Chic Charity

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Chic Charity held at Mont Kiara


Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Ferarri car at Pavillion KL

Cupcake Munch

Posted by David On March - 07 - 2009

Cupcake Chic at The Curve

Looks like it's finally here

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Yes, although it very much pains me to say this and I have always been a supporter of free blog hostings but finally, I have succumed to the pressure and am officially....

A .com user, or rather a .net user!

I just did not know what got over me, it came to me like a hurricane and blew me away with pretty templates and damn you Wordpress! You are a menace, a devil, a Succubus that lured me with your enticing prettiness and awe of sheer glory.

Anyways, *CLICK*, here's my blog.

Change your blog links people for I welcome you to,

PS: Do let me know if I missed out your blog links in my blogroll, it'll take some time for me to figure out who I missed haha!
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I'm a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

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I'm a big fan of music, I've always been a big fan of music!


From the abundant availabilities of songs and albums (I only download songs in albums haha) in my hard disk, from the linkings of totally different genres such as classical to heavy metal, techno to swing, even from the normal english songs to other languages that I don't understand such as Japanese and French. Concerts have always been one of my favorite places to be as well and the last big one was the Sunburst Music Festival in Bukit Kiara and previously, Avril Lavigne and yes I went!!!

I love concerts ok!

Sunburst 09, photos will be up soon yo!

Well the biggest disappointment was that Coldplay came and went to Singapore and I was too poor to have gone and damn you all for always going to Singapore hmph! Well, that is a totally different topic already haha but what I do enjoy most when there are no international celebrities in the country is definitely our very own, homegrown music!

Yup, our local indie acts!


There are really many local indie acts that can be said to be on par with international acts and of course friends they may be to me and I do not consider them as celebrities, but to others they are and I don't think I understand what I just said haha.


From bands such as Silent Scenery, Brokenscar, An Honest Mistake, Estrella, Hujan, Estranged, Car Crash Hearts to even old schools ones like Too Phat, Poetic Ammo, Butterfingers, Pop Shuvit, John's Mistress and Juliet the Orange, I heart every single one of their songs!


True enough they may not dress like a celebrity, they are too friendly compared to other 'international acts' but that is what makes a true celebrity because, friendliness and just treating both friends as well as fans the same is what makes them true celebrities. Our country's local acts are a pretty small group, where everybody knows everybody but with an increasing amount of fans and slowly breaking into the international scene like Estrella whom is currently touring Europe now and Pop Shuvit who have performed in Japan and opened for My Chemical Romance in Malaysia and in the Phillipines.


So that's why, I have taken it a point to dress like our local acts which is pretty normal in others eyes, but an awesome tribute instead! Or how about plain old boyband looking haha! Or maybe, you will be seeing me in something different on that day, who knows hehe...

And if you are looking up for some last minute shopping for costumes and such, do check this out:


Do check out Absolute Pitch located at Summit USJ, Subang Jaya just right above Starbucks where they have an awesome collection of costumes available and also they are the only one able to customize your costume just for you. That's right, if they don't have it, they'll try and get one for you even if they will have to get an entirely new set of costume!


PS: By the way, I'm a drummer if you did not know, surprised? Hahaha!!!
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My fantasy is....

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to see all chicks naked and running down the street like some naked chick marathon!


HAHAHA I was just kidding lol! I have always been a very big fan of zouk even before I was legal to enter the premises but alas, of course I had to wait till I was 21 before I enter. I remembered the day I pop my zouk cherry and oddly enough even though I was pretty much excited before it, I only got to go in last year where it became a year I avidly started clubbing which I do not know why haha!

And Zouk KL, has been my favorite place ever since....


After the improvements of its music, a series of renovations to awesome-fy the venue and with the sounds of House, TAG, LapSap and Mambo Jambo favorites playing all in one night everyday, how could you not love it! And to celebrate how much I love Zouk, of course I just had to attend Zouk's Vth Anniversary and it was big!


People from all over came together to celebrate, both regulars and new and with events like these, you are bound to meet someone new and also friends whom you have not seen for quite some time. Oh well, free flow of alchohol would be the main event where I had my fill before the party began and golly, that totally rhymed and and I have to rush to a meeting kthxbai!


Ok back!

