Chic Charity

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Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


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Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

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Cupcake Chic at The Curve

My first ever food review: Made of Honour

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This is seriously a first for me...

The table setting

You know, I never really thought of attempting this because whenever there is food, taking pictures does not come into my mind at all, even if I really did want to do it in the first place. Just goes to show what an 'awesome' food blogger I can be huh?

So this is my first & hopefully not the last attempt to food blogging, have fun!

The menu

I attended the 'Made of Honour' event held by Hong Leong bank on Thursday and was served with pretty little varieties of fine dining cuisine. One thing I hate about fine dining is that, it ain't ever enough but one thing's for sure, this time, the 8 course fine dining meal was just right for me and that is pretty much amazing considering I'm a big eater.

Well at times, and not always hehe...

The first dish that arrived pretty much looked like the first course meal of a Chinese dinner packed into individual plates for each person. Somehow it tasted pretty ordinary to me and only the prawns tasted good.

My say: 3/5

Second dish however, was nice! In fact, I liked it alot. The soup tasted just perfect and the chicken was well boiled in the soup, leaving a really good taste of chicken essence in it.

My say: 4/5

Third dish? It was pretty interesting for me cause I never tried this dish before and I have to say, it tasted pretty good. Love the mushroom sauce and the yam ring, blended in perfectly with the seafood.

My say: 3/5

The fourth dish really did put me off. I find that the fish did not exactly taste fresh, maybe it's because I ain't a fish lover but some others did agree with me that it wasn't exactly that good. The lotus leaf rice was also just ok, and in fact I didn't quite agree with the yam ring. It had to be peeled off and since the chili sauce was covering the entire dish, with just a bit of accident it could however cause a pretty huge commotion.

This is fine dining, do not make your customers work for the food and expose them to potential messy eatings.

My say: 2/5

The fifth dish looked pretty weird at first glance for me. I thought that they were serving me a cream puff but looks ain't everything. This is actually chicken and it was made into a pretty interesting, well way that it conned me at first sight. The chicken was cooked excellently and I pretty much enjoyed this dish.

My say: 4/5

Ugh, this dish ain't for me. I have to say I never really liked risotto's and this particular one, had so much of a powder milk like taste mixed in with butter, it actually forced me to not finish the dish after just a bite. Even better that I even forgot to take a photo of it!

Oh wait, I think I have one of it...

See the ice creams? Well the dish on the right ain't one. It's shit!

Definitely a thorn among the roses huh?

My say: 1/5

And as for dessert, well I was pretty much looking forward to this after that disgusting dish I just had. Chocolate moist cake served with fruits and and haagan dazs ice cream as a topping and although many find haagan dazs ice cream to be over-rated, well I was thankful I had it that night because I really needed something to clear my palate of the after-taste of the previous disgusting dish!

My say: Definitely a 5/5 after the disgusting risotto

Oh and did I mention that there was alcohol involved in the dinner as well?

Free flow of champagne and whiskey all night long. In fact, the champagne was so demanding, the supply ran out just before the last dish. I guess champagne really does go well with dinner rather than whiskey huh?

My say: 10/5 hahahaahha!!!

You know what?

To think I actually really did a food review post, now that is awesome!

So, should I do more?

Or rather I seriously do suck at it? I think I suck at it, right?

*Nah, I'm awesome lol*

8 Response to "My first ever food review: Made of Honour"

  1. Nigelais Said,

    U made me hungry man.


  2. pamsong Said,

    Go away lah.


  3. David Cheong Said,

    nigelais - hahahaha awesome

    pamsong - who lah? definitely not me right haha....

    tonight I post 'pam-seng' ok?


  4. sheon Said,

    not bad lar your food blog. you should do more...hahaha....


  5. davidlian Said,

    No! Please! Hahaha... but seriously, too much food out there already lah, write about something else lah.


  6. David Cheong Said,

    sheon - hahaha not my type leh to do food review lol

    davidlian - haha I so agree. but i can never do food blog one lah, i'll straight whack the food one LOL!!!!


  7. Simon Seow Said,

    Yeah, David, you do food then I can pack my bags liao.


  8. David Cheong Said,

    simon - lol not my type leh XD


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