Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve


When he posted? David Cheong On 11:43 PM
You know what, I think I'll delay the 'Happy' post first!

I've been blogging alot about events I attend, and pictures of it and it kind of sucked the variety-sort-of-energy out of me! So instead of the usual boring awesome pictures you get for me, how about something informative instead! Informative and definitely useful for bloggers like us!!!!

Do you know what's WiMAX?

If you didn't, heck you don't know what have you been missing cause this is going to revolutionize blogging! But for those who don't know what it is, let me put it in a layman term cause I think not everybody understands technical jargons right?

To put it simply, WiMAX is like Wifi but in a much larger scale!

A simple diagram on how WiMAX works...

This means that you'll be able to stay connected, anywhere anytime. Easily understandable right? Lol and did you know that there are 4 companies in our country already selected to manage this project, namely Packet One Networks, Asiaspace Dotcom, Redtone-CNX Broadband and Bizsurf and to top that with a freaking huge cherry, it might just be a much better alternative compared TMNet's Streamyx.

Click to enlarge. Taken from this article in TheStar Online.

And it seems that the operations will be launched somewhere in the third quarter of this year, or worse comes to worse, end of the year. But really in my personal opinion, anything is better than the giant good-for-nothing monopolizing slow-myx!

Like they say, better a bit late then never right?

PS: I wonder if they do pre-registrations or not, like NOW? LOL....

4 Response to "WiMAX?"

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble... but fyi Wimax most definitely will not be the solution to the broadband problems we Malaysians face.

    Firstly, Wimax is already delayed due to multiple issues. Secondly due to hardware variations to the standards used in the US our Wimax might be in trouble - honestly I myself am not sure on this.

    Secondly - for plain old surfing Wimax will be a boon. For heavy duty youtubing and downloading, well I have yet to see a wireless services that gives flawless transmission.

    And most importantly, as with how things normally turn out here in Malaysia, IMHO Wimax will be a disappointment!


  2. Baby Said,

    i agree with jasraj. as far as i understand, wireless internet isn't for people who perform heavy downloading.


  3. David Cheong Said,

    jasraj - fyi as well, I did not say that it'll be a solution but instead an alternative to it. I mean sure, wireless broadband may have it's bad sides but if you look at it, the main reason for our broadband problems is the over-congestion of people subscribing to it.

    And of course the unwillingness of streamyx to further enhance their server performance and services. but with an alternative provided, and instead of having a single broadband service provider owning up the entire country, it would of course prove to have a better effect on the network system with less congestion and a wider spread of subscribers.

    Sure WiMAX may have been delayed for multiple issues, but without any form of action put into trying to improve our structure, then there definitely wouldn't be any solution.

    Call me optimistic but always look at the good side of things first, before generalizing it as something bad, especially when you haven't given it a shot at it.


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