LOL that was lame haha but I seriously had a meeting. Anyways yup, we were served with free flow of alchohol before the party began outside where doors are only opened at 11, and of course we took this time to drink, be merry, cam-whore and take pictures of others who were there that night!


And oh, some were dressed for the occasion as well as the theme for the party was 'Fantasia' and as you can see, these are hardcore, literally! Awesome suits, legendary costumes, fullfiling drinks, chicks running around, music filling up the air by the awesome DJ Terence C, what more can a man ask for haha!


Not to mention Zouk's very own personalised deco'ed people whom some were amazingly interesting...

And some, pretty darn freaky!


Hey, I stayed away from them all night ok, not scary meh haha! Anyways, after that we adjourned to the main room where the official ceremony to officiate Zouk's Vth Anniversary is to be held and boy some people were already ready to party the night away, even before the ceremony started!


Heck or was it because they were warming up before LapSap played hahaha!!!


Old pal Point was there to stir things up and he'll be there every Thursday at Zouk's 4play together with LapSap and DJ Goldfish as well to name a few, for more info about 4play, check out it out here! Anyways yeah, so people, people and loads of people were party-ing, the ceremony came and went, and everybody was feeling hyped up that they feel the need to well, party even harder!


And this is seriously the first time I've seen so many people in LapSap which is pretty awesome! You go Xu and Blink! Anyways enough talk, let's see how some of the other rooms fare for the night:


Was an awesome night, had one heck of a time partying and oh, Happy Birthday Zouk! We'll definitely be back for more hehehe!!
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Nom nom nom, boom boom boom

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But at least it was not me that teared in the end hahahaha but more on that later!


Being a really great fan of food, and I admit I ain't really some type of expert when it comes to food when all I ever do is enjoy them, I sometimes would love to try new things if ever my stomach permits it as most of my friends know, my stomach is a killer machine which will kill me at the slightest touch of chilli even though I love them damn!


Well, earlier this week, myself and the usual's was invited over to Frontera Bar & Grill to sample some of their most famous dishes by which the restaurant serves authentic Texan and Mexican food. That's right, when I said authentic, I really meant it because the ingredients, or spices and chilli's that are used in their dishes are specially imported from the states just to preserve the authentic taste of Texan and Mexican food that you really can't find anywhere in the county.


Located at a pretty new but well known place to most people in PJ, Jaya One, this little eatery is housed at just the perfect spot to chill, have a great time and enjoy great food all at a lil corner and oh, it also houses a bar which makes the perfect margarita, the best that I have ever tasted so far, which is the Agave Margarita.

Agave Margarita

Made from agave nectar, this mean cocktail is served with a 45ml shot instead of the usual 25ml shot which was taught to us that original shots are supposed to be in 45ml shot cups, instead of the 25ml that we are so used to seeing in most bars and clubs. The Agave Margarita also boasts of its first of its kind trait, which is that there will definitely be no hangovers the next day, no matter how much you take.

How's that for awesome alcohol haha!


Larry, the owner of the restaurant was a pretty interesting dude to chat with as we divulged into many different types of topics, from food to ingredients, to the country and also the states, and even other foods and oh, even the blogging world!

Thanks Larry for the invitation, and also to Anju as well.

Chips with Salsa Dip

Chips were served after being introduced to the Agave Margarita and boy do they have many different dips for their chips. First of all, would be the salsa dip which was pretty much the same as many other salsa sauce but the one that you should all try would be the Chilli Con Queso dip whereby, being different from the many different dips available out there, this cream based chip dip is a heavenly cheese galore and a definite must try for all cheese lovers out there!

Chips with Chilli Con Queso Dip

Served warm and made from Monterrey Cheese, this dip is superb and it got a two thumbs up from the all-cheese-lover, Jen whom is always desperate trying to try all things cheese and still searching for the cheese paradise here in Malaysia!

Chips with Chili Con Carne Dip

The third dip is the Chili Con Carne dip which is a meat based salsa and is served with onion toppings which kinds of reminds me of a burger all minced up and mixed with salsa sauce. Wasn't really my favourite of the 3 due to the awesome cheese dip but for meat lovers, this could definitely be your thing!

Frontera Nachos

And as if our tables was not already filled with chips, we were then served with Frontera Nachos which did not look like nachos to me at first and here I was stoning at the table wondering what it was while trying to take pictures of it!

