Chic Charity

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Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


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Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

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Cupcake Chic at The Curve

The Strategy, The Plan, The Win - Project Trafford pt 2

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:09 AM
Ok I admit! This was harder than I thought. Seriously, at first I thought that planning this was going to be a piece of cake but noooo there are many things to consider and I tell you, without the group members that I have with me, this idea basically would not have been possible!

Seriously, I love them all!!!

And of course you might be asking, what strategy am I talking about. Well, if you are still blur, you can read this post again and just to summarize it up, my team, which is Group B has to come up with a strategy plan in order to show how we are going to win all 30 tickets of the Mr. Potato contest and at the same time, promote them.

And seriously, this strategy that we thought of definitely brings us closer to our goal (pun definitely intended lol!)

And if you are still blur, check out Mr. Potato's website HERE!!!!

A layout of our strategy:

"Just to give you guys the general idea of what our plan is is that our strategy will be to use the public to our own advantage. Sounds cruel? Not really, because not only will the public be able to buy cheaper Mr. Potato’s, but we will also gain by getting the seals and pouches and also a bit of extra income in order to buy more Mr. Potato’s. Not only that, by, doing this, we will also help promote Mr. Potato to the general public so it’s a win-win-win situation right?"

Steps involved in the strategy:

  1. Obtain cheaper Mr. Potato products from a wholesaler.
  2. Organize an event to the theme of your liking, eg. Football matches theme, modeling like the Malaysian Dreamgirls theme and etc etc etc.
  3. And of course Mr. Potato as the so called ‘main sponsor’ of the event in order to promote them
  4. Instead of selling the original Mr. Potato’s, repackage them into an alternative package or something, according to the theme of the event or anything attractive.
So these are the basic 4 steps of our strategy.

And in order to accomplish that, our team members have each assigned specific tasks in which they are:

Big Boss: Ringo aka Cheesie
Event Coordinator: Myself
Public Relations: Copykate
Emcee: Angelicassie
Supplier/Logistics: Tougeking
Sales: Charleschua

Now how about the themes....

Well basically, we have something special in store for you. Each member of the group will be presenting the strategies according to different themes. That means, you get to experience what it's like to have an event organized by Mr. Potato in many different varieties of themes, just like it's flavor.

And the theme that I'm presenting in this blog would be, Environmental Awareness!

1. Why you ask?
2. How you ask?
3. What does it have to do with Mr. Potato you ask?

My answers...

1. Because this is an issue that everybody should be aware of!
2. Through an event lah dong...
3. Everything! Because Mr. Potato can also do it's part in protecting the earth! Eat Mr. Potato, save the world, lol!

So how leh?

Our mascot and negotiator ok? LOL!

Of course in order to do this, one must have a venue and that is where our boss and myself (including cheddie and wookie to help get discounts on the venue my melting them with their super cuteness) comes in and survey a venue that is suitable to promote our causes and of course organize the schedule and plan out the activities, stuffs we need and etc etc.

Imagine this, only in form of lorry LOL

And we have our supplier cum logistics guy, Togeking who can alias with the wholesaler of Mr. Potato and deliver it to us super fast, includes drifting of lorries as well and kids, don't try this till you're 18 ok?

Our public relations executive, Copykate will then have ads, anything to notify the public and answer inquiries whatsoever on the event.

PS: Meet Kate's demands or else face her wrath.....

Angelicassie, our fun loving emcee..

Our emcee, Angelicassie will then entertain and make sure the general public haves fun as well as alias with myself on the event schedules.

He's good looking enough to even sell Mr. Potato to old ladies!

And lastly Charleschua to handle the sales of Mr. Potato and promotion of the Mr. Potato contest.

Now basically, the entire management of the event will be coordinated by myself and Ringo, including the facilities and items that should be at the event according to the theme, and for this case, a showcase of environmental stuffs and the cause and effects of what happens etc etc.

Well, the Mr. Potato will be repackaged before the event and all plastic encasings will be collected by our sales guy, Charleschua and kept properly because those are the seals and pouches to ensure us the win to Old Trafford.

How is it repackaged?

Well, with paperbags of course!

Instead of using a non-biodegradable packaging, we'll package it into paperbags in order to prove a point that biodegradable is the way to go and recycling is cool! Now if you're wondering if the chips will go soft or not, not to worry because all chips will be stored in a vacuum container first and when a customer makes a purchase, then only it'll be packaged in order to ensure it's freshness.

Imagine these in giant sizes filled with Mr. Potato, yum yum!!!

And as for the sales of Mr. Potato's, well the profit that is generated from the sales will go to purchasing more Mr. Potato's and the additional profit that is generated will go to a fund called, the 'Environmental Protection Fund'.

Games will definitely be a hit!

At events such as this, of course entertainment is provide in which our emcee will announce and provide such as games and quizzes and prizes will be free bags of Mr. Potato chips.

And I guess this kind of covers the basis of the strategy plan doesn't it.

I mean, seals and pouches are collected, a promotional effort by us for Mr. Potato, and of course an awareness instilled into the general public regarding the importance of keeping our environment safe and of course the main thing is that the public is aware of the contest that Mr. Potato is holding and they will definitely want to go buy more Mr. Potato's!!!!!

By the way, do check out my group member's blogs as well because they will be elaborating on other themes of other events as well!

1. Ringo aka Cheesie
2. Copykate
3. Angelicassie
4. Tougeking
5. Charleschua

And remember, be an environmentalist for our future generation depends on us to keep them alive.

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  1. joshuaongys Said,

    ehh u all got cheddie... so nice!!! ><


  2. angeliCassie Said,

    weeeeeeeeee David you posted it up =)


  3. David Cheong Said,

    joshua - hehe cute right lol too bad

    angelicassie - hahaha yeah


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