Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Earning through blogging

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:17 PM
Being bored at work is the worst thing that can happen to you...

You see, when you're bored at home, at least you are free to do whatever you like, when you're bored outside, you're still free to go wherever you want. But when you're bored at work, you're confined to your small cubicle specially just for you like some kind of prison.

Although very much you would like to go down to Starbucks and have a drink while working there, other issues comes about for example *ahem* laziness. Haha ok fine!

Just another useless nonsensical thought provoking post brought to you by the lamest guy in the world! And just to commemorate this useless post for fun, I have an announcement!

I finally hit the big RM100 mark since I've joined Nuffnang woottt. Although to most of you it does not seem alot but for myself who is considered a small time blogger, me veli happy boleh mati leh! Shall I cash it out? Or wait till it grows even bigger? Very tempting can!

And oh by the way, this draft was done when I was imprisoned in office during office hours.

Working sucks when you can't actually do anything fun *sob*sob*

*I have decided that 'Photo Showcase' shall only be once a week, every Sunday only*

17 Response to "Earning through blogging"

  1. Jan Said,

    gratz for ur rm100~~
    hope i achieve mine soon ^^


  2. joshuaongys Said,

    hey congrats!! =)


  3. narymama Said,

    hey. congrats. can i ask how long did it take u to reach that?


  4. David Cheong Said,

    jan & joshuaongys - lol thanks =D

    narymama - basically when I started, I really wasn't an avid blogger so usually updates once a month. then when I got into blogging, it was about last November I guess until now.


  5. Christopher Said,

    Wow! Good for you man! =)


  6. Simon Seow Said,

    Sigh, I'm not even reaching RM 20. Grazt.


  7. curryegg Said,

    Wah.... can treat me teh tarik d... haha... Congrate oh... till now, I'm still waiting to reach RM50... wuo.. dunno when only can sampai..

    And hey! Concentrate in working ah.. later boss tangkap habis la.. haha..


  8. pamsong Said,

    Haha. At long last! Congrats, man! Steamboat on you! WAHAHAHA.


  9. julian Said,

    Seems like one solution for work-induced boredom is blogging ;)


  10. Nico Said, is so happy to know that...actually i just managed to join Nuffnang shape one week...and i still blur and have not much idea of it...


  11. Ping Ping Said,


    with the rate of advertisement being put on my blog, I'll have to wait until 2009 to reach RM100 =P

    I took few months to get away from just a bowl of noodle... (RM2.. =P)


  12. David Cheong Said,

    christopher & Simon - thanks

    curryegg & pamsong - Whhhaaatttt?? *Did not see that* hahaa

    julian - yup it is

    nico - lol you'll get it soon enough :)


  13. davidlian Said,

    Congrats man! I'm about half of where you are now.


  14. فيصل Said,

    congrats.. i'm still waiting for my nuffnang check.. i suggest you keep it until you need it..


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Wah.So lucky!I'm only halfway though the sgd $50 mark.And I'm pretty bored of blogging already!haha


  16. David Cheong Said,

    ping ping - lol don't worry! your blog is cool by the, keep it up and it'll increase soon enough :)

    davidlian - aiya, you selling your wii so you'll get 16 times more than me hmph

    Don't know what name - LOL seriously in arabic? awesome! yeah i think i'm gonna keep it :)

    evolna - why lah?? don't lah :( I'll miss you *sob*sob*


  17. Congrats man! I remember when I was at that point a few months back. But remember not to settle for that and go for different income sources.

    I haven't checked for this past month, but I think I'm making close to $1,000 now from my online ventures.

    See you at the top!



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