Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

PC Fair @ KLCC

When he posted? David Cheong On 6:09 AM
Super duper short post on PC Fair as there isn't anything much to tell and I so gotta get started on my phone review before Samsung decides to *ahem* you know what I mean...

So anyways, the KL PC Fair convention in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Nothing much can be elaborated over here as it is the usual hustle and bustle of people always looking for good bargains in pc, gadgets, as well as other peripherals and of course the joy of photographers = models portraying themselves, and advertising their represented brand of course.

But sad to say this pc fair was fairly disappointing as how shall I put this softly, the girls weren't as stunning as they used to be compared to the previous pc fairs. Yes, this post is concentrated on the males so my deepest apologies to the females.

Heck, you will never ever see male models in this blog cause this is a guy blog k!

If you're wondering why the scarcity of chicks, it's because by the time I got there almost all of them disappeared, damn sad right sigh....

And of course the mother of all pictures,

Samsung, Mobile World and the rest of the Blogmob team, I better get 2000 worth of people points from this haha!

And another as well.

Truth is, I just needed an excuse so that I could post this here as I don't even know myself when or where I can dump post these pictures.

So seriously, do I get extra marks for a picture with Samsung girl? hehe...

*Can guess what's the next post? hehe I gave a hint somewhere in the post*

4 Response to "PC Fair @ KLCC"

  1. David Cheong Said,

    simon - actually i should be the one that says wtf????


  2. iZack.Chin Said,

    i miss this pc fair, cannot see all those pretty cyber girl.


  3. David Cheong Said,

    izack.chin - lol it's ok! the next one should be coming pretty soon though


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