it, go ahead lol.. Here's the site, Feel free to have a look around & drop in some comments while you're at it... Have fun... =)
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Well well well.... My first post opsss i mean my "first" ever own blog other than the crappy friendster blog in which was sucky & i mean S.U.C.K.Y... Well well hope you guys find my posts interesting & pls, give some comments... good or bad, who cares lol... Nywayz, take care aight guys ( & i mean you too gals ) . Look forward to more posts... lol peace people...
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