Geek nature calls first before brains haha!

Topped with cheese first, a slice of chilli and for it's garnishing, some tomatoes and lettuce it is certainly something different from the usual nachos that I am served with at other restaurants oh, and a pretty good finger food too. It is a pretty satisfying appertizer and I loved it, anything on cheese goes well with me haha!

Taquitos de Pollo

The Taquitos de Pollo came shortly after the nachos which looked really similiar to kuih kapet if you have seen it before haha but it's a totally different thing. Truth is, this wasn't really my favorite appetizer of the lot although it contains the Frontera chicken and was wrapped with corn tortillas, it didn't exactly do much for me as I could barely taste the chicken.

Habanero Chicken Wings

Now the Habanero Chicken Wings, that is something to talk about. Once it was down on the table, everybody was trying to have a go at it but not before I took some pictures haha! Served with some habanero BBQ sauce and cilantro ranch dressing, the wings literally melted in my mouth and damn myself for being a photographer as I could not dirty my hands with more wings or rather, I'm just really nice that way and I let everybody have a go at it haha!

Chimichanga (Choice of Beef/Chicken)

The Chimichanga arrived next together with the Tex Mex Burrito and boy did both look the same to me and the only difference between the twi is the the Burrito is not fried and the Chimichanga is. Both made out of homemade flour tortilla topped with Chili Con Queso and diced tomatoes and served on the side is refried beans and some Mexican rice while both servings comes in a choice of either beef or chicken.

Tex Mex Burrito (Choice of Beef/Chicken)

Those 2 dishes were not my type of dish and surprisingly, it was the only Mexican food as well and it also goes the same for the Tacos that contains the same sidelines as the above dishes. The taco is filled with either a choice of seasoned beef or shredded chicken and I guess you can't really take my word for it because since it is of course my taste and who knows, you might like it when I don't.

Tacos (Choice of Beef/Chicken)

With even more dishes filling up the table, we really thought that this could be our last supper because we were presented with a feast next with many different types of main dish and boy was the table seriously full to the brim!

Frontera Beef Ribs

The Frontera Beef Ribs is said to be the best beef ribs so far by the usuals but to tell you the truth, I can never tell when it comes to ribs. I'm just never in-tuned haha for ribs and although it was tender and juicy and being especially light and really well prepared, the mash potatoe caught my eye because I am a huge fan of mash potatoes haha, sorry Larry lol.

Cajun Fish and Chips

Cajun Fish and Chips was also pretty ordinary due to the fact that it's pretty much the same everywhere and also, it could be your safest bet to dining if you're not feeling adventurous because with fish and chips, what can really go wrong?

Chili Cheese Burger (Beef)

But what comes next was my second favorite dish of the night, the Chili Cheese Burger which comes with either a choice of beef or chicken and comes with it is real meaty tastes! I am a huge fan of burgers and when I tell you that Frontera has the best burgers around, you better believe it! The Chicken Ranch Sandwhich was the ultimate favorite among the burgers by which with it's tender meat being so juicy and tasting so good, you will in fact want more and this is real because I am really, a beef fan more than chicken and to my surprise, the Chicken Ranch Sandwhich tops the beef burger by a whopping 10 times more on my scale of awesomeness!

Chicken Ranch Sandwhich

Life is great and I can die happy already....


Dining here can really be a fun time and when it comes to the late night drinking sessions, be entertained by the legendary Margarita-making Machine as you witness him whoop you some drinks and if you do head down over there, take my advice!

Must try - Patron XO Cafe

You have got to try the Patron XO Cafe because I had never tasted a coffee based alchohol so good in my life and if I'm not mistaken, you can't get this anywhere else unless you import it yourself! And if you're into something a whole lot different and wanting some tingly action, check out the Jalapeno Margarita as it is guaranteed to tickle your tongue, litteraly! Oh and do try the chilli test, ask Larry and he'll be glad to entertain you with some of the hottest and some fun tingling sensation chillies available!

Check it out at :
Frontera Bar & Grill
No. 18-8-2 Block L,
Palm Square, Jaya One
Jalan University, Petaling Jaya.
T +603 7958 8515
F +603 7958 8125

PS: Pictures by myself and Nigel
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