Chic Charity

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Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


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Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

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Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Internal look of the Samsung SGH-I550

When he posted? David Cheong On 2:28 AM
After taking a day break I felt so much better and my mind was refreshed. Not to mention I was freaking sick as well and I hated the feeling. But the plus side was I got to experience my first medical leave on the job and I 'really' hate to say this but, it was awesome!!!

Moving on to the continuation of the review, I think I might have forgot to mention the package that comes together with the phone and as you may know, it's pretty much standard for all phone packages.

1. Warranty card
2. Quick start guide in both Chinese and English
3. USB cable
4. Charger
5. Samsung PC studio in which it includes the manual in it
6. Handsfree set
7. The box!
8. And of course the phone...

One thing that really caught my eye was the manual that came in a form of a CD in which I had never seen before. Call me old fashion or even a jakun but hey, to me most manuals come in hardcopy whereas Samsung was innovative enough to provide a softcopy one.

Now ain't that cool...

Although it's really tough but the phone review would last a few days as there is quite some parts to cover and so just to kick my ass up and get me started quickly, I'll start with the softwares provided in the phone.

Basically, the Samsung SGH-I550 is based on the Symbian OS v. 9.2 and S60 3rd edition, feature pack 1. Not that it's pretty much understandable to most people, however the ones that truly know what it is pretty much have doubts as to whether or not it'll really perform well as the Symbian S60 does have a history of lagging problems.

But from what I can see and feel as well as test of course as a common user, it works pretty fine so far and I don't see much of a problem in it and it's quite easy as well as understandable to non-handphone literate users.

With the ability to install applications as well into the handphone, it provides a much needed advantage over other non-symbian based handphones as of course, we humans do love additional things especially if it's free and we definitely do like free applications that we tend to use alot!

Heck you can even play awesome games on the platform such as Quake!

Yup not only does the Samsung SGH-I550 provides as a handphone, it's also a portable gaming machine and it really does give a feeling of satisfaction that I have everything under one device.

Now wouldn't you want one...

PS: All phone screenshots are done via the Screenshot application in the Samsung SGH-I550 phone
PPS: Do click on the Symbian OS link as well as the S60 link if you want to learn more about it

*Yeah, I think I really do suck as a reviewer, heck I'm not even a symbian expert hmph*

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