Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Quick Update 2: Nuffnang's Birthday Bash

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:21 AM
Only 40% of energy battery left. Hopefully I survive tomorrow....

Won't be doing a full review on the party in this post cause I'm extremely tired but hey what the heck. I just had the need to blog and seriously to us bloggers, it's addicting. Ish, I'm sure all you other bloggers can admit that fact and don't you lie haha!

So instead of doing the usual pictures regarding who I met where and how, the place and all, this post shall be about what I really find interesting to share with you.

Interesting Happening #1:

Please do not concentrate on the Nuffie's here.

Die die also just focus on their feet!

Yup, its their slippars. It gives you the feeling of 'Saya sangat suka mahu curi sampai nak mati' type of feeling as the cuteness of it can't even compare to Hikaru's Shin Chan (Sorry lah dude, too bad haha)

Oh and pay special attention to this guy's slippers. It gives everybody else's slippars a run for their money.

You want? I also don't know who's or even where to get LOL..

Interesting Happening #2:

Hehe who wouldn't put this leh.....

Of course these chicks lah! So sexy, so cute, so awesome, pajama party turned into S&M a.k.a fetish party. Now wouldn't that be heaven ey. Oh and I got specially spanked by the police hehe, I'm a naughty naughty boy *growl*

Seriously, I wouldn't be a guy if I didn't post this up and instead this....

*Tsk*Tsk* Kenny Kenny...

Remember to soak your eyes with bleach after seeing that picture this.....

*I vote that the next Nuffnang's party to be an S&M party. Say 'AYE!' if you support haha!*

Interesting Happening #3:

Malaysian Dreamgirls!

And Kenny Sia yang mengacau....

Die die also tonight must dream about them leh. Some more they're in pajamas. Well, they can slip into mine anytime of the night *wink*

Interesting Happening #4:

Both bosses in underwear's!

As a present to commemorate the event, both the big bosses were given underwear's and instead of stripping and wearing it, they wore it on the outside! Well, it was fun anyways lol good going bosses!

Hmmm somehow this actually summarizes most of the important events and happenings throughout the entire party! If you missed it, that's ok cause there'll be many more awesome party's to come and if you did attend, you just attended the most awesome party in town and be freaked about it!

Heck, I think it's even a hell-of-a lot more happening than Sunburst!

20 Response to "Quick Update 2: Nuffnang's Birthday Bash"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    i can't help laughing as i read thru.. i've got the urge to steal those slippers..


  2. Yatz Said,

    wah fast need sleep lo..


  3. David Cheong Said,

    baby - hahahaahahaha!!!! awesome ain't it...

    yatz - lol you also so late still can comment. I sleep ady loh that time.. Just seven pictures only maaaa! That's why it's called, quick update wakakakakaakakakaka!!!!!!


  4. 3POINT8 Said,

    wha....u all memang hardcore bloggers.
    Post up photos right after the event


  5. -popjammerz- Said,


    u can't believe how was i laughing in front of my laptop till my bro came in and see and laugh too~

    oh gosh...

    i dunno what to say..

    i can only laugh

    hoping to see ur FULL REVIEW~~

    i think that time my tummy will burst~

    glad u guys enjoyed!!


  6. yinhao Said,

    LOL MY SLIPPERS XD + my hairy legs WAHAHAHHA.

    No one touches my slippers D:


  7. Jan Said,

    oh my gosh!!!
    i couldn believe i missed so much because i left early >3<


  8. Simon Seow Said,

    Both Tim and Ming turned into Super Nuffman. Up, up, and away.


  9. yinhao Said,

    no one touches my slppers! xD


  10. Sue Me Said,

    NUFFNANG party rocks..its better than sunburst obviously..hehe..


  11. pamsong Said,

    WAH! So semangat. Eh, if got pics with me in them (narcissism is a bimbo thing), send meeee!!!


  12. David Cheong Said,

    3point8 - lol hardcore memang hardcore haha!

    popjammerz - LOL I'm glad this made you laugh to the max LOL!

    yinhao - Ooooooo where did you get it? Me so wan it hahaha!

    jan - why did you go back so early? Should have stayed and meet and have fun with so many more people =)

    simon - lol yeah... they should have had a cape ready just for them with super ming and super tim written on their backs!

    sue me - LOL obviously. Too bad I did not get to meet you. Well there's always next time :)

    pamsong - Hmmm I also haven't go through all the pictures yet! Will check and see. If not, next time we go steamboat and cam-whore kao kao super bimbo style hahahaha!


  13. pamsong Said,

    Set lah, set. By that time, bimbo mode will be over but... I'll make an exception. =p


  14. wahlau the underwear! lol
    david why u din dress in s&m style to match those girls?


  15. usws Said,

    Uhh, no wonder i sort of recognized your blog name.. you're Mr Boxershorts! Haha..

    Too bad my camera's really crappy, all my photos of the Nuffies are blurry! Darn, i curi yours to stare at can? HAHA..

    At least there were some good laughs - the poses, the bday videos... Opps, that's all i remember. Blame the heineken.


    p.s. I would have blogged earlier if only i had more fun.
    p.s.p.s. I believe Sunburst would have been better.


  16. David Cheong Said,

    pamsong - yay! Set yeah lol.. craving for some steamboat now.. of course k, must make some exception.

    littlepolaris - lol how I know they will wear like that! Next time ask Tim and Ming to do S&M party hehe *wink*

    usws - hahaha don't lah say until I'm mister boxers *sob*sob*... Take lah, I don't mine. Already have my watermarks what LOL hahaha!

    Sunburst better meh? Only concerts are provided what. At nuffie, you get more interactive fun! Besides, would sunburst even give cameras out as prizes for contests? LOL


  17. pamsong Said,

    Set lah set. Sheon says make it a weekend so that he can come. What do you think about next Sunday night?


  18. pamsong Said,

    Eh, no no. Next Saturday night.


  19. David Cheong Said,

    pamsong - you mean 22nd?


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