Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Spreading Rumours all around Chinese New Year

When he posted? David Cheong On 1:07 AM
And it’s definitely the good kind of Rumours of course haha!


Recently, I and a couple of others were invited to preview and sample some really fine and somehow different type of Chinese New Year dishes. But before that, introductions are of course necessary. ‘Rumours’ is the name of the restaurant and in Desa Sri Hartamas it is located, fusion is the theme of the food and calm & soothing is the ambiance of the restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant

And of course a big thank you to Melissa and to Rumours as well for the invitation.

With Malik detailing every possible dish and fine winery, certainly the review was made easier, not to mention being allowed in the kitchen to witness Chef V in action really made us understand better in the preparations of the food and probably a sense of the inner workings of cooking, but shall we get started on the dishes hehe!

Darn mouth watering hor….


The first dish, being a Chinese New Year menu definitely has to be the Lou Sang but with a bit more modern twisted into it. Instead of the usual Salmon bundled together with normal Lou Sang’s, Rumours offers a selection of White Tuna, and if you are instead more used to the traditional Lou Sang, Salmon is also offered as well.

The Lou Sang was different from how restaurants usually serve them, well in terms taste lah. Usually Lou Sang’s have a pretty strong taste in them, my guess is from the usage of Salmon because, by replacing the Salmon with fresh slices of White Tuna, not only did it reduce the strong taste but also added a bit of different flavor to the dish.

If you are a lover of Pomelo’s, rejoice! For the dish also contains pomelo’s haha!


The second dish was the Ginger Chicken Consomme Soup, a genre of food that Chinese New Year has to have. Soup I mean, not the type of soup haha and surprisingly, I really liked the soup since I am really not a big fan of ginger soups. You can barely smell the ginger, which sometimes is a good thing but be cautioned though, it is peppery so if you can’t take much pepper, best to drink some only.

But iz nice so must finish all! Hahahaha

Commercial break to show you the backscenes, idea from Jen hehe!

Well the third dish or shall I say dishes in the menu is actually an option of 3 types of dishes to choose from, The Braised Beef Tenderloin in Chinese BBQ Sauce, Pan Fried Five Spiced Duck Breast and the Steam White Cod with Plum Sauce.


The Beef Tenderloin was really really tender kthxbai.

Hahaha I’m kidding, but it was really tender, pun definitely intended and with BBQ sauce being served with the beef, it somehow compliments it, somehow branching out from the usual black pepper sauce or even mushroom sauce. Thumbs up for creativity, two thumbs up because I love beef haha!


The Pan Fried Five Spice Duck Breast was errr soft and bouncy in a good way? And I really mean that because usually duck meats are a bit tough but this was the first time I tasted a really tender and soft duck meat, with butter rice coupled with the meat makes it a one of a kind type of dish, especially when served as a Chinese New Year dish.


Finally, the Steam White Cod with Plum Sauce was my favorite and surprisingly, it was because those that are really close to me knows how much I dislike fish, and I mean all types of fish.

Yes, I’m like that haha!

But really, this being my favorite among all 3 certainly does say something about the dish. Who would imagine plum sauce can go so well with cod fish and I say that because I never tried or seen it before so you don’t have to say I live under a coconut shell because I DO live under a coconut shell haha.

The fish was cooked just nice and also is served with butter rice. Oh, bear in mind that all 3 dishes are served with butter rice, with brown rice used and the butter was filled with herbs, making it pretty healthy.

And finally, the desert!


Sometimes I don’t even know whether I am Chinese or not because I dislike Chinese deserts. None! Zilch! But from the picture above, aren’t you surprised at how different it looks like because I know we were when we were at first introduced to the Red Bean Pancake with Sesame Ice-cream & Fruits.

Very different, very original, and surprisingly I’m ok with it. Heck I’m still not a big fan of red beans and if I say that I’m ok with it, to normal people it is considered awesome! Fruits colored the dish all around it, and the sesame ice cream added an extra flavor to the dish.


With some really light music coupled with a cozy and calm surrounding, exquisite winery collection to tickle the wine lovers taste buds, this is one restaurant one would not love to miss, especially the food lovers.

Jen gives the one wine up hehe

Priced at RM168+ for 4 pax, RM336+ for 8 pax and RM488 for 12 pax, Rumours Chinese New Year Special is definitely something to look forward to if you are looking for something different this Chinese New Year and is available from now till 9 February 2009.

24, Jalan 28/70A Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
(block behind Souled Out, same row at Silveridge)
For reservations, please call : 603 2300 6650

52 Response to "Spreading Rumours all around Chinese New Year"

  1. garrylin Said,

    WOW!!! your shots are great!!! the food looked really delicious.. It's mouth Watering!!! did u use 50MM? 1.8?


  2. sendzki Said,

    kung hei fat choi - still the same GREAT shots ^_^


  3. David Cheong Said,

    garrylin - haha thx, it was actually thanks to a friend for giving a lot of pointers in shooting food. never knew it was so hard =.=!!! oh mine is the 50mm f1.7

    sendzki - haha happy chinese new year to you too lol. well I'm hoping that you'll start too then we can learn together-gether =D


  4. Yi Ling Said,

    food looks fabulous. damn tempting T_T


  5. chingy Said,

    I semakin suka ur pics huhu. Omg next time bring me go also :(


  6. David Cheong Said,

    yi ling - haha i know =D

    chingy - come come, we go mam mam =D thanks


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