Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Some random updates to keep you occupied!

When he posted? David Cheong On 3:20 PM
Our project is moving one step ahead and closer to our goal!

DSC07303 (border)

R.P. Studios, coming up soon! Oh by the way, that is going to be our official group shot, or if we feel like it, we might take a couple more haha!


I still have many pending posts to blog about, mainly the Kakiis Nite out at Euphoria and Comic Fiesta 08 at Sunway Convention Centre but how can we not enjoy first of all, the chicks of year 2008 final PC Fair! So hehe I think I'll blog about that first then Kakiis and then only Comic Fiesta 08 cause I love chicks that way haha!


But hold your horses up, because the Comic Fiesta 08 post is one post you will certainly enjoy. From chicks to costumes, to even better chicks IN costumes, kind of makes men's thoughts run a bit wild here and there lol!


And finally, I still have loads more photos to edit, especially the Sunway Memories competition by which competition is appearing to be really tight and I think I most certaintly can't win but what the heck. Let's just join for fun eh hehe!

But I want moolah sigh....

10 Response to "Some random updates to keep you occupied!"

  1. chingy Said,

    I also want moolah(s). :(


  2. sendzki Said,

    wow..i really envy your shots, the camera..haha.

    u know what you're doing right now is what i really like..everything you're doing haha...oh goodness but im stuck to seeing people die..=P haha..keep em up


  3. Simon Seow Said,

    At first from Innit I thought it's RIP Studio. Congrats.


  4. David Cheong Said,

    chingy - haha who doesn't =p

    sendzki - lol thanks, I'm sure you can do it too. takes up a lot of time and energy but makes it worthwhile, go for it!

    simon - haahaha thanks


  5. sendzki Said,

    haha whatever...but i wish i was in your shoes really --- seeing patients die makes me sick haha


    really nice job dude keep em up


  6. David Cheong Said,

    sendzki - haha take it up as a hobby. serious, everybody needs a getaway somehow. even I have a day job and photography is what keeps me sane =D


  7. sendzki Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  8. sendzki Said,

    i'll take that from you haha


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