Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Nokia IAC Event

When he posted? David Cheong On 7:31 PM
Another event post...

Been attending alot lately and I'm not really complaining but extremely overjoyed that I at least have some excitement to look forward to compared to my boring mundane life at work wtf haha!

So anyways yeah, a group of us bloggers had gotten VIP invites to the Nokia IAC event, in which of course the IAC stands for Independent Artists Club, hosted by Nokia, to bring up underground artists and undiscovered talent all across the country and expose them and I have to say, these new artists are freaking awesome and I mean it!

Not all of them are new as some have been around and are pursuing a different approach to their music, or gone into solo or group acts but they came back better than ever!

A glimpse of the happenings and such?

Do check them out HERE because you know, our country's local act can definitely be comparable to international acts as well! Hey, they're awesome ok, I totally dig our local acts scene! Great stuffs they produce.

Of course what better way to end the night other than a little VIP gathering and dinner up at The Loft, Zouk after the show's ended. A good way to catch up, meet new people, create havoc, as well as of course cam-whore and free food people! Oh and beer as well wtf!

By the way, big thanks to Davidlian and Nigel for the VIP invites...

But of course how can I not post this. Like the DGMB outing the other day, how about another funny picture of Thomas can? Give you big big one some more haha!!!



Oh and did I mentioned I got interviewed?

I so hate you guys for pushing me up there wtf!!!

*Photo's by myself, Nigel, Aaron, Joshua, Nadia, Hwei Ming*

5 Response to "Nokia IAC Event"

  1. SJ Said,

    Interviewed huH ? LoL :D


  2. Simon Seow Said,

    OMG, Thomas was pwned again.


  3. Nigelais Said,

    What questions they asked you for the interview?


  4. David Cheong Said,

    sj - yeah thanks to you all hmph

    simon - LOL awesome

    nigel - haha like what is the nokia iac about, my answer was *blur*blur*blink*blink* WTF? LOL


  5. yapthomas Said,

    wtf!!! gah!


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