Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang....

When he posted? David Cheong On 8:40 PM
Pop quiz time!

What do you get when 17 bloggers come together for a mini gathering, creating a whole lot of commotion and decides to blog about the event, post it up and Innit it all at the same time and day....


Answer: The many faces of God bloggers haha!

Ok, that was extremely lame...

If you did not already know, a group of bloggers had a mini gathering on Sunday at Cineleisure to have a really seductive erotically orgyfying gangbang which was so satisfying, we'd wanna do it again soon meet, catch up, cam-whore and of course watch a movie since it was the original plan from the beginning.

Among those attended were:

Blogmob, take notice my phone there hehe

17. Dillon

Just so you know, this list does not reflect the order of the group picture above because no matter how kinky or gay it may sound, any of the guys does not have a girls name and vice versa.

Those who wanted lunch was supposed to meet at McD's at 12 something but being Malaysians, most of them were late! You hear that people, LATE!!!!! And so I decided to snap Amy and Hwei Ming's pictures first.

Then came their arrival...

And of course this wouldn't really be a gathering if I didn't show of the Samsung phone and forced them to cam-whore with it..

Guess what movie we watched?

Nigel did this, and it is so freaking cool. Not to mention he has loads of free time in the world and I'm so jealous of it. The movie wasn't exactly great but it wasn't too bad either entertaining but sappy at times but still watchable. After movie ended, we decided to go to our next stop, which is...

Cam-whore again lah!!!

As an end to this post, how about something hehe fun!!!


Syok or not??

*Credit goes to Nigel, Aaron, Myself, Hwei Ming, Kelli, Nadia, and Yat for the pictures*

10 Response to "Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang...."

  1. pamsong Said,

    Haha. That gif is classic lah. CLASSIC.


  2. amb3r1te Said,

    when r we gonna post about the freeze?

    or we do it on our own time?


  3. i like the animated one..nyam nyam.. :P


  4. yapthomas Said,



  5. Yatz Said,



  6. David Cheong Said,

    pamsong - hahahaha yeah!

    amy - lol you can post it anytime lah, i think it's on our own time

    syamsulariff - lol yum huh

    yapthomas - lol of course lah!! payback for the drama buahahaha

    yatz - yeah baby


  7. curryegg Said,

    You guys are making me jealous la.. I wanna gang and bang... sob.. :(

    But hey! Great attempt to took funny face photos le.. kekez..


  8. Simon Seow Said,

    Thomas eating burger gif is fehmes already.


  9. David Cheong Said,

    curryegg - next time join us k

    simon - hahaha yeah =p


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