Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve


When he posted? David Cheong On 5:24 PM
*Disclaimer: At first this post was meant as a joke but things got out of hand. Erection Election ma*

I particularly extremely hate election times.

The entire city looks like a rubbish dump! Seriously, with all the election posters posted up here and there, flags all around, papers flying everywhere and all with ugly faces of people whom we have never met and never seen nor heard before but only until the election days will we ever see them.

And I tell you, most of their faces aren't trustworthy and a bit 'hamsap' looking.

This does not only apply to a certain political party but to all of them as well. I ain't bias and no I'm not voting cause I have not even registered yet.

Seriously though, no matter who or what we vote for it's never a happy ending. For example:

Green wins - A ruling for all humans in the country to cover up and no 'paktohings allowed anywhere ever'

Dark blue wins - The roads will still be filled with potholes, jams, unnecessary rude remarks made, and thousands of dollars spent on unnecessary things.

Unidentified flying object (U.F.O.) - Pork a must on all cookings

Others - Rakyat neglected, personal income increases

Light blue wins - Gay marriage will be acceptable and enforced as an allowed custom


As if the country isn't already in deep shit, we're digging it even deeper......

*Disclaimer: I hate politics but this is getting ridiculous*

12 Response to "Elections"

  1. sorry, but only because of indifference "pseudo" citizen like yourself that ruin it for the rest of us. by not voting, you have ultimately given up on your country.

    if BN cronies to keep looting our country is a crime, allowing them to persistently commit that crime is by itself a crime.


  2. chingy Said,

    Agree. You should go vote for the opposition seriously.


  3. David Cheong Said,

    rational thinker - well if you are 'SO' rational in thinking, I suggest you start by reading. When did I ever say I've given up on the country. When did I ever say I'm not gonna vote ever!

    I said that I'm NOT voting is because I HAVE NOT registered yet!

    And even if I do, these dumbfucks will screw up and after all the hassle of lining up, will inform me before election saying I have not registered yet!

    So before you even have the balls to comment, I suggest you read properly first!


  4. David Cheong Said,

    chingy - chingy forgiven horrr, of course I go vote for you know who lah! I want pork in my dish hahahaaha!!!!!!


  5. 3POINT8 Said,

    I said that I'm NOT voting is because I HAVE NOT registered yet!
    i like your method in twisting events..


  6. David Cheong Said,

    3point8 - I love myself! Hahaha


  7. JhG Said,

    Aiyo, why didn't you register? WTMFF.

    Could have registered at ANY post office, so easy.

    Unless you are underaged, then different story.

    So now, you have to STFU for the next 4-5 years if BN wins.


  8. David Cheong Said,

    freethinker - oppss sorry! I forgot to remove that line. At first I wanted to write something funny but it got out of hand haha! What to do, erection fever ma :p


  9. a.w Said,

    aiyo. jhg, tell me, what difference does it make if bn wins? do u think they'll be more concern of the public well being? i highly doubt that.

    and what makes you think the opposition parties gonna bring positive impact to the country?

    i rather let the usual crook continue ruling our country without any turmoil

    caused than to have a fucked up country with so much problems when a new party comes into ruling with no knowledge whatsoever in anything about ruling.

    with newbies, power comes into mind and from there, the people are neglected but seriously, which politician cares about the people more than themselves no one, not even the opposition!

    so, you tell me, voting for either one of the parties, will it gonna make any huge ass (positive) difference..?


  10. David Cheong Said,

    jhg - The reason I'm not registered is that I'll be shifting soon to an entirely new area and I'm not gonna travel the entire fucking 2 hours just to vote.

    So of course the smart thing to do is to register after you move cause if you do it before, changing the address will be a never ending process whereby almost everybody has never had an update whatsoever on their changes made!


  11. KY Said,

    I guess the banners and posters are a necessary evil. However, you shouldn't view elections as something negative, there are many countries that wants it but doesn't get it.


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